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The Fire was dying, embers hot, though the flames had long subsided. As she stepped into the clearing she noticed it, the man in front. He was warming his hands, with a travelers pack by his side. He glanced up, with a strange look upon his face.

His face was blocked by an orange hood, his mouth barely visible spelling out the syllables: "Greetings, young one. From where do you come?"

"Umm..." Unsure of trust, she gave an answer in umms and errs.

A deep chuckle came forth from the throat of the man. "You are lost, are you not?"

She nodded.

"Sit by the fire with me. I am no threat." ... Read more »
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Calling for all amateur artists to unprofessional artists, you are needed. I will give out prizes (maybe money) to anyone that can make me a good logo that will want people to be interested in this site. I'll consider any logos or photos and I'll be the judge for it. Have fun with it!

Oh and post your photos/logos in the OT section or by emailing me at 2Ilovedogs@gmail.com

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Hey Newcomers or Visitors just happening to stroll by here, We are a very active group that centers around the main part of this site. Our forum is reaching our 2nd year anniversary this summer. I would be happy if you all could join and be a part of the team. Our advertisements is still taking a long way to go, but we'll reach our goal soon. Please join us, this site is free forever and there's no contract. Just write out your heart's desire and role-play them. Better yet, we could get new genres rolling when new people in. Thank you for reading this and please vonsider joining us. Happy Easter everyone! From your coolest admin, Ilovedogs2
Views: 364 | Added by: Ilovedogs2 | Date: 29.March.13 | Comments (0)

I'm doing this on my phone so it's pretty different. Anyhow, during the summer, July 29th to be exact I was helping my aunt move into her new home. I had already moved a bunch of boxes inside wanting to prove my worth. Lol My mom's back was bad so I kept rushing to get things so she wouldn't have to pick anything up. Through my stupidity I was trying go down stairs with my hands full of boxes. While on the last step I missed it and my foot angled downward, sadly that really screwed me and I tore 6 legiments and received a grade 4 sprain. The doc explained I would have been lucky if I had a broken ankle. I was like damn.. I flirted with the nurse and got blue for my best friend and ex lover because she had been there for me when I was down. So I'll be in a cast till August 14, after August I'll be in a boot. Which I already got it was pretty cool! Lol
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well my thoughts have been so jumbled up that it isnt funny at all.
i mean my highschool life wasnt even near perfect.
i have failed in two of my relationships which ended badly. however its junior year and im kind of aching for a support from the opposite gender.

problwm is i dont have many guy friends. most of them are just wave hi or ignore me. i dont have some close ones at all. which is a very big problem. so now i have a heartache for someone...and i just someone help me end this pain and love me for who i am.

these days i feel lonely since its summer. if this was still school, i would have been hanging out with friends and such. summer is a pain when things become HOT and LONELY. i just want some comfort and maybe a crying shoulder to lean on. its painful to those have experienced love, but later just thrown away like trash. it hurts more than any feeling. what do i do now? i just want love and comfort with me.  ... Read more »
Views: 371 | Added by: Ilovedogs2 | Date: 13.July.12 | Comments (3)

Life has really been cutting my neck off lately. It's starting to get annoying how less frequently i can get on. With Easter and all.
But, i managed to get a small piece of writing done and inserted into a small competition... Magazine thing. Hopefully it's submitted. It's the worst piece of writing i ever did.

I call it flint. It's about the recent death of one of our cats. It's horrible.

2 days before I saw Flint for the last time.
As I entered my mother’s bedroom, she was sitting on the bed, watching me with a calm expression. The bedroom had been closed off, to give her peace of mind in her last days, without the distractions of our other 2 cats. Flint never was much of a cat for attention. She was a calm, calculated cat, older than me, a relic of our past life in England. Her fur was as black as night and as smooth as velvet. I stroked it now, feeling its soft fluff, and she stared at me, with a look that spoke: “I know you”.
That sur ... Read more »
Views: 415 | Added by: DepressedDuck | Date: 09.April.12 | Comments (7)

I'm killing myself over this.
Re-join...Abandonment...It's like a tornado in my head. WHY can i not agree on something like this?
I don't know. I probably never will.
Suddenly, decision.
I'm coming back.
Views: 381 | Added by: DepressedDuck | Date: 16.March.12 | Comments (0)

I just realized i had not visited the site in a while.
This made me feel bad. It's just that the new stuff, the new crap i'm being introduced too, is overwhelming my senses. I procrastinated too long.
I'm starting to become more angry with myself, and others. I am becoming more cynical. Maniacal.
I could start RPing again...
That would mean abandoning my real life friends, becoming an alien member of the community. In some ways it's good.
In others, bad.
I always enjoyed the view of myself as a loner, a man who runs his own life outside of others.
But is it worth the abandon of my real life friends who i have made the leap to acquaintanceship with?
Views: 380 | Added by: DepressedDuck | Date: 13.March.12 | Comments (0)

Today i got mad at a friend online.
Real mad and frustrated.
About an hour after the incident 2 other friends called up. They got bitter silence from me.
I calmed down after a while, and called the friend back. We made up, and everything is normal now. We had a conversation, and i described my feelings. He said it was just a game.
And it was. I'm letting games affect my mood in real life.
I can remember back, time after time in my RP career, when I let things that happened in the role plays affect my mood and feelings. When something frustrating happened to my character, it reflected in me.
I let the frustrations and anxiety's of games get to me.
I really need to stop that.
I'm saying "I" too much.
Views: 360 | Added by: DepressedDuck | Date: 22.February.12 | Comments (0)

I have noticed that this blog is sorta...
Abandoned. Like ghost town abandoned.
So i will transform this into my own personal blog. This will serve 2 purposes...
1) To prove i am not dead, and...
2) To show people WHEN and WHY i will be gone for long periods of time.
Thanks, and have a nice day.
Views: 367 | Added by: DepressedDuck | Date: 17.February.12 | Comments (3)

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