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Ulvon Series
Dillon0909Date: Th, 08.September.11, 10:53 PM | Message # 26
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So Pure…

Hinata was walking around a narrow hallway. Everything was fine until she heard little girls. "Hi there I'm Lilly"

"Oh hello Lilly"The little girl turned her head. Her eyes looked like they were gorged. "I'm waiting for Freddy. He loves children especially little girls."Hinata turned to see her entry way was blocked. She looked up, big mistake. Freddy was there looking at her.

"Lets see if you're more entertaining than the last time I had a girly like you in my little paradise." He leapt and grabbed her arm pining her to the wall.

Hinata was more scared than shocked. Freddy saw that she was shaking. He laughed a little sick like.

"You ain't got nothing to worry about this won't hurt one little bit"

She looked even more scared

"It'll hurt a lot.."

He swung his claw and ripped into her flesh. He then licked his bloody claws."


Authors Note

1. Feiner's chapter is coming soon

2. I hope he keeps it short.

I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Th, 08.September.11, 10:54 PM | Message # 27
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Sonara's worst fear

Sonara was walking alone. She didn't mind being alone in fact it gave her time think. The main thing she was thinking about was her new boyfriend Ulvon. How long has he dealt with a freak like this, Freddy guy? Why didn't he tell her? Was it to protect her?

She heard pipe scraping like it was metal claws scratching along a pipe. She turned around to see the man that tormented her Ulvon for so long. "Well, well, well, My little doggy's squeeze."That little doggy comment pissed her off. "You can't control him any more."

"I'll do what I please. If I want to torture that mutt for the rest of his life I will. He then looked at her with a sick smile. And if I want to get rid of you…I will.

He swung his claws at her but she dodged it with a back flip.

He stopped and smirked "GO ahead I know your true weakness. Your fear."

She laughed "Is this the part were I am supposed to get scared. I hunt werewolves for a living for petes sake. You don't scare me."

"True your fear is small but it is string enough to use against you"

Now she was a little scared "He couldn't know my fears. Not unless…"

"Lets play with my new friends." He pointed to a gate that appeared to go no where but the thing still opened and out poped three rabid werewolves.

"How…..How did you to know?"

"Oh come on it was a little obvious. Werewolves took your father your Ex-boyfriend and half of your friends. If that didn't make you scared f then I don't know what will."

Her hand started to change into a paw. "What the hell is going on!"

"Your worst fear. You becoming a werewolf yourself"

"No noooooooooowl!"

The three werewolves started to lunge at her. She then hear a roar. A black being stood in front of her taking al the teeth that she almost took herself. The thing was panting. "Sonara you okay…"She looked at the creature. It was a black furred werewolf with green eyes. "Ulvon?"

The werewolf nodded yes but then turned around to look directly at Freddy. "I'm going to show you what's going to happen to you next"He grabbed all three werewolves from his back and tossed them in the air as they came down he punched all three of them in the stomach. "I'm going to rip your head off Kruger."

I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Th, 08.September.11, 10:54 PM | Message # 28
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Nine ten Freddy struck again

Ulvon lunged at Freddy with hated pinning him to the ground. "Any last words before I rip you limb from limb"

"Yah…BYE!" He vanished into thin air. Ulvon started to pound the ground frustrated. "God damnit! No no no no! Why does he always get away!"

He looked at Sonara who was in her wolf form still paralyzed with fear. She never saw him in his wolf form. It was breathtakingly primal. She then looked at herself in a mirror. Her wolf form was very different from Ulvon's. For one thing she was slimmer than the bulkier Ulvon. Her fur was white while his was black, but the most prominent thing about them was their eyes. Ulvon's was green and primal Sonara's were blue and calm.

Ulvon walked towards her offering his paw to her to help her up. "You okay Sonara." She didn't move "Come on lets go we got to get that son of a bitch before he kills again." She still did nothing. Ulvon was wondering what was wrong when her heard Freddy come back. Freddy was above then carrying Naruto in his hand.

"This one is an odd one. No mater ho many times I stabbed him or ever where I stabbed him. It was like nothing happened to him. My only thought it's because of the thing inside of him, but that's my guess." Freddy looked at the frightened Sonara "oh wow add this to my medals of fear I broke a werewolf hunter. Any ways people to see things to kill so I'll leave this trash to you" He chucked Naruto at them but Ulvon caught him before he landed badly.

He vanished. When he did that Ulvon immediately went straight to Sonara. Naruto was knocked out so he was useless to him. He needed her right now. He couldn't beat Freddy on his own. Sonara was still stunned.

Boiler Room

Sakura was wondering the boiler room. She looked around no sign of Freddy yet but she knew she would meet him soon. She heard crying she turned around to see a pinked haired girl sobbing because she was being picked on for her big forehead. It wasn't just any girl it was her from the past. The little girl then aged to the day she saw Sasuke leaving the village. Again she was crying. The images stopped haunting her there. "Just what was that all about"

She made the mistake of turning around to see Freddy sitting on a chair as if he was watching a movie. "Wow this is a great flick. The incredible teary eyed big forehead loser.: He then leaped to heard started laughing. "Good movie but it lacked one thing action substance you actually doing something about it."

She realized she was in a dead end. "So lets get rid of the trash shall we." She couldn't move Freddy slashed her destroying her into a million pieces. "Too easy"

Main chamber

Ulvon finally got a reaction from Sonara. He broke her from her trance. "Hey what was the silence all about. You had me worried that I lost you." She heard him say that. "Why do you care about me so much. You heard what he said he found my worst fear exploited it and now I am what I hunt. I'm a monster."

She saw him turn back to his human form. "Sonara…look at me. I don't care what you look like. I don't care what you are."

She looked stunned "But.."

"But nothing. If I gave a damn what you were I would have killed you for being a werewolf hunter. I love you for petes sake Sonara."

"Re.. Really?" She saw him smile something he never saw him do before.

"Absolutely." He picked her up. "Now come on lets put an end to my nightmare so I can start looking for a cure for you."

They both failed to notice Freddy mocking them by fake throwing up. "Geez this love fest is hard on a guys stomach. Although.." He looked at Sonara "It gave me a good idea…"

He charged at her. It was as though time had stopped. Blood splattered on the wall, but it wasn't Sonara's "Ulvon no!"

Ulvon had taken the blow for Sonara he know had Freddy's claws stuck deep in his back. Naruto woke up to see the scene that happened before. They both heard laughing but oddly enough it wasn't from Freddy it was from Ulvon. "Finally it took me a little while but I finally have you Freddy." He then grabbed Freddy's arm that was in his back and then flipped him to the ground. To the horror of Freddy Ulvon's wounds started to heal instantly "Surprised? Don't be. Werewolves have only a few weaknesses, vampires and silver bullets being the main thing, and the last time I checked you aren't either of them Kruger."

He watched Freddy get up. "I will give you this one warning. If you ever try to do that to Sonara again. I'll do more than finish it." He turned into his wolf form "Your finally going to pay Freddy!"

I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Th, 08.September.11, 10:55 PM | Message # 29
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am not afraid of you anymore!

Ulvon's P.O.V.

I tried to punch Freddy where he stood but the dream slayer disappeared and reappeared behind me. He punched Ulvon knocking me half way across the boiler room. As I landed by Sonara and Naruto I got right back up again. I thought only one thing. "This guy is good, but I have to win."

Freddy charged at me but I grabbed his wrist and tossed him to the top floor. I stood there for a second a kept asking myself how do I kill an eternal being. Then it hit me with two ideas. I looked at Sonaraand Naruto "Sonara, Naruto I've got a plan. I figured out his weakness but I need you guys to be prepare for the worst wake up call of your lives. Now when I say so wake up okay?" They looked at me confused but that was okay they will no what I am talking about soon enough.

I walked forward when the ground began to crack I back flipped as Freddy came bursting from the ground. I punched him in the stomach then tried to grab his claw, but hat kind of back fired and he punched me in the stomach knocking me to the ground. He made a jerk off sign to me I was disgusted but I knew it was his mind games , so I paid no mind to it. I jumped into the air he soon followed just like a moth to the flame.

I grabbed his right armed and ripped it off he soon respawned it but I still had his old one in my hand. I took the glove and slashed deep in his throat my plan must have worked because five souls formed the bodies of Hinata, Neji, Konohamaru, Shikamaru, and Sakura next to Naruto.*

I stared directly at Sonara and Naruto "Guys grab a hold of the others and wake up NOW!" They soon vanished Freddy stared at me extremely pissed off.

"You took five of my children away from me. I'm going to kill you for this."

"I highly dought that Kruger I finally know your weakness. I should have seen it sooner." I grabbed hold of him and took my hand and touched a hot boiler waking me up.

We both appeared outside with all of my friends looking at us in awe. Freddy was laughing his ass off. "This is your plan. Do you know how many souls I have absorbed thanks to our little road trip? Just enough to get rid of that little weakness."

It was my turn to laugh "I figured as much so I just wanted to see if I can do this." I extended my arms like I was preparing to surrender. Freddy started to laugh but soon I could tell he was in pain. Soon thousands of poor victims souls he absorbed were right by me. "Lets finish him shall we." They started rotating around my paws "SOULS OF ALL THE INNOCENT PEOPLE HE MURDERED GIVE ME STRENGHT"

My claws started to glow. I felt invincible. I charged at him and slashed him in the chest. I slashed deep enough to even carve the dream demons who gave him power utterly destroying him. I him disappear and I also saw the souls leave to their resting place. I fell asleep my vengeance completed. Oddly enough Naruto fell asleep too.

I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Th, 08.September.11, 10:55 PM | Message # 30
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A new quest

I woke up human inside Naruto's mind again. "What the hell is going on here?" Naruto was there and he just shrugged

We were outside the gate where I first met the Kyuubi no Kitsue. I saw eyes and fangs appear behind it. "Well done American."

"Umm thanks I guess"

"No it is I who should be thanking you. You saved Naruto's life thus saving mine as well for that I will present a gift to you."

I rolled my eyes " In English you just want to make sure you were even with me so I won't hold it against you if I return"

"(Laughs evilly) You are smarter than you look boy. My gift is this. A couple years before I attacked Konoha I heard rumors about seven magic orange spheres that if all came together, the users wish would be granted. Although it may be a rumor I still suggest you try and find them so you can cure your mate of her predicament."

I knew I shouldn't trust this guy but I was desperate. I had to find a cure for Sonara. No matter the cost. "I'll search for them and knowing my luck they won't be legend."I woke up in a hospital bed. By my side were Shikamaru Sakura and most importantly Sonara. I looked at her "I've got good news and bad news"

The next day we set off on the adventure for the seven magic spheres that the Kyuubi was talking about. We said our goodbyes accepted our thank-yous for saving their lives and we set out on our adventures. A bout half way there Sonara stopped me

"You think that we'll be able to find the Ulvon" she said to me almost pleading like

"I know we will. You are the most important thing to me and I'll be damned before I see you hurt innocent people for what I did."

She turned me around and kissed me on the lips. We then marched on for the quest for the cure.

I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Th, 08.September.11, 10:57 PM | Message # 31
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[size=16]Quest for the Cure![/size]

I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Th, 08.September.11, 10:57 PM | Message # 32
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Normal talk


Action words

I don't own DBZ


Pre Authors note: At long last the sequel is upon us. I loved writing Ninja Nightmare so much that I couldn't wait for the sequel to get started. So just sit back and enjoy.


The Quest for a cure


"*Pant* *Pant* I've escaped for now, why are they after me." A girl with red hair and a black shirt jean combo said. The men that where chasing her saw her "There's the beast kill it."

Suddenly she stared at the full moon her skin grew white hair on her skin her had change to a canine snout. She had turned into a werewolf she even had blue canine eyes to prove it. The men saw her new form "See I was right. Kill her."Suddenly a mighty roar came from the side of them a black being started to maul the attackers "What are you doing to my girlfriend pal"

It was a black furred werewolf with green canine eyes. Suddenly a red bolt of lightning struck the being but instead of ash it disappeared. The men dismissed this and came forward to the female werewolf. They took an axe lifted it… it came down "Noooooooo! *Pant* *Pant*"

The girl was awake now her nightmare over. Her scream however woke up a white male with a black hooded jacket brown hair and red eyes*. "Sonara the same dream again that's the fifth time this week."

"I'm sorry Ulvon. It's so strange it keeps coming back**."

"Well lets hope it stop after we find a cure for you."

"Lets just hope there are more than one Dragon Balls. We found one but I still think it's a toy."

"Sonara listen it's late I'm tired you're tire lets go to bed. I know we will find more soon."

"Lets hope so" Sonara didn't go to sleep the nightmare was to great.


Authors note:

* For all those who asked what Ulvon and Sonara look like there happy

** No Freddy is not in this this was just a subtle tribute to the first one and this will be important down the line.

1. Okay then more chapters soon

I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Th, 12.April.12, 4:34 PM | Message # 33
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Chapter one

"What we've been through"

Ulvon's P.o.v.

My name is Ulvon William Lonc to the right side of me is Sonara Bethany Contey, my girlfriend. About a month ago I went to a village to get a cure for terrible nightmares caused by a demon. Well, long story short I defeated him and gained a girlfriend in the process.

Lately though Sonara's frequent nightmares keep scaring me. It's bizarre to say the least, It's always about he same thing. Three men chase after her. She looks at the lake she turns into here were form . Then I come to save her when a red bolt of lightning hits me I disappear leaving her defenseless.

Oh yeah the werewolf thing. Well Sonara's a werewolf as am I but how we became werewolves is totally different. Mine's genetic, there is nothing I can do about I don't know the whole story and to be honest I really don't think I want to know but there's a seal on my hand that allows we to control when and were I transform. Sonara's however wasn't willing. You see before she met me she was a werewolf hunter so in an effort to gain her trust I took her with me to take care of a vampire named of Sunil. When we weren't paying attention Sunil surprised us and bit Sonara. I made a deal with the man in my dreams, he prevented her from becoming a vampire but didn't save her life so I bit her hand.

Someone told me about the seven Dragon Balls. I thought it was a long shot but for Sonara I took what I got. We found one we just need six more.

We recently saw a city so we decided to search there and get some food while we were at it. After what we've been through finding these thing should be a piece of cake.

Well that's what I thought at first.

I love Spooky Crap :D
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Chapter 2


When we got to the city we were amazed on how futuristic it was. Flying Cars spawning building parts the works. It was amazing. I didn't bother with the sights any more.

I saw a sword shop and standing next to it were three very odd individuals. I paid no mind to there faces and walked in. Not five minutes after words three robbers followed me. In a mere twenty seconds two were thrown out the window. What happened well…


I walked in. It was a nice sword shop with a big bright cutlass on display behind the counter. The price on the other hand was...not so nice. I walked up to the counter. "Hi I'm Ulvon. That number there is the bar code right"

The shop owner laughed. "Sorry Ulvon. That's the price it's made out of a fusion of all the strongest metals in the world plus a little bit of sea stone. it's a damn good sword"

I just shrugged "Okay the sorry for wasting.."

Just then those three robbers walked into the store. "Give us all your money and your most expensive sword."

The robber talking to the owner pointed the gun at me"And you get on the ground."

I said "Hey that was very rude I was here first."

I punched two of them out of the windows behind me. The third robber was behind me with his gun to the back of my head. "Easy now big boy don't get involved in other people's business."

I responded "And you should watch were you're pointing"

I grabbed the robber on the arm and monkey flipped him to the counter. "Now what have we learned."

The near unconscious robber said ""

"Good boy" I picked him up and chokeslamed him trough the counter. "Now about that cutlass is there any way I can't get a discount"

The owner said "Discount? Hell! You can have the thing after what you did. I'll even throw in this"

He revealed an orange ball with two stars on it, the second dragonball "Wow thanks. Sorry about your counter."

I saw Sonara outside waiting for me with those three other guys from earlier. I motioned to her "Come on Sonara Lets go."

So we set off knowing we were being followed.

I love Spooky Crap :D
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Chapter 3

The legendary Immortals

In the bowls of hell two beings were observing other beings. One with blond hair, a black military jacket ,and cruel unforgiving eyes said "Are they the ones we seek." The shortest one of the group a black haired man with a green stripped jacket and blue jeans. "Yes the alien with purple welts is Frieza, the insect is Cell, and the bald guy is called Nappa."

"Yes but Dai these guys are no match for Ulvon. Why don't we just simply go there and make Ulvon one of us."

Dai turned "Never call me that. My name is Daisuke*. And we won't do that because you have never seen Eon when his plans fail Kaiser"

Kaiser looked at Daisuke with amazement "Why he may be the tallest and the smartest but he's the weakest. Why the fuck would I care…"

"I've seen what happens when a plan of his failed. You know Atlantis?"

"Yeah it sank so what."

"That was Eon. With one move the great advanced city of Atlantis became lost for an eternity."

"WHAT!" Kaiser did a double take "He sank a five hundred mile city with one move."

Suddenly a giant of a man with a blue and grey combat jacket, glasses, black jeans, and a beautiful watch walked in the room " Do we have our testers."

Daisuke nodded "Yes Eon."Eon took a look at the opening they were observing

"Kind of a weak bunch aren't they there's no way they could test Ulvon. Are you trying my patience?"

Daisuke shuddered a little "They are for distracting the Z warriors Eon. We were thinking that since we haven't fought in years. We should test Ulvon, and Sonara too."

Eon smirked "Great thinking guys. I was feeling a little rusty."

Kaiser smirked "Of course you feel rust your power is far less than mine."

Daisuke grabbed his pack of cards from the shelf "It's been a while hasn't it my emotions…"

Eon gazed at the observatory it now focused on Ulvon "Soon you'll be one of us then my plan shall come to fruition"

I love Spooky Crap :D
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Chapter 4


I was walking to a capsule shaped building , Sonara quickly following. Inside this building was a blue haired who looked like she was scolding a boy was holding a Dragonball. I immediately went in the building followed by Sonara. I approached the blue haired woman. "Excuse me miss I was wondering if I could ask you something."

The blue haired woman smirked "If its about a date sorry I'm happily married"

I was annoyed "A date! I have a girlfriend you bitch"

Now she was irritated but as soon as she saw Sonara she said ever so slyly "Oh I get it you must be here for our new marriage package"

Sonara and I got extremely red. I turned to her and just had to say "Well we haven't really considered…"

Sonara just simply kissed me on the lips "We'll focus on that later okay?"

I sighed in relief "Yeah later" I went back to blue hair "No we don't want the wedding package We want that dragon ball."

She looked scared or something she then told the little silver haired kid to go upstairs. "What do you want with the dragon balls. More importantly how do you know about them."

"Not important just give me the damn thing."

"No way. I wont let you have this or my name isn't Bulma Briefs."

I was annoyed but maintained my composure "Just give me the thing please."

"No way."Suddenly a spiky haired man walked in in an overconfident manner that made me want to deck him the minute he came in.

The blue haired woman said "Vegeta he know about the dragon balls and he threatened me."

Vegeta smirked "And?…"

Bulma just said "And if you don't get rid of him your ass is outside tonight."

Vegeta shrugged "Fine"

I was really annoyed when he charged at me I kneed him it the chest and elbowed him in the neck. I turned to Bulma "Okay I'll ask nicely one more time. Please give me the dragon ball."


"You're trying my patience."

"Don't care."

"listen you"

"No you listen You think I'd give the dragon ball to you after you K Oed my husband you're dreaming"

"Okay that's it!" I turned to Sonara "Sonara please wait outside."

Sonara said "Sure Ulvon."

As soon as she left I said "Listen you little blue haired bitch give me the dragon ball before I get pissed off."

"Oh and what happens then."

"Okay maybe I'm not making myself clear." I unsheathed my cutlass "Give me the motherfucking dragon ball before I fucking rip your fucking head off. Use your fucking intensities as a fucking condom as I skull fuck you then eat your fucking heart as a fucking kabob."

"Wow so you can curse so what."

My eyed twitched "OH THAT'S IT!"I grabbed her and jumped to the roof grabbed the dragon ball and threw her off the edge. "Thank fucking god."I went back down to Sonara.

She asked "So she listen to reason."

I just turned "I don't want to talk about it."

I love Spooky Crap :D
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Chapter 5


I walked down the street passed that annoying bitch who I tossed off the roof she'll live. I didn't toss he that hard but she won't walk for a while. I ran into Vegeta again he said. "Okay pal what gives you the right to just toss my wife off a roof."

I just put my hand on his shoulder "I feel your pain man that lady is annoying."

I just kept walking. While I was walking with Sonara at my side I swore I heard him say "Kakorot now."In a matter of seconds I saw a man with a orange gi and bizarre spiky hair just smirk at me. We were transported to some place that looked like a lookout.

I saw Bulma ,who was shockingly healed and was angry, Vegeta who was just crossing his arms and that man with the orange gi.

I unsheathed my sword when suddenly Sonara knocked it our of my hand "Is that your answer to everything Ulvon."

She scolded. "Use your god damn brain for once." I looked at her and thought for a second and said "I guess your right…"

I approached then the man with an orange gi and Vegeta got in battle stance. "Relax I don't want to hurt you"

I looked at Bulma "Well most of you."

Sonara shouted "Ulvon look behind you they have the other 4 dragon balls"I looked behind the she was right there they were as plain as day. The one thing we need to heal her and its right behind her "Let me have them right now."

The gi man said "Why do you want them"

"I am not doing that again. Let me have them or I will not hesitated to kill you. I've come to far not to succeed."

The gi man turned around and grabbed the dragon balls "I'll give you an offer you beat me in a fight you can have them you don't you give us the three you have and you tell us why you want them."

I just smirked "Or I can take them now and save us all the trouble"

I sighed "But I won't lets begin"

Later that day it was in the afternoon Sonara with my cutlass Vegeta and Bulma were gazing on the fight that was about to in sue. I asked the GI man "Before we begin I must ask you. Who are you?"

He just smiked "My name is Goku. Your turn."

"Names Ulvon."

We just stared at each other. Then he charged at me I ducked and dodged the punch. Then I kneed him in the stomach and back handed him. I leapt at him but he punched me in the ribs knocking me across the floor I got up an wiped the blood from my mouth "Hmph not bad."

I jumped up and dropkicked him in the face. Caught my foot how ever and flipped me 180 degrees. I landed on my face and just got up. Goku smirked "Your pretty good. Now time to kick things up a notch"

The man freaking FLEW? Up into the air and cupped his hands "KA…"I turned to Sonara and screamed "Sonara when I say now toss me my sword"

"Me…"Wait for it


Wait for it


Almost there

"HA!" I turned to Sonara. "NOW" She tossed the unsheathed blade in the air as it came towards me I grabbed the handle and carved in half the blue beam of death. Surprisingly my blade stayed intact.

I turned to the now desending Goku "You've been holding back haven't you"

"I have…"I put my sword back in its scabbard and put it off tothe side and took off my right glove revealing the seal. The thing started to glow. Black fur started to replace skin my eyes changed from red and human to green and canine. My shoulders inflated my hands extended my finger nails where replaced with claws. I turned into my wereform. "Lets fight."

I saw that he changed too. His hair looked like Vegeta's except glowing gold his eyes where green and there was a distinct chirping sound I heard. I leapt at him to attack but I passed out. I turned back to normal. I could still here everything that was going on outside of me "Ulvon speak to me please!" Sonara was already there right by my side. She then turned to Goku and the others. "I guess we have some explaining to do huh?"

I love Spooky Crap :D
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Chapter 6

Master Plan

Back in the bowls of hell Kaiser and Daisuke where directing traffic. Freiza Cell Nappa Radiz and the Ginyu force were listing to them scream and holler at them. They hated it but they knew better.

Suddenly Eon came up stairs with a man in a toga with a black karate belt around it. His hair was well combed and he had a long sword and a katana strapped to his sides. The most noted figure was the fact he had a long incisors on was ghostly pale. Kaiser was unimpressed "Who the fuck is that guy."

The new swordsman just turned to him "My name is Willkola I used to be a werewolf but because of my unholy death I am now a vampire."

Kaiser just kept at it "Really Eon a vampire how is that gonna"

In a move a great speed all the hair on Kaiser's head was gone but he was blissfully unaware of it. "What was that a pitiful attempt to scare me"

Daisuke thought that he better tell Kaiser "Umm Kaiser."

"In a minute" He turned to Eon "You're supposed to be the smartest out of all of us and you honestly thought that this guy could pose a threat to Ulvon."

Eon just shrugged "Well it's a simple theory Ulvon's a werewolf and Willkola is a vampire so in theory it's a natural fight plus the fact that he's…"

Kaiser just kept it up " A natural fight. Eon you know we don't associate with such pitiful things as nature."

Daisuke was trying to tell Kaiser that he was bald " Kaiser listen for five seconds."

Kaiser turned "What?"

Daisue summoned a mirror with a card "Look at your head you moron."

Kaiser did indeed gaze at the mirror looking at his bald predicament he then turned to Eon and Willkola "When can he start" He then turned to the other troops "You are all dismissed." Willkola and the others left leaving only the three legendary Immortals alone.

Eon smirked "He will start when we are ready but he is not the thing I need to tell you"

Kaiser scratched his bald head "Hmmm…."

"Even thought its been five years since we last fought we are yet to be at even a quarter of our strength"

"WHAT! You mean to tell me if we went in there Ulvon cold just blow on us and we'd be destroyed"

Kaiser glared dagger at Daisuke "You just had to use THAT fucking card. You know that slows our recharge time why the hell did you use it."

Daisuke glared back "You're one to talk Mr. Transforms a lot. Gee lets transform every five fucking minutes to try out our new powers knowing it could severely weaken our selves."

Kaiser glared even harder "I just got those transformation powers how the hell would I know that would limit our recharge"

Eon then shouted "ENOUGH!"

Kaiser and Daisuke were stunned at this show of aggression never once before have they ever heard Eon raise his voice except when he was attacking. Eon continued "Thank you. Luckily I anticipated this and have build us a device to increase the recharge process. Thankfully due to the fact that this we only lost that one fight when I use this device it should make it so we never have to use it again."

Kaiser then asked a very good question "Say Eon I've been meaning to ask you if we are immortal beings why do we need to recharge anyways shouldn't we never lose energy."

Eon just said "I truly do not know why perhaps when the Ancients granted me these powers they feared I would be to powerful. So yes they made it so I would be immortal but they also made it so I would lose energy and have to recharge."

Kaiser looked stumped "You're not making a lot of sense."

"Okay think of us like rechargeable batteries when the battery is empty it loses power and doesn't work."

Kaiser then said "Oh know I get it when we run on empty we lose our powers and become tired just like five years ago. To bad those ancients didn't count on a super genius like you to get powers."

Eon said "Yeah… Yeah"

Kaiser then looked at his eyes it looked like something was bothering him but he didn't care "So whats the time restraint then."

"About three months"Daisuke said "Small price to pay to be parted with my gift but I can wait."

Kaiser then said "So can I. I would wait an eternity to use my "babies" again."

Eon didn't say another word but all he thought about is this "Soon enough Lideo. Soon enough."

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Chapter 7

Full Moon Terror

At Capsule Corp

"And that's why we need the DragonBalls." Sonara finished explaining to Goku and the others. I was semiconscious I could here everything but I couldn't speak

It was quiet at first but then I heard Goku say "Wow what a selfless thing to do. Wonder why he didn't just say so."

I swear I heard Sonara say "Listen you got to keep the fact that you know between us okay?"

Then Bulma asked what I wanted to know "Why?"

Sonara went on to say "Ulvon wants a normal life so bad. It would kill him inside if he knew that I told you. I just want him to be happy."

I tried to move to tell Sonara it was okay but the transformation left me so weak I couldn't She went on to say "Plus, since this is between us, I think he secretly blames himself for my ummm predicament. It wasn't entirely his fault If Sunil hadn't attacked us we wouldn't even be talking to you right now."

I couldn't believe my ears did she just say she didn't blame me for cursing her, of course it was my fault I made her come with me all for my own selfish reasons why the hell wouldn't she blame me. I tried to get up again this time having some success. I tried to talk but Sonara hugged me before I even got a word out. She then said to me "I'm glad your okay." She then slapped me right across the face "Now don't you ever scare me like that again you moron."

I felt my face sting "What was that slap for?"

"Gee maybe it was you transforming passing out and not moving you fucking moron."

"But that's what you love about me."She smirked "True" and she kissed me square on the that night Sonara and I were on the roof alone Goku went home and Bulma told us that the dragon balls won't be ready for three months so we decided to stay at her place till then. It was a beautiful night a nice full moon and actual beautiful stars. It was a rare sight to see in the city I knew it wouldn't last very long. I turned to go inside but I was quickly stopped by Sonara.

She was standing in the door and had a blank expression on her face. I immediately asked "Are you okay Sonara?" No answer "Sonara…"Her eyes changed from her beautiful red to a bright blue. I know what was going on now. "Sonara get in the house immediately"

It was already to late Her skin changed into a white fur and her strength was multiplied to the point where if I didn't do something she could seriously hurt even those idiots I fought five years ago. She smacked me with one of her paws and ran towards the woods. I ran after her not knowing I was being followed by Vegeta and his son Trunks. She stopped in a nearby woods by a lake and started to drink. I approached her "Sonara you okay."

She just growled at me and then leaped at me I monkey flipped her so I wouldn't hurt her "Sonara stop its me."Nothing I said was working she opened her jaw and a green beam fired from it*. The only thing I could say was "Okay that's new." She charged at me again and grabbed me by the neck "Sonara… stop you know this is wrong." She threw me at a tree. Sonara opened her jaws again as that beam thing was charging I felt like my own wolf form wanted me to fight her. I was slowly turning but I grabbed my arm screaming in pain. "No I won't fight her I can reason with her."Sonara cocked her head stopping that beam from her mouth. I stood up and tried once again to reason with her fighting against my own instincts at the same time. "Sonara its me remember what I said before"


"Why do you care about me so much. You heard what he said he found my worst fear exploited it and now I am what I hunt. I'm a monster."

. "Sonara…look at me. I don't care what you look like. I don't care what you are.""But..""But nothing. If I gave a damn what you were I would have killed you for being a werewolf hunter. I love you for petes sake Sonara."

"Re.. Really?"


End Flashback

"No matter what happens I promise I will never ever stop loving you. Please Sonara this isn't you." It worked she turned back to normal and passed out on the ground. I picked her up bridal style and left to Capsule Corp.

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Chapter 8

The origin of the Immortals

The journey was long but I got Sonara to Capsule Corp no problem. I put her in bed and to be honest I love seeing how harmless she looked even though she nearly killed me not two minutes earlier. I saw that Bulma had a book on the shelf titled the legend of the Immortals. Well since I knew I beat then five years ago might as well read there story.

I read the first page and yet oddly enough it only had three chapters.


Eon was born in Atlantis as a grave keeper. At first he couldn't stand it but he soon loved it. While visiting a local tavern he met the love of his life Lideo. The two of them got along great any one in Atlantis knew what those two would do for each other. It was the happiest he will ever be. Soon his wife had cancer and died three days later. It was the only time he cried at a funeral.

While he mourned his loss an ancient man cursed him with the powers of Chaos. He was the first Immortal. After his experience he soon found out the truth. His wife had no disease. Before Lideo was Eon's wife She used to be the Kings sex slave. When she decided she wouldn't do that any more the king retaliated by poisoning her drink.

Needless to say Eon didn't take the truth well and stormed the castle. Knocking out guard after guard he made it to the throne room. HE nearly and very easily killed the king but decided to imprison him. It was there he decided to rule Atlantis to give it the newest rule a peaceful one. Surprisingly the plan worked he was well loved by the people and using his mind he made Atlantis a highly advanced place.

It was great but it was not meant to last. Behind the scenes Eon was trying to resurrect his beloved with the help of his friend and knight Daisuke. His other knight Renue saw this and thought that he was conducting experiments to bring the dead back to life and use them to create an undead army.

Renue started a mass riot causing a nearly finished experiment to be destroyed. Enraged that he lost his throne and that his plan to bring back his beloved was foiled he went to the highest point that he could find and used his powers to destroy the city sending it to the ocean depths. For reasons only known to him he saved Daisuke's life and made him the second immortal as a reward for being such a great friend.

While visiting ancient Rome he observed the carnage of Kaiser and saved his life from being hanged. He made Kaiser the third Immortal. They all seek nothing more than to conquer the universe.

Rumor has it however that Eon has a separate goal and hidden powers from his companions. Most believe that it is to resurrect his beloved Lideo but only Eon knows for sure.


Born in the Royal Order of Atlantian Knights or R.O.A.K young Daisuke hated the fact that his destiny was chosen for him. He was to much of a free spirit and was jealous of the laidback lifestyle that his friend Eon had. He kept that attitude for years until his master gave his life for him. That sacrifice made Daisuke realize his destiny and what he could do with it.

While this newfound revelation changed his attitude toward R.O.A.K it did not change his attitude towards King Lucious. His employer was a selfish egotistical basterd. He taxed the people so badly that the only way you'd have money if you were one of his lords. The final straw for Daisuke was when Lideo left his mistress council and found Eon. While he was jealous that Eon had found a girl before him he was still happy for them. Even was the best man at their wedding so the fact that Lucious poisoned her pissed him off even more.

So he went to Eons house and slipped a note under his door explaining what had happened. When Eon stormed the castle Daisuke just stepped aside and let him get to the throne room. After Eon declared himself as king Daisuke became his dark night and obeyed Eon much to his friends uneasiness. Daisuke was happy seeing the things Eon did for the people but he didn't like what he did with Lucious. So in the dark of the night he went to the dungeon and slit Lucious's throat. He watched in delight as the cruel tyrant choked to death on his own blood.

With the ex king dead and Daisuke claiming it was suicide Eon then decided that it was time to use his mind to help himself not the people. He was going to bring his Lideo back to life. Daisuke was in full support of this plan.

The day Renue stormed the castle with the mob Daisuke just couldn't fight him. To him they were not the enemy they were people and a R.O.A.K so he hid from the fight. Eon them warped them to the highest point on the another country and destroyed Atlantis with one move. Daisuke requested then to be an immortal and to have his emotions stripped from him. Eon did just that but he put then in stone tablets which eventually evolved into cards. He used them to summon various objects or gives himself and emotion.


Born in a secret assassin society of ancient Rome Kaiser was a trained killer. As a young child he would always get into fights and loved the gladiator fights. When he got older he became the perfect assassin always one shot your dead.

He had heard rumors of the Atlantis's sinking but he paid no mind to it and moved on. The thing was he got to into his job and killed about two thousand people. So as punishment he was sentenced to being a gladiator. He was right at home.

Over the years he claimed four hundred victims killed fifty lions and our raced them all. It got so bad that the people thought it would be a good idea to try a new method of punishment. They took him to the gallows strung up his noose but oddly enough he vanished.

He was saved by Eon and Daisuke and became the third immortal. As the latest entry to the immortals he has no knowledge of Eon and Daisuke's struggle. He is the strongest out of the three and is best friends with Daisuke sometimes calling him Dai much to Daisuke's disliking. Secretly apart of him is extremely grateful to Eon for saving his life even thought he treats him like crap.

Kaiser can transform into various forms and summons dragons and various dragon objects from his fingers. He is half shadow with virtually no weaknesses.

End of Book

I closed the book and thought. Wow I'm glad I don't have to mess with them again.

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Chapter 9

Protect Sonara: Ulvon's Mission

I put the book down and smelled Vegeta coming in the room. I turned and said "Hey what's up Vegeta."

He shouted "Ulvon move this will take a second." He had his hand up and a ball of light was shining. I knew what he was trying to do. I leapt at him and knocked him over. I screamed "What in the hell are you doing! Are you nuts."

He flipped me off of him. "There's no way to avoid it she's a menace to society she has to die."I punched him through the wall to the city outside and leapt out of the building. Vegeta growled. "Follow me Ulvon I know of a perfect place to fight."

I followed him to a wasteland I guess he moved here so someone won't get hurt in the crossfire. I got in fighting stance. I leapt at him and punched him in the jaw he punched me back in the some place. I tripped him and tried to jump on is back but he moved at the last second. He kicked me in the stomach as I was folding up he uppercutted me in the chest. I got back up and punched him in the chest then kicked him in the side once on the leg, then the arm, and then face. Vegeta got up "I will not be made a fool of by some dog!"

He charged at me but I caught his hands. I grabbed his neck, lifted him in the air, and dropped him on my knee. I heard his bones crack. "Vegeta give up before you get hurt."

He got up "Never." He charged at me again. He tried to punch me but I caught it. I punched him in the chest then kicked him in the face. As he was getting up a punted his head knocking him out.* When he woke up I had already restrained him I then said "I see where you are coming from to be honest I thought about it. Then I realized something."

"What's that" he asked

"If I killed her it'd be pointless. All I'd be doing is ruining something great thst I hsve. She's my everything. I now know what my purpose is."

"What purpose is that."

"I'll protect Sonara not matter what happens. I will kill you if you try that again."

Three Months have passed… Sonara and Ulvon were gleefully looking forward to their lives without Sonara being cursed. As they got to the look out with Goku and Vegeta to make their wish a red beam stopped them. They turned around to see Freiza Cell Nappa and Willkola all looking at them. They then asked "Are you all ready to die?"

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Lookout Brawl.

Before the fight could begin Nappa asked "Say what happened to Crybaby Raditz, the gin you force and Babidi.

Back in the crossroads.

The Ginyu force were preparing to go to war by doing some ridiculous poises. They turned to se Eon leaning next to the wall glaring at them. The leader of the Ginyu force asked "Say Eon you want to try this." Eon simply shook his head. "No No that's quite alright gentlemen I'm here to tell you that we don't need you any more."

"Say what…" said all of the Ginyus

"Maybe this will make it clear." He raised a fist in the air "CHAOS VORTEX" Suddenly a great swirling green vortex appeared underneath the Ginyus swallowing them up sending them back to hell.

Raditz and Babidi panicked they turned around to see Kaiser and Daisuke with murder in their eyes. Kaiser said "Eon may not be the strongest but he does have a point we can't have useless men in our force."

Daisuke said "Emotion Card: Bloodlust. Weapon Card: Switchblade Prepare to die."

Daisuke started to play with the switch blade Kaiser revealed several Dragon tattoos underneath his coat. He smirked "Which one of my babies should I use to kill you…Aww screw it I'll use this"

Before he could do anything Raditz ran for his life. Kaiser groaned "They Always run."

Daisuke looked at Babidi he licked his lips "You die now." He stabbed the switchblade into Babidi's brain several times then his chest till Babidi became a pool of blood. "Negate." Two cards came to his hands "That was boring"

Kaiser caught up to Raditz by catching his hair. He used that hair to twist Raditz's head completely around . He poked him then flipped him on his back. "Oh goodie this reminds me of England." He carved a smile in his face.

Eon walked behind him and asked "Since when were you in Oh wait I remember Jacky."

"Yah too bad I gave credit to some other guy." Kaiser scoffed "But hell fame isn't what its all cracked up to be."

Back at the lookout

Cell said "Just ignore it and fight." Cell leaped at Goku, Freiza leaped towards Sonara and Nappa leaped towards Vegeta. With the other out of the way me and Willkola unsheathed their swords. Willkola then said "Its been a while hasn't it my apprentice."

"Yes it has my old hate filled master."

"Lets skip the formalities shall we." Willkola charge at mebut I blocked his katana with my cutlass. I swung mine and he blocked it with his katnna. We kept swinging at each other each blocking the other's sword strike. This kept going for several minutes till finally my old master said. "Enough of this." He tossed his blade to the side as did I. We charged at each other about half way through the charge we transformed Me to my wereform him to his Vampire lord form.

We wrested each other to the ground I clawed at him he swung a fist at me. I jumped up and slashed his chest. He screamed in agony. I then took my blade and reflected the light from the sun to Willkola's chest. After he burned to a crisp I heard an all to familiar laughter that I never wanted to hear again I turned to see him "It's been a while hasn't it Ulvon."ON the other side of the Lookout Nappa leaped towards Vegeta who just extended his hands and vaporized him "Pathetic"

Right next to him Sonara pulled a shotgun from the side of her leg and shot Frieza in the head. Goku just Kamehamehaed Cell to ashes. "To easy." All three of them turned to see two figures right in front of them. One said "So Goku and Vegeta the two strongest things in the universe Yah RIGHT!"

The other said "Prepare to fall to the Immortal."

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Chapter 11

Z fighters vs. The Immortals The final Battle

Eon vs. Ulvon

I had my sword drawn "Why did you come back Eon."Eon smirked "Did you really think that you could kill us. We are the Immortals only we can kill us"

Kaiser vs. Goku and Vegeta

Daisuke said "Kaiser you take those two I'll take care of the girl."

Kaiser shrugged "Fair enough." He walked slowly to Goku and Vegeta. "You two are considered the most powerful beings in all the universe." He snickered "Please you fuckers just scratched the surface of strength."

Daisuke vs. Sonara

Daisuke approached her ever so slowly. "You are my prey." He lifted up a card "HUNTERS INSTINCTS" His eyes changed to a killer intent "PREPARE TO DIE!"

Eon vs. Ulvon

I leapt at him but he knocked me out of the sky the strange thing is he never moved. I punched his face but its stopped like it was caught. He turned and I saw his eyes. They looked like they were incredibly focused on me and nothing else. I felt my self being pulled towards his hand. He grasped it around my throat. "Pathetic…"

He threw me to the ground and pinned me down with his foot. "Do you know that Kaiser has two powers as does Daisuke."

I glare up at him "I do I read the damn book."

"Good but the only power I had for a while was Chaos." He stomped on my chest. "PAY ATTENTION!" I looked back up again he continued "Then five years and three months ago today It happened."

I coughed "What happened"

"After our embarrassing defeat at your hands I worked on a machine to increase the recharge process. I finished in just five days then I noticed my drill moving on it's own when I needed the final screw in…" I said ever so slyly "I knew you had a screw loose." He removed his foot and kicked my sides several times

"As I was saying. I thought it to be a specter but no it was me. My gift finally came. I am a telekinetic."He removed his foot again. "I hope you can still breathe I don't want our newsiest member to die on us do I."

I got up and brushed myself off "Like I said when I was 19 I will never EVER join scrum like you." He tossed me in the air and caught me with his mind he beat me on the floor repeatedly he then tossed me to his balled up fist. He then said "Oh and you don't know how hard it was to keep this a secret while I practice my powers."

I groaned "Wh…what?"

"Well of course it must be a secret. I know these two better than they think. If they found out I was a telekinetic they would have ordered me to do what they wanted. I refuse to be ordered around by those two.""Then why were you Kaiser's lap dog when I fought you last time"

"Simple I hate taking orders, but I do consider what I was doing a favor for a friend."He lifted me up from the ground again. "I'll give you two options. Join us or Die." I thought fast "Wait Eon…"

Kaiser vs. Goku and Vegeta

Kaiser punched Goku in the chest and kicked Vegeta in the stomach. Goku and Vegeta swung their fist at him but they missed Kaiser then back handed Goku and Vegeta.

Kaiser grabbed Goku's head leapt up in the air and dropped down on the floor. His left hand glowed "FIVE DRAGON SPIRITS" Suddnely five ghostlike dragons hit Goku and Vegeta head on causing them to fall.

"This is getting too easy."

Daisuke vs. Sonara

"Now now then don't fuss. If you don't it'll be painless." Daisuke said while licking his lips. Sonara grabbed the shotgun from earlier and started shooting Daisuke.

The shells just kept reflected off of him till he got close to her. He grabbed her head and lifted it in the air. "You shouldn't try to use toys in battle."

She smirked "Good advice" She stomped on his foot and punched his face. Daisuke got up immediately "You shouldn't have done that. He punched her in the stomach and kicked her head as she was holding her stomach in pain. "Foolish prey."

Eon vs. Ulvon

"Eon wait…" Eon stopped as I tried to reason with him "Would Lideo approve of this."

Suddenly his eyes change to rage He grabbed my neck with his arm this time and I saw his hands glow. "If I were you I'd watch your mouth. Guess you'd like to know another one of my secrets. The one who killed Sonara's parents all those years ago was ME!"

I was shocked "You mean you were the ones who made her suffer, made her hunt people like me."

"Yes because before Kaiser found you She was the one we seeked. Then Kaiser saw your potential. Till he saw what you could become."

I balled up my fist and punched Eon square on the jaw. He got back up shocked "What…"

I transformed into my wereform "YOU DIE!"

Eon got up . " Oh how I am going to enjoy this." I felt my neck being crushed. Then I saw Eon standing there with his hand around my throat. I looked down. "Hmph is that all."

He kept cranking the pressure "You are too weak Ulvon your energy is spent on that transformation you are a fool." I lifted my hands to strike his arm but he did nothing to stop me. "Don't you get it Ulvon. I am not even using a quarter of my power."

"You monster."He smirked "Look whose talking"

Kaiser vs. Goku and Vegeta

Kaiser overheard the conversation between Ulvon and Eon "So Eon's a telekinetic makes wonder what else he hides from us. Regardless its time to die."Goku fired a Kamehameha at Kaiser but he just deflected it. Vegeta tried with a Big Bang Attack but suffered the same fate. Goku turned to Vegeta "Vegeta I know you don't like to be need to fuse it's the only way to beat him."Vegeta groaned "I HATE those poses but you are right Kakorot."

They did the fusion dance in a beautiful display of light Gogeta was created again. "Time to die"Kaiser smirked "Fusing is that really all you can…" He was interrupted by a punch in the chest by Gogeta. Kaiser fell back confused "What how… Could it be they actually stronger than I thought No that's IMPOSSIBLE!"

Kaiser than said this "Take this I SUMMON YOU. Grand Dragon!" Ten dragons combined together to make a hudge dragon with unimaginable power."See if you can stop this"

Daisuke vs. Sonara

Sonara blacked out but came back to consciousness She reached in her pocket "Hey jerk"

Daisuke turned "What?"She tossed something in his eyes frustrated he tried to see when she uppercutted his jaw. Daisuke was unfazed "Really parlor tricks is how you are going to beat me"

Eon vs. Ulvon

Eon kept pushing the pressure on my neck "Surrender Ulvon give it up."

I spat at him "N…ver" I swung my foot at him but he blocked it wit his mind. "Fool You lose. Goku and Vegeta will die. You will become our brethren and as for your darling Sonara. I'll take great care of her…I promise."

Suddenly something inside me began to stir…


Gogeta smirked" If you really think that'll stop me you're a bigger fool than I thought" He used a move called Stardust Breaker and it destroyed the Grand Dragon before it did anything.

Kaiser punched them in the jaw and began to pile on the pain. Then he saw Ulvon "Whats going on."

Daisuke vs. Sonara

Daisuke had her is his grasp and turned to see what Ulvon was doing. "Whats going on."


My fur grew longer and changed to a brownish grey. The fur on the pack of my head grew longer and developed white tips on it. My paws changed to white my claws grew longer. My eyes changed from green and primal to red and demonic. Eon was so stunned he dropped me. I used my new skills to claw him in half.

I passed out transforming to my human form.

Kaiser vs. Gogeta

"Fuck Eon." He turned back to Goku and Vegeta who dropped out of their fusion " Sorry but I have to leave" He bolted towards Eon

Daisuke vs. Sonara

"Farwell" He walked away leaving Sonara very confused

Normal perspective

Eon was brought back in whole by Kaiser and Daisuke who were just leaving. "We shall meet again Ulvon till then fare well. Oh wait Daisuke now" Daisuke use a gas that hit all but me suddenly Goku Vegeta and Sonara where in exteme pain

The dragon balls started to glow summoning the dragon "You have summoned the eternal dragon." I didn't hear the last part so I thought fast and used my wish "I wish for you to heal my friends and Sonara of all their injuries""Your wish has been granted." They were all instantly healed but I sulked because it was the only wish I went to apologize to Sonara but she kissed me on the lips before I could say anything. She broke and said "Ulvon I'm glad you are okay.""But we have to wait another…" Suddenly the dragon bellowed "Will you hurry up and make the last wish already.""EH?""You have one wish left. Make it before I eat you."

I turned with joy. "I wish or Sonara to be lifted of her curse"Suddenly her wereform walked out from her body in a beautiful light show and faded from existence. "Your wish has been granted farewell."The dragon balls disappeared leaving only Sonara and myself happy at last.

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We set off after that. Truth be told the battle left us with more questions than answers.

So we decided to find it for ourselves. Along the way Sonara stopped me in the middle of the road and kissed me "We're free"

I kissed back "Yes we are but there is still more questions to be answered"

We got on a train and stopped on some country in the middle of the world were we met some kid in a red jacket looking at a pocket watch.

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Wolf Alchemist

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Pre Authors note: As promised a Full Metal Alchemist sequel written or maybe co written by Fenier (I haven't really asked him yet) who you may remember is the guy who writes Ninja Alchemist for me(Even though he has his own account but its fine with me). Main reason is because He is a Full Metal Alchemist expert while my expertise is more with Sonic and Naruto hence the name (That and One Piece but I'll get to that later) So sit back and enjoy this chapter written by one of my good buddies Fenier with a few minor edits by me. Specal shout out to Shadowlord1329 for giving me and i dea which i will use in this story your rule dude.

Fenier Pre Authors note: Hey there I know this is kind of shocking but I won't be writing in the same style as I usually do. I will try to write how he writes, a first person perspective. I also will make Kaiser seem a lot more unstoppable because he was kind of underplayed last time but its fine because Eon's his character so I can understand SNA(SonicNarutoArtist SNA is just easier to type) using him more but its my time Bitches!

(that lasted all of two chapters btw)

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The Meeting

We got off the train and I saw a short gold haired gold eyed kid wearing a read coat. He was staring at a silver pocket watch. I walked up to and asked "Hey kid what are you staring at"

The kid said "None of your damn business." Out of nowhere a suit of armor showed up "Brother are you okay" I stared amazed at it "Holy shit isn't that amour heavy" that's what I said what I thought was "Why doesn't he have a scent"

The amours brother said "I'm fine Al and you mind your own damn business"

"Ed be nice." He turned to me " I'm sorry about my brother and no its not heavy"

"Really do you mind if I try it on."

"Sorry but no you can't"

"I understand you must be that full metal alchemist I heard about on the train I'm Ulvon by the way the girl right next to me is Sonara."

He immediately said "No no no that's my brother"

"You mean the midget."


The suit of armor just groaned "Ed be nice." I stood confused "What did he mean by break down my feet?"

"Oh he was talking about simple alchemy but what he was threatening with you with is human alchemy which is forbidden and he knows it is" "Say what?"

"Okay let me show you." He drew a circle with some bizarre ass patterns on it then asked "Can I see your cutlass." ""Um what for?"

"Just let me see it please."

"Fine" I gave it to him and he snapped it in half. I said this to him "What the fucking hell did you do that for you and this fucking little shit are asking for trouble."

"just watch" He placed his hands in the middle of the circle and in a flash of smoke my cutlass was fixed like I just got it out of the shop. Sonara said "Interesting magic" Armor boy said "Its not magic it's science."

"But its just like the almighty how can it be science."

The midget explained " Its not even close to almighty there are certain laws like In order to create something of equal or greater must be lost. That's why he said human transmutation is forbidden."

I nodded "Good point I mean what can equal a human soul."

Sonara added "I'm guessing that's why your brother is an empty suit of armor"

The empty armor man asked "How…how did you know?"She smirked "Simple I used to hunt things you wouldn't believe existed except in your nightmares so I can pick up on things pretty fast." She then pointed to me "Besides Ulvon here has a great sense of smell so you couldn't really hide it from us."

I blushed a little "Ye…yeah you didn't have a scent."

The blond short kid had to ask "Wait how can you know a scent from another its impossible."

I turned to him "My whole entire life has been impossible. Lets just say every human has a different scent so the fact your younger ,cause I can't say littler, had no scent kind of tipped me off as well." I then turned to Sonara "I was trying to respect your privacy though"

Sonara either didn't here or honestly didn't care what I said and asked "Can I see what's inside your helmet."

The short blond kid then asked him "Its up to you Al."

Al just said "Sure why not" and took off his helmet Sonara peered inside and asked "Hey what's this red mark."

"It's the only thing that keeps me in this suit and this world." She stepped back "Wow"He put his head back on "Yeah well we haven't introduced our selves yet I am Alphonse Elric and this is my older brother The Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric"

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We left the two brothers alone and went to a hotel. Later that night Sonara was passed out but I couldn't sleep. It was a full moon and I guess instinct won over logic. I left Sonara a note and walked out to the roof. Claws sprouted from my hands a thick black fur covered my body my eyes changed in to a green primal look. Satisfied with my new figure I leapt to the next building, leaving several claw marks in the progress.

I leapt from building to building think a bout several things mostly Sonara. She is so great to me. Sometimes I even wonder what my life was like before her. I growled as I remembered…. them. I only saw two of their faces those damn Immortals. Kaiser and Daisuke were the only two of faces I saw. Eon, that son of a bitch, wore a black cloak to cover his face. Those three ruined my life as a kid they attacked me for no reason constantly offering me to join them even after I said no. They have no control over me, especially what I learned about from Eon. That bastard….never mind.

I saw an overly muscular man I think follow me. He was coming a little closer causing me to stop. I turned to ask him "Okay who are you and why are you following me"

"My name is Major Alex Louis Armstrong, the "Strong Arm Alchemist", I thought you look sad and a race might be beneficial."

I shrugged "Of course you did…"

I went on to the next building but he kept following me "Okay you can stop now"

I moved forward but he still followed me….. "Okay knock it off"

I went on he still followed. "Okay that's it." I grabbed his muscular shoulder and threw him on the next roof. "Next time take the damn hit."

I went on this time without being followed. I jumped past a court house where I eyed Al who eyed me. He left the room and I just moved on. The sun was rising so I decided to turn back. I leapt back to the hotel when Al blocked my way along with Ed who was wiping his eyes as if he just got up. Ed eyed me " A chimera….who made you."

"Made me? What you'd never seen a walking 300 pound wolf before"

Al turned to Ed "It talked that's impossible."

I leapt past them and headed back to the hotel. I snuck in the room turning back to normal not knowing that I was a being followed and Sonara was waiting in wait for me. The minute I tried to find her she hit my head "You idiot!"

I scratched my head "What?" She showed me my note "I'm going out on a jog doesn't mean base jumping from roof to roof. In your wereform"

"So what the only guys who saw me were that Armstrong guy and The Elric brothers"

She hit me again "What am I gonna do with you? You never think before you act."

"Ah who cares its not like they no what wrong with clearing my mind."

"Hmm what do you mean clear your mind."

She looked confused so I explained"Simple I used this opportunity to think about things. If I didn't I would go crazy and probably kill and or eat everything in sight."

She got closer to me "I know that's a crock of shit." She then kissed me on the lips I deepened the kiss. It was really getting hot and heavy when we both heard a AHEM

We turned to see Ed and Al standing there Ed with his arms crossed and Al just staring at me. Ed then said "You have a lot of explaining to do"

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The pain of the wolf

"You got some explaining to do"I gulped and looked at Ed who looked like he was ready for anything. I hoped that was the case when I said this "Before I tell you, you got to promise three things. 1 This is between you two and us if the world knew what I was then I don't even want to know. 2 You have to abandon all your beliefs about the unexplained. 3 Please don't scream"

Both Ed and AL nodded and I sighed "I am not a chimera nor am I completely human."

Ed said " We could kind of figure that out but go on"

I continued "I am a creature of the night. The moon is my ecstasy. I am a werewolf"

Ed's jaw drooped and I'm pretty sure Al's would have too if he wasn't a suit of armor. I guess it understand why. It is unbelivable

Ed then said "That's not possible. You have to be lying"

I smirked "If I'm lying you're tall"

Ed caught on "Are you calling me short"

I smiled "Yes"

Al had to hold him back as he screamed at me but Sonara and I just laughed

Ed calmed down finally and said "Okay then let me try to get this straight"

I looked right at him as he continued "Ulvon, here is a werewolf"

I smirked "That's right"

Ed then approached me "So that means you want to eat us all then"

I was going to say something but Sonara beat me to the punch "He's not like that!"

Stunned by her show of force I was quiet as she kept yelling at Ed. "Ulvon uses his powers for good. He has a seal on his hand that keeps his transformations in control. So don't you fucking DARE accuse him of that again!"

Ed shivered and gulped. I saw that Sonara was still angry and held her hand "Its okay he didn't know remember, you didn't know before either."

She looked at me with sympathy but then sighed "Guess you're right."

Ed said "Umm I got a quick question about you Sonara. Why do you have a shotgun strapped to you leg" I loooked I guess it was ikind of obvious she had her only friend before me still strapped to her leg.

She looked at me and I just nodded She said nervously " I used to be a werewolf huntress. My father was killed by one when I was a kid"

I held her hand mostly because I knew what really happened. I then looked at Ed and Al Ed said then "How did you two get together"

I smiled "Its complicated. Lets just say fate brought us together ." I thought "and the fact i bit her helped thank god we got that settled"

Silence engulfed the room when I said "Have you three ever heard of the immortals"

Ed and Al both stood in place. They nodded no

The only thing I said was "Good I hope you never do. They are the most insane group of basterds i have ever seen or gfought"


Authors Note

1. Fenier's taking back control next chapter which I really hope is a Villain Chapter (trademark)

2. I know I didn't make Al say a freaking word but I don't know FMA as well as Fenier okay I don't want to screw up

3. Okay I get this question a lot. "Your stories are all rated M right why not give us a lemon" *sigh* You want it… You got it next time I write a chapter it will be a lemon between Ulvon and Sonara (Hey it was bound to happen sooner or later) *Fake crys* now get out of here you bunch of perverts

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Okay I think I need to clarify something about me and Fenier. We live in a large city divided into sections I live in the south side and he lives in the west side of said city so once again I have top fill in till I see him again. I almost gave you a villain chapter instead of this but I promised and I always keep my promises. So enjoy the lemon and please don't make you keyboards sticky *gets booed at* it's a joke lighten up or I won't give you the lemon *a chorus of fake laughter surrounds me* Good audience. Slight warning this is pretty much filler so you can skip this if you're not a fan of lemons


Midnight Lovers

After Ed and Al left the hotel I turned to Sonara. She just looked away from me like I did something wrong. After a long uncomfortable silence I finally asked "What's wrong Sonara."

She looked at me then away again. I wasn't going to have that silence again so I turned her head and said "Sonara, you know you can trust me. Please tell me what's wrong." She just stared with her beautiful blue eyes for a while then finally said "It's just not fair to you"

Confused I asked "what's not fair."

She looked at me annoyed "You know what I mean. Ed and Al made the exact same presumption that I did when I first met you. They thought you were a monster. I thought you were once one too. You shouldn't have people judge you before they know you, Ulvon"

I placed my hand on her leg "Sonara…" Its all I could say I was about to remove my hand but she grabbed it before I could

She looked at me in a combination of lust and love. "Ulvon…" Out of nowhere she kissed me rather fiercely. It knocked me off guard but I kissed back. I felt her tongue along my lips as if it were begging for entrance in my mouth, so I opened it and our tongues danced in mine and her mouth for well over five minutes. We gasped for air and then stood up* I wrapped my arms around her waste and she wrapped her arms around my neck and we resumed kissing. We kept it up till I moved one of my hands from her waste to one of her breasts. She gasped in pleasure. I looked at her as if I was asking if she was ready for this. She nodded and started to move one of her hands to my crotch.

I started to rub her breast and she started to stroke my erection. Eventually I got behind her and tugged at her shirt she giggled a little and placed her hands on her shirt and helped me take it off. I started to massage her still bra covered breast. Her moans rang in my head like sweet angles in harmony with each other. I stuck my hands inside her bra and heard a gasping moan. She leaned her head near my head and kissed me once again allowing our tongues to meet. She then pushed me on the hotel bed and started to give me an extremely sexy dance as she slowly removed her bra.

The minute the bra came off my jaw dropped. They were even bigger than I dreamed of about a 90 D at least. She giggled at my reaction "you like what you see ,Ulvon"

I just nodded as Sonara kneeled down in front of me when I sat back up. I started to feel my zipper get pulled down and my pants getting unbuckled. Her eyes widen at the size the sheer size of my member. I heard her say "d..damn that's huge its got to be 10 inches at least." I looked down to see her smile seductively "looks absolutely tasty"

I felt her hand gently stroke my erection, it felt amazing. She started to lick it all around even playing with the tip with her tongue. She started to place her mouth around it and bob up and down ever so gently. I felt like I was going to explode but though sheer will power I didn't.

I smiled and said "My turn to please you me amour." She laughed "don't you try to butter me up with French Ulvon." I Took off my shirt and was fully naked.** I laid her down on the hotel bed and started to undress her pants. When I did I saw her underwear was drenched I slowly removed it and was absolutely thrilled she was enjoying this. I started to finger her lower part when I head her scream " Will you just take me DAMNIT!"

Call it the loyal dog in me but I did exactly what she wanted I positioned my self and slowly put my member in her vaginal area. I heard nothing but moans of pleasure as I moved up and down repeatedly. My thrust were met with thrusts of her own. While thrusting I placed my hand on her right breast I saw her grabbing the bed sheet as if she was in pain but she said "Ulvon I'm I'm gona…" I knew what she ment and to be honest I was about to my self. I said ever so sensually "we'll do it together" Her moans and mine became one as we both climaxed with each other.

Panting I just covered us with the bed sheet and we both fell asleep

Okay I lied about the whole not important to the plot part


"This is concerning they both have mated with each other" said a figure with a dark cloak"Kaiser!"

Kaiser, a tall blond man with a black military jacket, stepped out of the shadows and said "Yes Eon." Eon just stood there in silence "They have mated first priority is his woman pregnant."

Kaiser said "what do I look like a pregnancy expert ask Dai" "MY NAME IS DAISUKE" shouted a voice from the distance. It was a brown haired emotionless man wearing a green shoulder stripped jacket with a hood "and no she's not while you two were watching the porn show I actually checked. We're fine."

Kaiser sighed with relief "good cause that would make our plans questionable right Eon.. Eon"

Eon just said "yes it would make our plans unfortunate. Do you know where they are Kaiser."

Kaiser said "yes Amestris why?"Eon smiled "I got a man who owes me a favor in that country by the name of Father I want YOU to go and tell him I want to borrow a homunculus"

Kaiser asked annoyed "why me"

Eon said "cause Amestris is an alchemy planet and you are the only one of us who can do alchemy" Eon turned "Just like I'm the only one who can… never mind"

Kaiser just laughed "Another secret I see Mr. telekinesis." Eon turned back "lets just say I have yet to show you all of my cursed abilities"

"While I'm there I'm going to lead the operation for a little while k Eon" Eon said nothing because he knew it was wise not to upset Kaiser. Kaiser upset was one of the most dangerous things in the universe.

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