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If you haven't seen it already...
SunkernDate: We, 20.June.12, 8:35 PM | Message # 1
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Watch all 3 videoss on the channel.
The women is Karen Huff Klein.
The 2 kids are Luis Recio and Wesley Helm, along with Brandon Teng and
Joshua Slesak.
She keeps her cool throughout all the profanities against her, and it's disgusting what the kids do.
Report the kids, if you want, here: http://www.greece.k12.ny.us/contact.cfm
It'll do something to help them get punished for this
It's far past the goal, but the better it is, the more she deserves: http://www.indiegogo.com/loveforkarenhklein

Anyways, these kids are scum beyond belief and they need to just be rid of life.
They are practically, oxygen theifs.

Added (20.June.12, 6:35 PM)
All the other FB's were deleted by the guys, but this is still remaining.

Sit in the motherfucking chair!
EquinoxDate: We, 20.June.12, 11:55 PM | Message # 2
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This kind of stuff makes me glad that me and my friends clean up this kind of shit around schools.

A sane man in an insane world will go insane.
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