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A Western/ Steam Punk thread
Dillon0909Date: Fr, 15.August.14, 4:27 PM | Message # 1
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We need more any ideas?

I love Spooky Crap :D
EquinoxDate: Fr, 15.August.14, 6:18 PM | Message # 2
Galaxy conquering warlord who likes to RP
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I've got an idea for a generic western shootout thing. I call it "Main character town"

Each created character gets a "main character level". A main character level is a rating of uniqueness that makes your character a good main character, that can't die. The higher your main character level is, the harder you are to kill/ beat at anything.  The lower your main character level is, the more likely you are to die in a shootout, or get screwed over in gambling, or something equally bad.

Characters gain and lose experience points based on their story. The better and more developed their story and appearance is, (Can be worked on in the RP itself) the more points they have towards the next level. The more generic, cliche, or plot hole riddled their story and appearance is, the less points they have.

Thematic characters gain/lose points based on if it's original/good, or cliche/generic.

For example. "John Smith the best gun slinger in the west"

"Appearance: Cowboy attire, big mustache, talks heavily southern, loves to shoot his dual revolvers."

John here is a main character level 1. He's so cliche he's more fitting as a generic NPC who dies in a shootout and gets copy pasted as generic enemies in western games.

For an example of plothole ridden or downright bad,

"Jasaquara the kawaii megaswordswoman"

"Appearance: Big blue hair spiking all over the place on her head that almost covers her big orange eyes that turn red when she's angry, a big pink bowtie that looks like a comedy movie prop at the neck of her blue button-up schoolgirl shirt, (Because she's a really funny girl) a schoolgirl skirt, plain running shoes (Because she's athletic) and a giant sword she carries with her to fight the demons only she can see, to protect everyone."

"Bio: Jasaquara is the megaswordswoman, a girl blessed by an angel at a young age with the ability to fight demons with a giant holy sword. She's the smartest girl in her school, at the prettiest according to all the boys. Her dad died when she was 5 from a demon, and she made him a promise to kill all the demons. She then prayed and an angel blessed her with a holy sword to fight demons. Now she protects everyone in the west from the demons they don't believe exist."

Jasaquara is a "nega level" character. A nega level character is a character that is afflicted with a form of hysteria that makes him or her think they're something that doesn't fit into the theme at all. In fact, they are extremely generic in reality, and the creator's actions get morphed into realistic actions of a wandering dolt that their character is. While she is very unique, it is against the theme. See how her backstory is riddled with plotholes and impossibilities in the setting, as well as a lack of theme in any way, shape or form? This character is the character everyone wants to die from episode 1. No one likes this character, because the character is effectively a really bad comedic relief. Everyone cheers when this character dies very early on, typically in the place of a main character.

And for an example of a basic, thematic, main character, imagine John smith with personality, and a more descriptive appearance, with a backstory that doesn't involve both his parents being shot by an outlaw he's been hunting for five years now as sheriff of generic town.

A sane man in an insane world will go insane.
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