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Sunset, Wolf Claws
Dillon0909Date: We, 28.December.11, 3:46 PM | Message # 1
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The universe, what a glorius place, ever growing, ever expanding, ever creating. In a planet, simalar to our own the end of days has happened, in a planet simalar to our own the world has sort of restarted, with a wild west feel, however unsimalar to our world is the creatures that live on this planet. There are no humans on this planet, only...animals. They've advanced in DNA, and have even formed communication, and other materials. In essance, this worlds animals, are more human like than ever before. It is...a glorious planet.

Our story begins, with one of these creatures walking into a dusty town, with wooden buildings mocking the planets novalty, and old motorized cars next to the walls. The creature was a male, a wolf, he walked in town wearing a black shirt,black jeans, black boots, a black hat, and two very diffrent hands, or paws. One was covered in a black leather glove, the other was metalic and looked armored. The wolf,man, had a scar over his right eye, and his eyes were red like a demons.

A newspaper fluttered in the breeze, and the man opened it, paying no mind to the headline "Twenty Years after the disaster, and no progress has been made by goverment." No, no, the man instead opened a poster that said "Wanted, Dead or Alive, Ziglet Greswol. $200." he smirked and just thought chump change. He than noticed a picture of a bear, or rather a siluette of the bear. $4000. No name though. Only an aliase. Papa. He had a smirk revealing his razor sharp fangs. Papa,eh? Well...this one will be easy.

When suddenly out of the blue, the wolf heard a cry in the distance. It was faint...but he heard it. It was a cry for help. Curious, he left to find out what caused it. He looked at two pigs, harassing what sounded female, so he could only assume the worse. He cleared his throat, and the pigs turned, revealing it to be a woman. Not just any woman, she was a female wolf. Her fur was white, for the most part, her eyes were a gorgious hazel color, and she was wearing a dress that showed her, femine features quiet well. He looked at her, and started to peice two and two together. "It ain't gentlemenly like to harass a lady, hogs." he said, speaking in a gruff low voice.

The pigs turned to him, and one said "Hey we aint hogs...we're pigs furball! SAY IT WITH ME PIGS P.I.G.S."

The wolf countered with a "you said it...not me. Now why don't you leave the little lady alone now."

The other pig said "We...can't do that. You better watch yourself. I'm a wanted man. i'm Ziglet Greswall!"

The wolf responded with a laughing "Oh...the chump change."

Furious, Ziglet charged at him, and the wolf effortlessly with his metalic hand sent him straight into the ground. The other pig froze as the wolf adjusted his hat. "A wolf, black fur, blakc clothes, metalic hand, red demon eyes with a scar across the right one, and a low voice. Y...You're....HUNTER WOLF THE DEMON BOUNTY HUNTER!."

"Hunter" pulled out a six shot lazer garett revolver. "Now, beat it...I got bigger fist to fry than your stupid friend here, or do you want to end up plastered over the desert. Fools like you are a dime a dozen anyways."

Frighted, the other pig grabbed Zelot and ran for his life, seeing this the female wolf got a smile on her face, and got up. "Thanks, Hunter..." She walked next to him. "Say...I..."

"Hunter" said "You owe someone something, and you want me to either pay you or take care of them. Is that about right?" He looked at her and said "You're dressed provactivly, leaving little to the imagination, and sweating in the hot sun. You tried to sell yourself, however, you got nervous, and decided not to but the pig nitwits wouldn't let you. Now you're in dept, and you want me help, is that about right?"

The female wolf looked down, knowing he hit the nail on the head. "He doesn't have a name...but...he goes by Papa." She sighed "Thanks...anyways Hunter, I'm Cassidy Jones."

Hunter looked at her and stopped her mid walk "Did you say...Papa?"

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Dillon0909Date: We, 28.December.11, 6:42 PM | Message # 2
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Cassidy looked at Hunter, and said "Yeah...Papa...I owe him alot of money okay. Even if I have to sell myself." she looked away "even if..." She looked down and said "I'm sorry..."

Hunter sighed and said "Do you know where he is." The question sounding more curious than anything.

Cassidy looked at him wide eyed "Y...You're after PAPA! Are you nuts!? He OWNS thats city. Everyone works for him there. No one in thier right MIND would attack Papa there." she said unbelivable, this has got to be the bravest wolf on the planet. He must have like a gang or a pack...or something.

Hmphing, Hunter went to walk away. "I'll find him eventually, Cassidy. You'll be free after that."

The word free resonated in her mind. This...this is Hunter...the man who beat the legedary outlaw Viper in on shot, beat the TAR out of an invading pig gang by himself, and...all the other things hes done. He..could...beat Papa...she'd be free. As Hunter prepared to leave, she stopped him and said "I...still say you're crazy pal, but...he's in the city about a 8 hour drive from here. To the west"

Hunter stopped and said "I'll walk..." He began to do just that.

A stunned Cassidy ran to him and asked curiously "There's a car shop in town, it'll help you avoid the war zone, you know that place where the tribes are waring. The Crows vs the Eagles...any of this ringing a bell mister wolf."

Hunter just kept walking "I'll say hi, and keep walking." He adjusted his hat, while walking "Shoot if nessisary." He kept walking, not paying any mind to Cassidy following him, trying to talk him out of it.

They were walking for five hours, leaving that town in the distance. Hunter looked at Cassidy, and said "If you're gonna follow can help set up camp." He than looked at her doing just that, while he set up a place for her to sleep, she got the fire wood. She looked at him after they got all settled down, and said " Hunter you're real name?"

Hunter hmphed and kept cooking a dinner he caught before he came to town. "No, its just more intimidating...makes crooks shake."

Cassidy sighed and looked at him "Well, we are kinda stuck together...I can't go back to that town...those pig would try it again. So, what's your real name?"

He stopped from taking a bite, and sighed "None of your bussiness." it was silent for a second, in the way he said it. Kinda zoning himself out for a second. He shook his head and said "It's Quincey, okay" He sighed "But, you call me Hunter...and I clear on that."

Cassidy nodded, and saw Hunter writing something down on some paper, and sleep on the ground. She went into the tent, and felt his soft bed, and dozed off.

Meanwhile Hunter was having a weird dream. He was younger again, with a normal left hand, and he and his dad were playing catch with a ball. It was nothing wrong, until he saw again...talking with his mom. He went to warn her about something, but then...all he could see was fire.

He woke up the next day, passing it off as nothing.

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Dillon0909Date: We, 28.December.11, 8:18 PM | Message # 3
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Hunter woke up the next day at the crack of dawn, and woke Cassidy up. She was very tired, and a bit cranky. but she delt with it and walked with him. They were walking past two canyons, but suddenly stopped, as an arrow zoomed past the both of them. It was completly black and looked hot to touch. He was quiet and looked up and saw two black birds, with almost forign outfits. The black feathers, drifted to him as he caught one in his hand. This was the Crow Tribe, a race of beings, who operate in this area. They want to rid the world of thier sworn enemy the Eagles. However, the fighting has been at a stand still for years. The two black feather beasts floated down to him, and glared at him. "You two must be lost. We'll guide you out, wolves."

They looked at Hunters hand and backed up visible frightened. " wolf...who...too...took down Viper." They looked at each other "The Demon of the Desert land."

Hunter furrowed his brow visible annoyed "I know who I am...birds. Now make way, I'm trying to get to the city over."

One of the Crows said "Golden City...Papa..." he looked at the other crow and they respectfully made a path. Before they could walk, Hunter and Cassidy heard something behind them. A much larger bird grabbed Cassidy around the waist with it's talons. He looked up at it and sighed. He looked back at the crows, and the one that spoke earlier said "Filthy savages...they took her to their nest. Probably to eat her." Hunter sighed, and shook his head. He was about to just keep walking, but...decided to turn and go and help Cassidy anyways.

Back with Cassidy and the Eagles,she looked at them scared out of her mind! She heard nothing but terrible things about both sides, the Crows were just filthy scavangers, and savages that'll kill who ever is on their territory, and the Eagles are...just monster...and cannables! Being a meat eating creature herself, this looked like a horrible way to go. She'll never see Papa fall. She was dropped infront of an elder looking Eagle who said "Relax, young wolf creature. I mean you no harm. I'm the leader of the Eagles. The shamen, Tyrone." Cassidy still shook at her core looking at her captures. "Our reputation is terrible where you're from correct? It is all just bad press, we are not canibles and we will not hurt you. In fact, we saved you. You had the crows and that demon to deal with."

He got up and reached for his staff, "Ever since the disaster that befell our planet...the world has been more open to those we pray to." Cassidy shuddered as the cold staff touched her forhead. "I have been gifted...let me see...into your mind."


In the shadows, Papa stood on a chair looking at the frightened Cassidy. "So you're the little yutz, that decided it was smart to steal food from us."

She looked at her and nodded frightened "I...I...needed to support my family. Pl...please mister Papa...I..."

He stood up, and still in the shadows, petted her fur. "Maybe we can work something out. You raise half a million dollars by next year, and I'll forget about this little incident. Oh...and about your family you prattle on about." He snapped his fingers and revealed an elderly wolf, with two younger pups in chains. "You want to save better make that happen, or I make you watch.

*end flashback*

Tyrone looked at her and said "Such suffering you've endoured...a hard life indeed." She looked down, tearing up because she couldn't say anything to them. Comferting her with his wing, Tyrone looked outside, as he heard someone breaking into the cave where the nest was located. An eagle burst in visible shaking "Demon..."

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Dillon0909Date: Th, 29.December.11, 1:57 AM | Message # 4
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Thousands of lazer arrows pointed at the black coated wolf, as he calmly walked in. He walked past all of the shaking Eagles. He looked up and saw, faintly, Cassidy's tail. He used his metalic hand to sort of scale the wall, launching himself up, and landing calmy on main floor of the nest. He pointed his finger on his normal paw and said "I came for the girl, eagle."

Tyrone walked forward and said calmly "Demon hunter, the man who defeated the dreaded Viper to get a reputation worse than your victim." He walked around him "You have a history...don't you..." He tried for a swing with his staff, but was blocked by the metalic hand. "Impressive tool, bounty hunter." He cleared his throat and said "Are you after this girl because she, is wanted...or because you really are like your reputation."

Hunter said coldly "Neither, you kidnapped her, and I helped. Nothing more to it than that." Tyrone was stunned to hear that, but walked around him calmly "Now, you hand her back over to me bird brain. I don't want to get involved in you're battle with the Crows, I'm after Papa."

Tyrone walked around him again "Are you helping the girl get out of her dept to Papa by getting rid of him?"

As quick as a flash, Hunter blocked a talon kick by Tyrone. "She's just a bonus...besides you think she's the only one Papa has in his claws, I intend to get them all out, by bringing him in dead."
Tyrone took out his staff and went for a strike, but he was tripped by Hunter, how now had his lazer pistol to Tyrone's head. "Nice try by the way, big bird. However, you don't get to far in this bussiness without practice, and a whole hell of a lot."

After Hunter got off of him, Tyrone stood up and looked at him. "You, could have killed me? Why didn't you?" he said rather confused. This man had a worse reputation than, his tribe.

Hunter turned his head, and pointed to a painting of the chief's family over his throne. "Thats all I needed. Besides, would have been a wasted shot anyways...theres nothing to gain other than angry birds."

Tyrone growled and said "You...took pity on me...because I have a family?!" He got up and went for a strike but was cut off by Hunter's metalic hand grabbing his neck. He struggled and kicked at Hunter, but he didn't look like he was hurt. With one hand Tyrone was tossed down, and Hunter went to leave again. "It...can't just be it...because I have a family...why...are you really here? Do you love this girl"

Hunter turned his head "I can't love nobody, I just don't want you're kid to not have his daddy. I'm not heartless, you have a kid to feed." He walked off with Cassidy "and a kid to can't do either of them...if you're dead."

Hunter walked out the door with Cassidy looked at Hunter, wondering if he's really as cruel as people say he is.

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Dillon0909Date: Th, 29.December.11, 5:00 AM | Message # 5
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Hunter and Cassidy walked for a little bit, but decided to set up camp. The Crows, and their leader, were watching them from a distance, and on the other side, Tyrone, and his men were doing the same thing. Hunter looked at Cassidy, fully aware of the two tribes watching him carefully, and asked " owe Papa some cash eh?"

She sighed and looked at him "Half a a year ,or he'll kill my family" she sighed and said "My dad, and my little siblings." She looked at him "What about you, mister Bounty Hunter. You were about to kill that bird till you saw the guy's family painting. You're a wolf right? Where's your pack?"

"Ever hear the expression, Lone Wolf" Hunter said harshley "I don't need nobody." He layed back down using a rock to support his head and looked up at the stars. "Not anymore."

She just looked at his expression change, and mumbled to herself. "What are you hiding, mister Demon Wolf?" She kept looking at him, until her curiosity couldn't be contained. She got up, and sort of shuffled to him, as he slept peacefully. She removed his hat and found nothing inside of it. However, she did notice the scar across his left eye, looked vicous in moon light. He moved slightly and than looked at something around his neck. She moved it and saw it to be a locket. She opened it, and revealed a family photo. It was of a family of wolves, one wearing a fancy T-Shirt, with blue jeans, the other was of a woman wolf, with beautiful black fur,glistening red eyes, and a least as nice you can get in this world, dress. She was looking at a little guy with a big hat over his head shielding his eyes, however, the hat was tilted up by his mom, showing his red eyes. She quickly deduced that that, was...his family. That little pup, was him. She looked at him, and saw the metallic hand, and saw it not in this photo...what could have happened to this boy, to make him...into this...demon.

She saw Hunter move again, and she backed up slowly not wanting to wake him up. She than heard a flapping in the night, and turned and saw the two tribes glaring at each other preparing for battle. Tyrone's people, got an advantage at first, but the crows were dirtier fighters, scratching and pecking in blind spots. However, she saw Tyrone glaring at the The Crow leader for a little bit. She stood infront of Hunter, just incase they had a chance to be caught in the cross fire. After a while the dueling went down, both sides leaving with four injured members total.

She sighed and than looked at Hunter, who was still asleep, she than saw Tyrone fly away...being the last one to leave, and went to follow him, herself. She made her way to the nesting room, and saw Tyrone's staff. She reached out for it, but Tyrone was there, and he promptly smacked her hand away from it. He looked at her and said "What are you doing here? Didn't the demon 'rescue' you?"

She sighed and said "Look, I just wanted to borrow this. Maybe...I can see his life...and maybe...I him."

Tyrone groaned and said "I sense only darkness in that creature, young Cassidy. He is beyond help."

She barked and said "Watch it bird brain, he may be an ass to me, but he is still my friend" She revealed her wolf paws and claws, and said "And I can fight to pal."

To that last comment, Tyrone got up and pointed the staff at her. He looked at her and said "You can't just...wish it used Memory Reader anyways. It's ways take years of mastery and training. Past down from generations, to generations." He walked behind her. "I'll come with you...and help you see it."

Cassidy's face changed, to one of dissapointment to one of elation "Thanks Tyrone..."

Hunter,meanwhile, woke up carefully to the Crow Tribe surrounding him. Hunter was preparing for a fight, but saw their leader walking forward. "Demon Hunter, we have a job for you, but allow me to introduce myself, my name" He lifted his headdress, and said "is Rean"

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Dillon0909Date: Fr, 30.December.11, 0:59 AM | Message # 6
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Cassidy was just getting to the location,but she and Tyrone hid, when they saw Hunter talking with the crows. Rean looked at him, and said "I need with the Eagle leader. This is our rightful territory. We have shared it to long."

Hunter turned his head, spotting Cassidy's tail, "It ain't my problem, crow." He was then about to walk away, but he was blocked off by Rean getting infront of him. "Out of my way, I got my own problems to deal with."

Rean looked at him and said in a rather confident tone. "It will be, if this results in war, because the only two creatures in the crossfire, are you...and your little wolf friend." He put his black feathered hand on his shoulder and said "Come to our nest, and you will see...the cause of all this greif, and why soon, I have to destroy our fellow birds."

The nest of the Crows, was indeed, dirtier than the Eagles nest. However, Hunter didn't mind do to the fact this wasn't his place. He than walked in a room where three crows in, weird almost dress like outifts, looked at Rean. Rean kneeled down and said "Shamins of the Crows...I wish for the bounty hunter known as Hunter Wolf, to know the plight of our people."

The elder crows nodded and said "Hunter Wolf, hear our cause. For the longest time, Eagles and Crows lived in peace. Tolerating our diffrences, but all that changed five years ago today." the elder sighed "A bear, by the name of Jonathan D. Bard, came to us with an offer from his rather mysterious employer. Help a town in need of water, by helping supply with our river, and we will help you with technology to help repairs for the disaster. We thought, this could be a great opertunity for us, a chance for our culture to be accepted, and not treated as savagesl. However...the Eagles, saw it to be rather...unsettling. They became consumed by the old ways, that they boldly turned down the bear's offer. This caused arguing amongst the leaders,and we desided to let fate choose who was right. We, unfortunatly...won. Our river dried up, fate handing us...the victory...and...caused a war. Now for five years...not a drop of rain has fallen on our lands. We survived, by having to resort to raiding travlers...but soon...this will not be enough. Our leader, Rean, has decided that...tommarow. We will attack the Eagles, and try to find Mr.Bard again, accepting his offer. We don't want to fight them this way...but...we have no choice."

Hunter furrowed his brow, and said "and you want me to destroy their leader, so you have the advantage."

Looking away, Rean said "It'll be quick...and fast...less blood shed...on our side." He than saw Hunter walking away "Do you accept our deal."

"No" Hunter responded walking "If anything, I'm going to find out why your river dried up, because that usually don't happen without good reason"

Blocking Hunter's way, Rean said "You have to...we will pay whatever you need. We will soon have enough money and power to do so." getting rather annoyed, Hunter grabbed Rean's neck, causing the Crow to kick at his stomach. Hunter, however, only responded by tossing him out of the way. Now angry, Rean asked "WHY? WHY DO YOU SUPPORT THE EAGLES OR YOUR OWN WAY! You're heartless!"

Hunter just turned his head and said "Friends suddenly betraying each other, rivers drying up, rain suddenly stopping, I'm not heartless, I'm just not a bird brain like you. Go ahead and kill each other." He jumped down the hole, and said 'Don't ask me to watch or be involved."

Cassidy and Tyrone both heard everything in hiding. They than saw Hunter heading to the dried up river. Cassidy caught up to him first and asked "You don't think Papa would..."

Hunter looked at her "I don't know yet...they could be right. However, there's only one way to find out." Cassidy, Hunter, and Tyrone(who just caught up), got to the river bed first, Hunter walked in the dried up river, and saw trail of lumber or steel being dragged across the ground. "I knew it, it's a dam."

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Dillon0909Date: Fr, 30.December.11, 1:43 AM | Message # 7
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Looking ahead at the trail, he started to follow it, Cassidy behind him. Tyrone however, was summoned by one of his followers, the battle was about to begin, they needed him. Tyrone flew off, and prepared for war. Cassidy looked at Hunter and said "You...think we can stop this in time."

Hunter looked at her and said "We can stop most of the blood shed, and we will. However, we can't stop this battle for coming. It's inevitable." He than stopped Cassidy and looked at the stucture, revealing a large building blocking off the water, and some sort of device on the top of the building. He than also notice all the guards, most of them pigs, but he saw two bears. One male near the generator, and one female at the second story window.

Tyrone and Rean looked at each other, along with all their followers, and both lifted thier hands. Back with Cassidy, and Hunter, the door to the dam was punched down by Hunter himself. The pigs charged at them in droves, however from behind him, Cassidy did a leap and punched some pigs into the generator, the electrified water shocking the crap out of them, making the room smell like breakfast. Hunter, had a pig in a head lock, but more where coming. Hunter saw this and used the railing to kick more into the water, and cracking the neck of the pig he had.

Tyrone and Rean were clashing, along with their followers, wings met wings, staff met staff, and feet met feet. Evenly matched, up to a degree but Rean was stronger. After breaking from their clashing, the glared at each other, and went for it again.

Cassidy and Hunter were busy still fighting the pigs. They both stopped along with the pigs as they heard a loud roar. The pigs ran out the door, terrified for their lives, as the female bear dropped down. She looked at Cassidy and Hunter, and said "I will crush the name of Jonathan, and Papa." She went for Hunter, when Cassidy stepped infront of her and kicked the side of her face. "Hunter, get going. I got this honey sucker."

Hunter facepalmed at that and said "Just don't die on me okay?"He ran past her, and headed to the top of the dam.

Cassidy and the other bear glared at each other, and in a display of power, the female bear tossed Cassidy halfway across the railing. Cassidy tried to stop her but sadly she couldn't and landed pretty hard. The female bear charged at her at full speed. Cassidy rolled out of the way avoiding the impact but the girl bear stopped. She looked at her and said "Little wolf, is fast...but I will crush you, Tiva never misses her TARGET!"

Hunter got to the top pretty easily and saw Jonathan looking at him, glaring at him. Jonathan looked at him and said "'re the one attacking my boys, and trying to bring this dam down? Don't make me laugh!"

Taking off his hat and jacket, revealing a rather muscular wolf body, and a black tank top, Hunter looked at him "We gonna talk or fight."

Jonathan charged at him, and swung his paw at Hunter.

Tyrone and Rean were now just hitting each other on the head with thier staffs. The weapons clashed again, and were flung and landed on the ground getting stuck. They then restoryted to punching and kicked each other matching thier troops.

Tiva grabbed Cassidy by the neck and tossed her again, she charged and went to stomp on her. Cassidy jumped and kicked her stomach, but that did nothing. Tiva tossed her on the ground and lifted her boot. "This a threat? He he he, Pig things are weak compared to Tiva. Tiva almost strong as Jonathan, Jonathan almost strong like Papa. Tiva CRUSH GIRL!"

Cassidy grabbed her foot as she brought it down. "Lady...YOU TALK WAY TO MUCH!" She used Tiva's weight to make her fall on the platform, which started to sway downwards. Cassidy jumped away as the platform broke, causing Tiva to fall into the electrified water. Tiva tried to grab the edge of the wall but it was to slick, she accepted her fate eventually...and floated...shocked to death.Cassidy sighed in relief, and wiped the blood from her snought.

Hunter was knocked into the ground by Jonathan's paw. He tried to get back up, but Jonathan scratched him with his bear claws. Hunter growled in pain than blocked with his metal hand causing a loud pinging sound. Jonathan held his hand than charged at him, hitting the generator thing. Jonathan got right back up unfazed and went for another attack.

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Dillon0909Date: Fr, 30.December.11, 2:08 AM | Message # 8
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Jonathan hit said attack, and picked up Hunter with his hand, and tossed him to the ground. "You...are a fool!" He walked to him, unknowingly causing a crack with all the times he slammed Hunter to the ground. He glared at him "Do you have any idea, how much this place means to the master Papa. We gave them an offer, but the stupid birds refused.So we took away their water...all of it...especially with this weather generator. This drought has lasted for five years because of us! I will crush you for attacking us. What could one little wolf like you acomplish on your own anyways!" As Jonathan was saying this he was reapatily punching Hunter in the stomach. He than tossed Hunter to the other side of the dam and said "We will control this area."

Hunter got up slowly and looked at Jonathan "Shut up" He held his arm "You hit like an woos anyways. I actually kinda feel sorry for you. You're probably just Papa's lap dog. Barking at his every order, and this Dam is just your little dog house."

Jonathan charged and hit his arm "SHUT UP YOU STUPID WOLF!"

Hunter coughed repeatily and said "Why...because I'm speaking the truth." Hunter heard the dam crack more and more, and waited for it. Jonathan didn't disapoint as he jumped and nailed Hunter with a bold punch into the dam.

The battle on the dam caused the two fighting tribes to stop for a second and look at the creatures dueling on top of it.

Hunter started to laugh, as Jonathan looked at him "How are you still alive...and...why are you laughing!" Hunter pointed to the dam rumbling "WHAT DID YOU DO!"

Hunter kept laughing. "Me? Who was the guy slamming me into your presious dam"

Jonathan growled and said "I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS!"

Hunter moved out of the way from his punch and stabbed him with the sharpened edges of his metal hand. He than took out his garrett, and shot him in the back of the head, and fell to the ground tired. The dam began to shake and rumbled and fall apart, causing Jonathan and Hunter to fall into the rushing river. As Hunter was drifting off, Cassidy grabbed his metal hand Tyrone and Rean helping her drag him in. Hunter was smiling revealing he had his hat and his jacket still. He was out cold, causing the birds and Cassidy to carry him off.

Tyrone looked at the dam, as did Rean. "We...were both wrong. You weren't greedy...and we...weren't stuck in the past..."

Rean looked back at Tyrone "So much death though...a truce...will not be easy."

They looked at Cassidy, who was helping the doctors with Hunter. Tyrone said "However...we must work on this...for the time of old"

Cassidy looked at him, and then saw that mystery locket. Some time passed, when Tyrone walked to her, and said "We can...look into his memories. You know that...he's out cold"

She sighed and said "I've given that some thought...I want to know...I really do...but...its his bussiness..."

Tyrone looked at her, and smiled "You both were pretty brave today...I know you will defeat Papa."

She looked at Hunter, and just said "I hope you're right"

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Dillon0909Date: Sa, 31.December.11, 0:28 AM | Message # 9
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Hunter and Cassidy walked for twelve hours, heading to the city. Cassidy started to help out setting up a fire, and just looked at him. Hunter started to cook some meat that they got form Tyrone and Rean. She smiled and looked back at the mountain formation. Tyrone and Rean were tough birds, and stubborn, she was certain that they could make a peace. After they ate dinner, she looked at Hunter, who was quiet for the majority of the trip, bandaged up. "You sure you still want to go after, Papa? You're pretty banged up."

"Delt with worse" Hunter said to her plainly. "Besides, in my experience, usually bosses of gangs are wimps compared to their cronies. If thats the best they can do...this will be the easiest four thousand I've ever made." He than lent back, and that locket dangled around his neck, surprisingly undamaged from the battle. He than looked at his metal hand and sighed "Overheard you and Tyrone talking about me, while I was resting. If you know what's good for your shouldn't poke at mine"

Offended, Cassidy said "Well its your own damn fault for acting so mysterious. Lets list the ways, a metal hand nobody i've seen got, a scar on your right eye, a picture of a family in that lo..." She stopped there knowing she said to much. "S...sorry, I looked in your locket, while you were sleeping acouple of nights ago." She nearly forgot that this was the monster that didn't just...beat...he destroyed that sneaky serpent Viper. Viper, who was almost worse than Papa.

A low growl eminated from Hunter "I've tolerated you for now. You have no where else to go, and I saved your neck, its only natural for you to follow me around to protect yourself. I will take you trying to read my mind, I will even take you just staring at me all day. However, no one...touches...the locket." his tone was fierce and nasty. A tone that sent chills down Cassidy's spine,he was like a completle diffrent creature, a feral beast. However, she saw a tone switch from him, and he lied down "I'll let it go with a warning because you saved my hide, just don't touch it again."

She gulped and nodded yes. She than saw him asleep again, and she was about to go to sleep her self when she saw Hunter moving in his sleep. She's seen that type of moving alot...its fearful moving, from a nightmare.

Hunter was looking at the fire again, he tried to reach out but the flames were to much, and he was being pulled back by something. Suddenly, Hunter himself changed, to a much younger wolf pup, looking exactly like his photo, and he was sqirming out of the fireman's grasp.

Outside in the real world, he started to talk during his sleep. He was saying over and over again, "Gotta save them this time, stronger now, must save them," He than sprang back away growling in pain and frustration. He looked at his metal hand and sighed sitting back down. He than looked at Cassidy, and she looked back at him. Realising he hadn't helped her situation, he sighed 'Just a bad dream, happens to everyone. Don't prod deeper into it."

Before Hunter had a chance to close his eyes, he heard Cassidy say calmly "Save who?"

He said rather dodgingly "Gotta sleep...its...what I need."

Cassidy smiled and got up from her private little tent. She sighed and walked next to him. She didn't know what this thing was about, but she did know he needed a friend. In her paws she had his blanket and his pillow, that he was loaning her. She lifted his head, and placed it on a gentle pillow, and coverd him. She smiled and went back to the tent, knowing fully well she would be cold.

Hunter woke up the next day, feeling alot warmer, and saw Cassidy laying in the tent curled up for warmth. He put two and two together, and returned the favor by covering her up himself. He than set up breakfast for her, and set up something for him. A little shooting range, all at near impossible distances.

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Shots rang out, waking the sleeping wolf, Cassidy walked out of the tent and her eyes widened, as she saw Hunter shooting down three targets...from two hundred paces. Hunter looked at her, and said "You got the map right?"

Cassidy shook her head and said "No, I...just know the area. I know that Golden City is after another town." She admitted sheepishly "I think you've been there before, it used to be held hostage by Viper."

Hunter shot again, and put the gun away "Viper? I thought I took care of him" He turned to her and said "You know...haven't been in that town for a while"

She than saw, the metal hand glimmering in the sunlight. "You did take care of him...they said you, broke his back with one flex of your metal hand, and shot him in his brain."

He than started to laugh like crazy! "Is that what they are saying, they nuttered that story."

Now curious and said 'What did you really do to him?", allthough truth be told she really didn't want to know.

Hunter kept walking and said "I'd rather not say, I don't like talking about my past."

Needless to say, Cassidy was flabergasted. Does he not know his own acomplishments?! This is the third time she's complemented him, and he shrugged it off as nothing. She asked why he beat up that entire pig gang, he said it was because they spat on his shoes, and she asked how she beat Jonathan, and he said that the bear was just plain stupid, she than looked back wondering how long it would take to get Tyrone by flight and motor car. She hated acting all curious, but this guy was driving her crazy! What was he hiding

Eventually, they got into town, and headed to bar. Cassidy, sighed and looked at all the local bar patrients, probably men with bounties all shudder in fear. Cassidy, started to overhear what they were saying.

A crane was talking with dog, and said "Its that guy who took down Viper"

The dog responded "Whose the hot chick with him? He actually find someone who would stick around his creepy hide?"

They all basically repeated, scared of Hunter, wondering about Cassidy, who just sighed and looked at the bartender.

Hunter and the Bartender stared at each other for a minute before the bartender said "So, Hunter The Demon Wolf. Haven't seen you in town for a while." The bartender, who was a steer, poured his drink. "Shame really, they were gonna give you a big reward for taking down that snake"

Hunter smiled and said "Spare me the formalities, Jerry. What do you want?"

Jerry looked at Hunter and sighed "Well, I'll cut to the point. A day ago the river started up again. I don't mind, I've been getting more customers. Some are people with bounties..."

Hunter sighed "Can't, after Papa." The mention of Papa's alies, sent all the bar patrients tossing cash and running for thier lives. "What did I say?"

"You're nuts" said the now frightened Jerry "No one...messes with Papa. Even SNEEZING wrong would get you a beat down from his pig boys, and his bear body guards. However, if you really tick him off, you'll get the man himself."

Cassidy shuttered at that, but Hunter looked at Jerry and said "Fill me another drink, and keep talking, I need a laugh."

Jerry did what he asked and said "Papa once took down ten elephants, because they woke him from his nap. He scared every sheriff in the town so stiff, they hung themselves. The bear is near un touchable." Hunter took a drink and Jerry countinued "He's puplically executed all those who attacked his men. Killing one of his bears is an act of suicide, because Papa will send tons of pigs after the creature who did it...and have them brought to him alive, and murdered by either dipped in acid, crushed by spikes, or smashed to death by a bug."

Taking another sip "I took down one of his bears." Hunter responded "Pigs don't scare me."

Jerry started to visibly sweat, and ran out like his life depended on it. Cassidy looked at Hunter and said "You sure are cocky."

Hunter laughed "Don't I know it."

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Hunter walked around town, seeing no pigs. So that means Papa, hadn't got the news yet. Hunter sighed and looked around this old place. Than stopped dead in his tracks, seeing an old hill, that looked scared by burns and fire, with a ruined house. Cassidy looked at Hunter, with a look of concern, when she got to him. She watched him open the gate and walk in slowly, her following behind, just incase. He got to the entrance of the house, and opened the door slightly. Like a possed beast, he wandered around the old house.

The house looked dirty, and scared by fire, ashes and soot covered the area. She than looked around at a fireplace, probably the cause, and looked at some destroyed photos. She blew off the dust of one, and dropped the photo in shock. " just can't be."

Meanwhile Hunter sat down on what looked like a childs bed, allthough it was hard to tell with the marks. He looked around, and saw a little stuffed animal, with no left arm, and a destroyed leg letting out its stuffings. Hunter picked it up with his normal hand, and felt the toy. He stared at it for a while, when Cassidy finally got to his room, oddly looking angry. She had it with Hunter's mysterious behaviour. She earned a little explanation and said in a demmanding tone. "Okay, thats it. First the family photo, than the nightmare, now this place with the same damn photo! I'm not just gonna stay out of your personal life, because quite frankly you need to vent to..." She than stopped hearing, and seeing the impossible. The fearsome Demon bounty hunter, the wolf brave enough to go after Papa, the creature that killed Viper, the beast that destroyed an army of pigs,stopped a mob esc takeover, and destroyed an illegal dam, was holding a stuffed toy, and had tears...not fake ones real...genuine tears, coming from his eyes.

She back up to shocked to countinue her sentance, but Hunter heard her. "Sorry..." He looked at the toy, "I'm so sorry..." He looked at the metal hand and punched the side of the bed, shattering the post, causing it to fall on one side. He looked up and around the destroyed room,got up, and in blinding fury, ripped open the door, that Cassidy closed so she could get her awnser. She than heard him punch down the other door, and sitting down somewhere else. Now concerned, she got to him, and saw his gun on the floor, and him covering his eyes with his face. She eventually sat next to him, when it felt kind of safe, and put her hand around his shoulder. She felt him hold her, and she tried to her best to ignore the fact, that he was crushing her sort of. She patted his head, and let him, let it out. After two hours, he let her go and looked down. "Sorry you had to see that. I should have never come in here."

Blushing in embaressment, she said "No, I'm sorry, I with you. You don't have to tell me was silly of me to prod at something..." She was than interupted by him covering her snout. "What?"

He looked down "I really...really don't want to do this. I hate bringing my past up." Before Cassidy could say anything, Hunter interupted "But you saved my life, and you helped me take down that dam. I owe least." He sighed and looked at a photo on the wall, which was surprisingly intact. "My real name is Quincy James Kroze. I was born in this town, both literally, and figertivly. My family live in this town, we weren't rich or anything, my dad was a sheriffs deputy, and my mom was a stay at home mom. My parents and I, were so happy together. My dad played catch with me everyday when he got off of work, and my mom would make me dinner, and was nice to me whenever I was picked on.

Yeah, I was bullied, but, I never let it get to me, because of my wonderful mother, and my dad's strong advice, a code I live to this day. He took me to his fireplace, and looked at me. He said 'Son, you're a strong little wolf, however you shouldn't let words get to you. They are just words. Words can not break your skin, or take a life. Words only mess with your head.' I loved hearing him say that, because he sounded so strong when he did.

The good times, didn't all. It was a typical day, my mom and I were helping with dinner, Dad was working, and we heard a knocking at our door. A beast with a name, I didn't hear came to the door and offered my mom a deal, she didn't take it, and he got mad. The next day, I was walking home to school, when I saw smoke. I ran to my house, to see it was on fire. I was trying to get into the house, so I can help my mom and dad escape. However, the fire fighters kept holding me back. I squirmed out of his grasp, and tried to open the door, but the fire burned my hand as I touched it, and a shattered window struck my right eye. I didn't care at the time, I tried to open it, but the heat forced me back, and knocked me out. The doctors...came to me the next day...he was...honest with me. He said 'Quincy, we'll start off with a game of good news, bad news, your hand was destroyed by the fire so we had to amputate it, and luckily, the only thing that happened with the glass, was you got a scar across your eye. Sadly, that is the good news. You're parents...Quincy, are dead. The fire got em.'I was so, up set, I cried for days, I felt my heart beating out of my chest, like the world was ending. Than I was put in an orphanage...

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That place was, a cruel place to me. Not because of the kids making fun of my prostetic, calling me plastic boy, or scar face. No, it was the parents in this town. They siad, they didn't want some handicapped son with emotional issues. I...wasn't wanted...or loved. Now, desprete, and eight, I crawled out of the window of the orphanage, and started to eat to survive. That got the attention of the Sheriff, who reconized me because of my moma's eyes, and the locket my moma gave to me with my family in it.

He cornered me, eating bread, desprete, and hungry. I looked at him, now terrified for my life. He walked to me, and took me in the station. He was a kind man, though. He was a dog, like alot of people in this town, and smiled at me kindly, offering me the world. For two years, I was okay...he taught me how to shoot,how to fight, and became like a second father to me. However" Hunter paused and looked at his metal hand "He saw I needed an advantage. He called someone he knew from the goverment, who was looking for a willing test subject, to help me. This rat came, he looked incredibly intellegent, and he had the voice of someone with his mouth constantly full. He looked at me and said, he was looking for a way to help armies rebuild the world faster, with a newer more advance prostetic. The same invention could help the lame walk, and possible the blind to see. He took me to a basement, of the goverment house, alone. He looked at me, and smiled 'Mr.Kroze, you'll have alot of power with this invention, but you will be able to control it. You will be the first to help alot of creature on this planet.' He looked at me again, and he told me I'd feel a pinch. I did more than feel a pinch, I felt a lot of pain shoot through my body as this device was attached to me. It has three abilities, inhances strength, near invunerability, and will grow like my other hand.

After that, I started to grow up with that thing. Never shaking off...the events of that horrible night, but was getting over it because of the sheriff, I got to call him Gerald. However, my second birth if you will, the day I stopped being Quincy, happend, during target practice. The guy, Viper, walked up to Gerald, and, basically told him to stop attacking his boys or else. Gerald agreed, and he slithered off. I got mad and told him,He was corrupted...or so I thought. A bounty hunter came in, and dropped on of Viper's boys at Gerald, and Gerald, hung him like the rest. angry. He cornered Gerald, and shot him where he revealed to me, that...he was protecting me. The whole time...He was using Viper's find...the guy who started the fire. He was going ot do that for me...I didn't take it well.

When, I saw Viper was alone, I tackled him and punched his face in with my hand. I kept punching till the hand was coverd in blood. I tossed him away, and broke his back. I jumped on him and tossed him in gasoline, than started a match, setting him on fire. After that, I went to the service for Gerald...and spit town to avoid the memories. After that, my reputation started, aparently one of Viper's men saw what I did to him, and well...word spread fast." Hunter said finishing his story

Cassidy, held him again, being the only thing she could do, and apologized "I'm sorry, you should have stopped..."

He got up and said rather coldly "I hope they're right about Papa, I can use some pigs to kill"

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After a few more hours of silent walking, they set up camp, far away from the town of Hunter's nightmares. Cassidy looked at her silent friend, the anger just radiating off of him. He could have just told her no, but, it was nice of him to tell her. Someone he just met, and he's been so nice to her. She sighed and sat next to him, and looked at his eyes. "Listen, Hunter...can we talk?" She got a gruff low growl, that she took for a yes. "I know you probably, don't want any pity, that why you...don't like other people that much?"

He turned his head, looking into the fire, "Maybe..." he said tossing another piece of wood on it so it wouldn't die.

She sighed and said "Listen, Hunter, don't take this the wrong way need to have someone with you. If you live your life alone, you'll grow bitter towards everybody. You got creatures so scared of you as it is, do you want to end up, alone for good." she blushed a little, getting over her nerves that she used to have with him.

Staring at the fire for a good hour, he responded finally "Cassidy..." He turned his head to her and said "I know I don't normally say this but, I'm glad I met you." He sighed "Don't take that the wrong way by the way..."

She sighed and said "I won't" now she stared at the fire, and she looked at her paw, on her wrist was a black braclet with red stones engraved into it. "Hey, can I tell you a story?"

He just shrugged, and responded "I guess." He wasn't as overcome with curiousity as Cassidy was, it just seemed like a nice harmless jester.

"When I was little, my parents, and my siblings were all one big full wolf pack. Doing just about everything together." She said starting her tale "Well, that all changed whne Papa took over Golden City. He was so vicious towards everything, and everyone. My family was no exception. I was about ten, when my mother drive him out of town. She fought with him, and actually managed to land a few good hits, including a scar across his chest that Papa has to this day. However, Papa cheated, and had...his men...shoot her down." She looked down at the fire with the same stare Hunter had earlier. "Well, you know the how the story went after dad 'fell in line' I held a grudge, tried to be bold, and you"

Hunter stopped her there "Like me?"

She countinued "Yes like you, word spread about what you did to Papa's pig gang, and how you killed Viper. I decided that the age of the outlaw controlled town is over, so...I tried to just steal so food at first, since that greedy bear was hording the food for his pigs. He caught me, and know the rest"

He looked at her "I'm taking Papa down, kinda glad you told me, this little calm before the fueling my rage towards that bear."

She smiled and said "Glad I could help, because tomarrow will either be a mirical in Golden City, or the end of our lives."

Meanwhile, in Golden City, in the subasment of the Casino, pigs started to bow, as boots clanged on the ground, the metal spurs ringing through the area. On a platform, a throne was made with a large size in mind, next to the throne was what looked like a cannon shapped object. The pigs raised their heads as the large creature moved to the throne, and sat down. The lights turned on revealing a large brown bear, with a scar on his chest, long claws, razor sharp fangs showing with his smile, black boots, blue jeans, a brown jacket, and quiet hat. He spoke in a low tone, and a slithering voice "Boys, find the wolf with the metal hand. I want him alive, the girl...kill her. Don't let them make it to the city alive"

The pigs responded in unison "Yes Papa sir!"

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Hunter and Cassidy woke up the next day, and kept walking, till they reached it. The legendary Golden City, the city with a legend that underneath it is aover four hundred trillon dollars worth of gold. A city also gaining a fierce reputation, the infamous outlaw Papa lives in this city, and owns it. His pigs run it, and the people of the city are to scared to do anything. Hunter looked at the city, and said "The Casino?"

Cassidy nodded "Yeah, but its near impossible to get in. Papa's pigs are practicaly everywhere." She said looking at him "So, after this whats gonna happen to us?"

Hunter sighed and said "Well, if this goes the way I want, I'll have four thousand dollars, and you'll have your family." Hunter than walked forward, heading to the entrance of the gate.

Cassidy sighed and said "Oh..." to herself. She felt...weird about this, like...she almost didn't want to see him go. It's probably silly anyways.

They stopped at the gate, and hid in a building. "There's probably pigs everywhere" Hunter said looking around "Never know when one's gonna strike." Cassidy saw something and alerted Hunter, who turned and smashed a chair over a pigs head knocking him unconcious. Hunter was about to leave, when suddenly he was stopped by Cassidy who had an idea.

The pig woke up tied to the broken chair, by some rope. He looked at Hunter and Cassidy, who looked back at him. "Wha...what are you, wolves gonna do to me"

Cassidy has a sick smiled across her face "Well, we're gonna give you a choice little pig. You can either be, like the pig who built his house made of staw, or the pig who made his house made of brick."

The pig shuttered at the meaning of that. "You'll eat me!"

Hunter laughed "She won't, but I will..." His teeth showed, revealing red splotches here and there, it really being ketchup. "After all, how else is a demon gonna eat. Pigs are delicious, pork chop."

The pig was screaming bloody murder and moved in the chair repeatily. " NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Okay, I'll do anything, please I don't want to be eaten!" His scream was silenced by Cassidy claming up his mouth "What do you want me to do?"

Hunter smirked and said "Papa have a hit on little old me?" The pig nodded yes "Here's what you can do for me. Take me to your boss, and say you caught the bounty hunter. Than leave, and you won't be cooked with a side of eggs. We clear on that. " The pig nodded yes, shaking in his chair. Hunter than turned to Cassidy and said "Meanwhile, I need you to sneak into the casino and rescue your family, got it? Than, try and get the citizens of this town to stop being afraid of Papa, or if you have to... try to signal Tyrone, or Rean, they owe us one"

They all made it to the casino, the pig doing what he was told for a bit till they snuck to the bottom. Before they reached the throne room, Cassidy took a vent, to find her family. After she left, the pig decided to get bold and pulled the alarms.

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Cassidy heard the alarms, and she went to turn back but she heard a familiar cough, and went on. Hunter would be fine...right? She slinked off in the vents, undetected, and opened one up. There they were, her family. Her dad, her younger brother and sister. She felt a ton of relief wash over her, however it was time to get serious. She opened the vents quietly, and kept quiet, as she was unchaining her dad. Her dad looked at her, and said "Cassidy! You're okay!" He weakly held her, revealing he was barely fed along with her siblings. Her father looked out the door, and said "Some one broke in here, the guards aren't here. We can leave through the casino, and leave this city for good. We'll start a new life for ourselves..."

She shook her head and said "Dad, we can't just, leave our friends can we?" She sighed and said "We have to help the guy trying to take down Papa."

The minute she said that last part, her father gave her the biggest wide eye. "Someone's stupid enough to..." He than looked at his daughter seeing in her eyes, that she had a plan. He was just going to pass it off as childish, but a pig with a bruise on his face crashing through the cell changed his mind. "Okay...what do we have to do."

Cassidy looked at all of them, and said "Guys, with the base under attack like this...we need to rally the town, all of them." She sighed "We have to inspire them, we have to..."

Her dad looked at her and said "Sweetie, I'm trying to be supportive, but...everyone's broken. Who, can defeat Papa? He owns this town...all of it"

"Thats the talk of a coward." Cassidy barked getting suddenly adjitated.

Her father didn't miss a beat "No, thats the talk of a realist. Okay, say we...manage to rally the town against Papa. He'll kill alot of people, and you know it. He's already done it already." He sighed "I'm sorry,'re on your own, I have to protect your brother and sister, you can try all you want, won't happen."

SHe glared at her father who was leaving, with her siblings. She would prove him wrong, she'll rally the town by herself if she has to.She left, with two things on her mind: Please be wrong Dad, and Don't die on me Hunter.

Hunter, in the mean time punched a pig into Papa's throne room. Papa looked at him, and said "Give you credit, you knocked." He got up and looked at the black wolf, not even a third of his size. "So, you're the little pipsqueak, who killed Jonathan, and broke the dam." He walked to him, taking off his Jacket and hat,mimicking Hunter. "I've heard of you, Mister 'Demon Wolf'. You know how many Bounty Hunters, I've broken. If its money you're after, than fine, I can pay you triple my bounty, no problem."

Hunter glared at Papa, "Nice to meet you to, and It aint about money for me. I won't even get it,when I beat you"

Papa, chuckled " 'When you beat me?' Don't make me laugh pipsqueak. I worked my behind off to get what I got now. Starting off as some lacky, having to burn down, a house full of wolves like yourself, having to betray my own boss just to get ahead in this world, Having Viper wipe out a sheriff for costing me more of my men, and starting a war between two dimitted bird tribes while I dammed up a river. I aint gonna lose to some, no good, pipsqueak, handicapped wolf, who acts Big and Bad, but is really a sweetheart."

Hunter's eyes lit up when he heard the first one. "What was that first one again?"

Papa laughed "Oh some nimrod wouldn't pay protection for my old boss, so I set the place on fire. Heard I missed a kid, crying shame I had to split that town, I would have reunited him with his family soon enough." He started to laugh when he felt and hudge uppercut to his jaw, sending him through the Casino floor.

Enraged, Hunter jumped right through the ground and glared at Papa, "That was my family you burned, and you took my second chance for a happy life away too!" He grabbed Papa through the floor and tossed him into the slot machines, "You took my entire world from me! I was just gonna take you down for all the people, I was gonna make it quick, but you will get a slow death...for what you've done!"

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Cassidy was running around the city, tears streaming from her face. She's tried everywhere, the bar scum was to scared, the police were to frightened, and her own family's abandoned her. She was alone, all alone. She looked around frantically for, something ANYTHING, to help her. Than she heard, something behind her. It was pigs, alot of them. They saw her, and charged at her, chasing her through town. She kept running,trying to find something to give her an advantage, but...she was caught.The pigs tossed her in an allyway, and drew a knife on her and put the blade to her neck. They smirked and said "You're gonna die anyways, so...why don't you go out on a..." The pig was interupted by a loud bang, causing them to scatter. Cassidy looked at her dad, with a shot gun, glaring at the pigs.

He said in a rather dark tone "Back off, before I have a Lual." She looked at her dad, and he walked forward. "Everyone in town, saw you...trying to rally the other person. Pretty brave of yah."

She looked at her ,and said "Dad,'re going to help me?"

Shaking his head he said "Had no choice, your Brother and Sister wouldn't go home until I said yes." That got a hug from him, and said "Now do you have a back up plan?"

Cassidy looked at her, than said "Well Hunter said..." She paused. "A signal fire...thats what I should have done in the first place!"She ran off, having her very confused father follow her.

Hunter, went for another punch, and was tossed into the blackjack table, and got hit face first by a thrown slot machine by Papa. The big bear got up and kicked him into a wall. He glared at him and said "That...hurt...earlier."

Hunter got up, and spat some blood in his mouth. "Shut up and're gonna wish you never crossed me."

Papa laughed "You're trying to be scary? Well guess what, I am scary!" He punched the ground and tossed a chunk of the floor at him. Hunter rolled out of the way, but Papa was right behind him and tossed him into the wall, he than grabbed Hunter's tail and tossed him into the ceiling. Papa smirked and said "That all you got" Hunter was about to get up, but he got a fist to the back of the head. "You don't I don't know," He said while putting his boot to Hunters head "How to defend myself? All the things I've done, ain't rumor. I did kill ten elephants, I did destroy everyone who ever crossed me. What hope do you have, for beating me, little wolf" He than lifted his foot and slamed it, but hit the floor instead.

Hunter held his arm, broken from all the tossings. "You talk way to damn much, gave me plenty of time to move."

Papa charged and crashed Hunter through the steel plated Vault doors. Hunter held his back, and wisely rolled out of the way, while Coins splattered everywhere, surrounding the two fighters in a coin wall.

Meanwhile, Cassidy was climbing up a flagpole, seeing the flag of Golden City, labled the city of hope. She was tossed a match, from her rather unwilling father, and set the thing ablazed. She looked at the town and said "Listen up! Please!" causing the citizens to leave their houses. "This flag, said the City of Hope. What HOPE IS THERE ANYMORE IF WE HIDE IN OUR HOUSES TO SCARED TO DO ANYTHING! We, can't just...keep doing this..." The citizens began to heckle her a little but she growled and said "SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME! I'm not about to let this bear, and some pigs push us around any more. I don't care anymore if you are with me, I just care about Papa gets beat." She looked behind her and saw flapping, thinking quietly to herself, "that was awfully fast"

Tyrone and Rean landed with thier troops,Tyrone said "Sorry, we couldn't come sooner. Hunter was very specific, only when we saw smoke." He cleared his throat "You were saying Cassidy"

Cassidy nodded "This is OUR city, not that no good bears! So lets take it from him!" The crowd looked at each other for a second, than back at the pigs forming behind them. They looked at her and nodded. Cassidy had a hudge smile on her face. "Lets get um!" Leading the charge herself, She knocked down the first pig that got in her way, the others helping out anyway they can.

Tyrone and Rean said "Assist the townsfolk any way you can!" and joined in the charge

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Hunter and Papa were glaring at each other, Hunter shaking his arm, loud cracking heard from it. Papa, cracked his neck from side to side. They charged at each other and punched each other, both matching each other fist to metal fist. They were both blown back, but Hunter regained control before. Papa, grabbed his leg as he jumped for a kick and slammed him against the coins in the vault, causing the place to rumble. He smirked and tossed him through the floor into the basment, causing coins to fall on Hunter. He smirked, and turned to walk away, but than turned as he saw coins fly past him. Hunter was bleeding from his arms, his legs looked broken, but he was still standing defiant. He glared at Papa, and ripped the locket from his neck and tossed it to the side.

Papa, looked at him, now confused and said "How the hell are you still alive? You were tossed into muliple walls,through a floor, and crushed by..."

Hunter interupted him by punched Papa square in the stomach sending him into his throne. He stumbled a bit, but still stood. "I told you to shut up, this is a fight, not a damn debate."

Papa growled and grabbed the cannon by his throne, and fired a large lazer beam at Hunter, hitting the floor, opening the underground. Hunter looked down, actually amazed, but Papa got there too. He looked at the place and was stunned when he saw nothing but gold underneath the city. "You mean that legend was true!" He started to laugh like crazy "Well Hunter, this may work our for the both of us, I can split this dump, and you can have my bounty in full." He looked at where Hunter stood, but didn't see him, and he recived a boot to his face crashing him into the gold. Hunter landed more gracefully, and stood wobbled. Papa glared at him now angry. "WHY!? HUH?! You could have more than enough cash, to just retire, and have a nice life. You could give it all up. Why not.."

He was than interupted by a loud "SHUT UP, PAPA!" Hunter walked forward, his red eyes highlighted in the glow of the mine. "It was never about the money for me. It was about teaching scum bags like not take away people from thier families."

Papa laughed like crazy "Really? Thats it? Thats all you need, what a bunch of sentelmental garbage." Hunter growled and went for a punch, but was tossed against the gold. Hunter growled and got up. Papa charged at him, and said "Its over than Bounty Hunter. I'll split town after you are gone...maybe setting this whole town on fire too, gotta cover my tracks. After all, its just a few more lives." Papa pinned Hunter to the gold, by his neck. "What do they matter to me anyways." Hunter grabbed his fist as he went for a killing claw strike. Hunter used the gold as a spring, and twisted Papa's arm, making a loud cracking sound. Hunter landed gracefully and pulled out his signature side arm, and fired, but heard a click. Papa turned to him and smiled "Whats wrong, bounty hunter? Gun jammed?" Hunter looked at it, all the batteling and landing he was doing had damaged his gun, making it useless. He sighed and flexed open his metalic hand. Papa laughed and said "Its gun, no kill"

Papa went to punch him again, but Hunter caught his fist, and tossed him into the gold wall. Due to Papa's size, the Gold started to sway from the top. He looked up and got hit on the head with some gold. Papa growled and started to chuck hudge towers of gold at Hunter, who moved out of the way for most, but got hit again. Papa charged at him once he realized the Gold wasn't doing anything,he charged at Hunter. However he missed and hit his head on one of the gold towers. While he was distracted, Hunter took on of the gold bars hand struck Papa's knees bringing the big man down. He than looked at the claws on his metal hand, and before Papa could get up, he slashed at his face, causing him to fall down, still not dead, but unable to move.

Papa coughed up alot of blood and felt his face, " could I?" He looked up and saw Hunter, with his signature side arm, to his head. "The gun's can't do a thing with it..."

Hunter looked at him, and his eyes was filled with rage. "Its worth a shot." I said looking at him. He pulled the trigger, and it clicked again, causing Papa to just laugh. Hunter looked at his metal hand, which was covered in dents, and turned back at Papa. He backed up again, and lit a match setting the hand on fire. Papa looked at the hand in fear, and than saw how the fire radiated Hunter's eyes, making him look...look just like...

Papa shuttered and said "Okay thats not funny!" Hunter backed up, the metalic hand low for the strike."I give! I give! Take me Alive!" He than looked up at him "Oh my god Its a demom!" His screams where cut off by one swift slash across the face, going through him like a hot knife through butter. Hunter looked at the fire on his hand, and blew it out.

I love Spooky Crap :D
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Outside, the combined team of townsfolk and tribal birds drove the pigs out of town. Cassidy looked at the casino, hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst. Her eyes widened, as Papa, came stumbling outside, without his gear, he than fell to the ground, revealing to be shoved to the ground by Hunter. He was bleeding from every which way, and was holding his arm in pain, but had in his other hand, his locket, and his gear. Hunter looked at the townsfolk, and smiled. " Cassidy." He grunted, than fell to the ground getting caught by Cassidy herself.

She heard behind her a slow clap, than turned and saw all the towns people, and tribal folk clapping like crazy. She smiled at them, as a medical squad got to Hunter, and she went with them. SHe smiled and looked at her friend "Nice work yourself Hunter."

Mean while, the tribe and the townsfolk were parting ways. Tyrone walked forward and extended his wing to Cassidy's father, who looked back at them. "So, whats next for this town?"

Her father smiled "Well, we are using the money under the town to rebuild it, and of course pay Hunter."

He suddenly sighed and looked down, causing Tyrone to ask "Whats wrong?" he said in a tone that indicated, he knew what he was thinking of.

Daddy Jones said "Well, something all parents have to deal with" Tyrone smiled and let them know that if they are needed again, let them know.

Back at the medical center, Hunter was sleeping soundly, miracusly only having a few crushed bones and rips that should heal over time, while Cassidy was looking at him. She smiled at her courageous friend, and petted his ear again. She pulled her hand away, than turned to her father walking into the room. "Dad, what are you doing here?"

Her father smiled and said "Dear, what you did today...reminded me so much of your mother." He smiled and said "Are you sure you want to stay here?"

Cassidy sighed "You need me, the town needs me, I'm gonna miss Hunter...but...he doesn't really need..."

He just smiled and said "Now who was it that said to this very same wolf 'Everybody, needs somebody'" He reminded his daughter

Cassidy looked at him and said 'But...he's stubborn, I don't know if..."

Hunter groaned "Do you know how hard it is to sleep when you two are talking over me." He held his head, and looked at her. "And, by the way, that someone he was refering you." He sighed and looked at his friend "Also, I'm not stubborn"

Cassidy laughed at that "You were beaten through THREE FLOORS, and you still won. You're stubborn, and you know it." She teased

Hunter sighed and said "Look,the point is meeting with you, made me think of alot of things in my life, and have a point. I'm not asking you to come along, but I would like it if you did"

Her father smiled and said "So, when you splitting town Hunter?"

Hunter looked at him and said "The day, I'm released. Being a hero is nice and all, but I got a reputation to live up to." He smiled and went to sleep again.

That night, Cassidy packed her stuff, and looked at her mother's picture. She smiled at it, and walked out. Hoping she made the right choice.

About a week later, Hunter was released from the hospital, and looked at the towns people. He waited, and sure enough, Cassidy arrived, "Bout time you showed up, I was afraid you were gonna bail on me."

Cassidy returned a smile Hunter was giving her. "Are you kidding? Someon needs to keep you in line, Mr.Kroze." Cassidy and Hunter than turned around and started to walk off. About halfway past the town, Cassidy looked at Hunter and said "So, where you headed next?"

Hunter pulled out a wanted list "Where ever,we,want." and walked off into the sunset, with Cassidy behind him.

(The End)

I love Spooky Crap :D
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