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Role-Playing Place » The Neighborhood » Stories » The Avenger
The Avenger
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A door opened and three armed guards looked at the door, a guard was standing in the doorway silently with his head hung. One of the guards walked over to him and shook the shoulder of the guard in the doorway. The guard fell over into the light and blood could be seen oozing from his mouth, "Jesus!" the guard closest to the doorway said then looked at the doorway again. A man in a black leather trench coat stood there starring at the guards in the room, He had a bandannas tied around his forehead and lower face, a dozen bandages going over his face covering his right eye, Black leather gloves, Black worn jeans, and black combat boots. The guards aimed their Assault rifles at the man who just stood there, "Identify yourself!" A guard shouted the order at the man while lining the sights up with his head. The man just stood there for a long time and everything was silent, "Your Death." The man said casually then jumped to the side and grabbed the guard near the door right before they opened fire then punched him in the temple and grabbed the assault rifle then fired on the other two while using the guard he grabbed as a Human Shield. The two guards fell to the ground with bleeding holes riddling their bodies, The Man dropped the rifle then snapped the human shield’s neck. The man walked over to the dead bodies of the other two guards and searched them, he found 7 Magazines for the Assault Rifles, a grenade, and a cigar, He took all of this then picked up a Rifle then rested the Rifle on his shoulder as he starred at the next door. He grabbed the Rifle with both hands, Narrowed his eyes and kicked the door open and opened fire on the guards in the room, each flash of his muzzle showed his eye which was ablaze with fire of vengeance.

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Role-Playing Place » The Neighborhood » Stories » The Avenger
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