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Role-Playing Place » The Neighborhood » Stories » Welcome to Varna, young man. ([][][][][][])
Welcome to Varna, young man.
ToxicDate: Sa, 14.April.12, 5:27 PM | Message # 1
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#1 This will be placed here until I feel it is worthy of 'Stories'
#2 In this thread, fifty years has been skipped, so the original characters are either extremely old or have died in battle. It will be rare that they appear anyway.
#3 The lists below will be updated regularly.
#4 For every page, there will be five parts/sections/mini-chapters.

Vilorans - Agile humans (Resemblance : Elves.)
Demons - Demon (Forms vary.)
Leopadrainians - Human

Preto: Wolf.
Kurtel: Bear.
Durmuh: Fish.
Ikarl: Deer.
Jahna: Buck.
Pax: Chicken.
Paxi: Rooster.
Buyn: Rabbit.

Sky Animals:
Parlio: Large harmless creature.
Kyrm: Small aggressive creature.
Urhy: Beautiful bird. Resembles the Bald Eagle.

Varna - Largest
Exlopio - Second largest
Hawein - Medium
Grixyi - Second median.
Purao - Smallest
Vurala - Tiniest - Uncharted land.

Citrus: Orange
Cartius: Lime
Kie: Kiwi
Palro: Watermelon
Grame: Grape
Pupillam: Apple
Mango: Mango
Pear: Pirum

Major Countries (In order from largest to smallest:)

Major Villages:

Major islands:

Oceans (In order from largest to smallest):

Vehicles (Aerial included):

I am only one, but I am one.
ToxicDate: Sa, 14.April.12, 11:37 PM | Message # 2
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"Lucinda!" A middle-aged Dante called through his house. "Is Dorian ready!?" "Yes, honey!" she called from their child's room. "Hurry downstairs, Dorian. You must get to school early to find out where your classes are." Lucinda, Dorian's mother told him. "Yes, momma." He nodded, kissing her quickly. He turned, and ran out of his room and down the stairs. "Bye Mom! Bye Dad! Love you!" He called, shooting straight out the door and running from their house in a rural section of the forest they lived in.

Dante smiled as he watched him leave from the window. Lucinda walked slowly down the stairs, smiling. "Preschool...Kindergarten...First, second, third, and now fourth grade." She sighed happily, taking Dante's hand. They made their way out onto the front porch, where they took a seat and sipped their morning tea. "Hopefully he'll do better academically this year." Dante commented. Lucinda raised an eyebrow at him. "You know he isn't cut out for school. He learns better from nature." Lucinda said, raising her chin proudly. Dante smiled, and kissed Lucinda cheek happily.

"He's grown up so fast..." Lucinda sighed, resting her head on Dante's shoulder.

"Dorian, Haakon, Klaus!" Dorian's teacher scowled them. "Pay attention! If we do not learn from history, we are destined to repeat it!" Haakon groaned, and nodded obediently. Klaus did the same. "Yes, Mrs. Elliot." Dorian and his two new friends said in unison.

She nodded, expressing that they were forgiven as long as they resumed paying attention. She turned her back and resumed teaching. She was currently teaching the history on the War of Scars. As her back was turned, Dorian, Haakon, and Klaus quietly began whispering again. "Day's almost over...I thought the first day of school would be exciting, and I wouldn't want to leave, but right now I would kill to smell the air outside." Haakon whispered, staring out the window.

"Amen." Klaus shrugged, staring at the floor. "Wanna play 'I-Spy'?" Dorian questioned quietly. To converse their audio and words, they nodded instead of saying 'yes'.

"I spy....something black." Klaus said, taking his turn. "Your teeth!" Haakon whispered, laughing quietly. "Chalkboard!" Dorian piped up quietly. Klaus sighed as his turn was turned over so quickly. "Alright. Your turn, Dor." Klaus mumbled. "I spy...something big."

Haakon's eyes widened. "Mrs. Elliot's butt!" Haakon said, quickly seizing the opportunity to make the joke. Klaus and Dorian busted up, laughing loudly. Mrs. Elliot turned and glared at the three of them.

Dorian, Haakon, and Klaus sat in boredom. Dorian, Haakon, and Klaus sat in the dimly lit detention room.

At three o'clock the three of them were released and left the front doors of the school, picking up where they left off on laughing at Mrs. Elliot's ginormous rear-end. "So where do you two live?" Dorian asked. "On the corner of Oak and Backwoods." They both said.

"Hey, I live on Oak! Do you guys want to hang out today?!" Dorian asked excitedly. "Yeah!" Haakon and Klaus cheered. "Cool." Dorian smiled. "Well, see you soon. I'm going to drop off my things at my house and I'll be right over." Dorian explained, turning and running down a dirt path. Haakon and Klaus waved, ran into their large orphanage.

Dorian ran inside instantly after leaping over the steps that led up to the porch. He looked around. "I'm home!" "How was school!?" A call came from upstairs. It was his mother's voice. Dorian laughed, "It was okay!" He said, trotting up the stairs in his new shoes. "Where's dad?" Dorian asked, walking into the master bedroom where his mother was. She was straightening up the room. "I made him go shopping. We're having sausage soup tonight," She explained. "Sweet." Dorian shrugged. "Hey, I met these two kids at school, Haakon and Klaus....they live on the corner of Oak and Backwoods, and they wanted to know if I could go hang out with them."

"That's nice." Lucinda smiled.
"Can I go play?" Dorian asked eagerly.
"May I go play?"

I am only one, but I am one.
ToxicDate: Su, 15.April.12, 2:59 PM | Message # 3
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Dorian sat awkwardly on the corner curb of Oak and Backwoods. He realized he had never gotten found out where they actually lived. For now, all he could was hope that they would go looking for him and see him and they would hang out until the sun set, and for years to come they would be best friends, or even brothers.

"There!" A familiar voice cheered. He turned and saw Klaus running towards Dorian's location. Haakon, who was looking in the other direction, turned and ran after Klaus.

Haakon ran past Klaus and hopped down next to Dorian. Klaus soon caught up, and sat down on the other side of Dorian. "What's up!?" They beamed. Dorian smiled. "Waiting on you two....So what do you guys want to do?" Dorian asked.

"Well, there's a few girls down the street at the park. We could go annoy em', or just hang out at the park." Haakon suggested, looking around. "Cool." Dorian shrugged. "I'm in," Klaus added.

They stood. "Race ya'," Haakon said quickly, turning and flying down the street.

Klaus and Dorian followed, running at a slower pace. They were going to give Haakon the satisfaction of winning. Dorian observed that Klaus wasn't the fastest kid, and he didn't want him to feel left out, or like a loser. "So what do you usually do around here?" Dorian asked Klaus as they ran. "I don't know...I draw a lot. And I sing too," He said, falling to a jog. Dorian knew they were soon going to be walking. "Are you good?" Dorian asked. "At which one?" Klaus replied. "Drawing." Dorian clarified.

Klaus dug into his pocket, and pulled out a crumpled up, poorly folded piece of lined paper. He opened it, slowing to a walk.

Dorian stared at the slip of paper. It was a drawing that displayed Klaus sitting in a tree. Below him, a Jahna laid. In Klaus' hand, was a large buck knife. "You want to be a hunter, don't you?" Dorian asked. Klaus nodded. "I'm too thin and weak, though." He frowned. "Maybe you should start working out," Dorian suggested.

"...I get tired too easily."
"That's why you don't quit when you get tired. When you feel you can't go any longer, stop. But if there is still a fourth of an ounce of energy in your system, burn it. " Dorian said, speaking wisely for a ten year old. "...My dad....Said that when he was a young man, he would run up and down a hill everyday. I asked him how he was able to do it, and he told me that every time he trained, he tried to kill himself."

Klaus beamed at the tale. "You mean....he tried to slit his wrists or something?!"
Dorian shook his head, waving his index finger. "No. I think he meant that he pushed himself to his limit and then some." Dorian explained.

For the rest of the afternoon the three hung out until they felt it was in the best interests' to head back to their homes. Back at Dorian's house, he came running in happily, energized enough to play for the rest of his life. He ran into the kitchen and sat down as he watched his mother cook. He felt soreness settle into his thin legs and a breeze of calmness fell over him. "Momma I'm tired...I think I'm going to skip dinner and go to bed." He yawned.

"Alright, bib." She smiled, leaning down and kissing his dirt layered, sweat layered forehead. She puckered her lips. "Take a bath before you get into your bed," She advised.

Dorian smiled. "Yes, Momma." Dorian smiled, turning and running upstairs. Lucinda wiped her hands on a cloth and smiled as she watched his graceful-self make his way up the stairs. She turned and found herself embraced happily in the arms of Dante. "Good evening." He smiled, kissing her gently. "Food's almost done." She informed him, smiling happily up at him. "Oh? What is the beautiful chef making tonight?" He asked as he removed his tool-belt. He was wearing it because today was his first day working as a blacksmith. "Pax parmesan." She replied, slipping out of his arms and stirring the food.

I am only one, but I am one.
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"Dinner's ready!" Lucinda called up the stairs. "Okay! I'll be down in a minute!" Dorian called hurriedly. She turned and walked to the door that led out into the garage. She opened the door and called Dante's name. "Dante! Dinner's ready!" She called. "Great...." A voice chuckled. It was not Dante's. There was a black figure standing in the corner's shadows in the back of the dark garage. A lamp on the opposite side of the room was lit. That was where Dante cleaned and repaired his tools. Over the messily laid out tools, tiny drops of blood splatter lay. On the ground, halfway under the work bench was the body of a Dante himself.

Lucinda screamed as she caught sight of the blood dripping from Dante's mouth to the floor. She looked up to the corner and saw a man wearing a hood step into the light as he wiped blood from his blade.

I am only one, but I am one.
Role-Playing Place » The Neighborhood » Stories » Welcome to Varna, young man. ([][][][][][])
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