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The Trinity
Dillon0909Date: Mo, 14.May.12, 6:24 PM | Message # 1
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"The universe is in great parell." A man said quietly looking at a glowing orb in the ground. "I don't want to yet."

A man in silloute stated "You may have no choice, its to dangerous to risk it all"

"No, we need the Trinity" The other man stated "We have no choice"

"The Trinity, who the heck" the man across from him said worried "No...not's to much of a risk!"

"We have no other choice" The other man said barking at him, now bring them in.

Three Files were tossed on the floor, all with the covers revealing the Identities of the Trinity

Name: Ulvon William Lonc

Location: Translvania, Romania

File 2:

Name; Frost

Location: Canada

File 3:

Name: Cragus

Location: Heavens

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Dillon0909Date: Tu, 15.May.12, 0:56 AM | Message # 2
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Ulvon was stetching finally finding a place to stretch his legs after a hard day's work. It was taking a very long time, but he was almost done with his new home. It's been going great for him this past year. The year of peace he's had, hard to belive just a year ago, he was walking into a ninja village to get rid of dream demon, discovering he was a werewolf, meeting his werewolf hunting wife, and saving her from a group of enemies he's had for years. Even better, his wife is now a Vampire and she is with child. The three of them, will have enternity to spend together.

His wife, Sonara, called him into the house so they could eat, but he stopped when he heard helicopters flying in through the air. He looked at them as they landed, a man in a black suit walked up to him. "Ulvon Willaim Lonc" Ulvon walked up to him getting concerned with Sonara looking back in the background. "Ulvon Lonc, the one who defeated the Immortals?"

Ulvon got really curious, since that was supposed to be classified information "How do you know my name"

"My name is Agent Cani, the universe is in great danger, we need your help" the man said looking at him

Ulvon groaned and shook his head. "I'm retired" He turned to walk back, when he heard more helicopters behind him. ""

Cani smiled "I wasn't asking for your permission. This threat is greater than you could ever comperhend" He walked to him "You'll see if you come with me. If you don't come with me, I fire a missle at your blushing bride. The missle won't kill her, but what about your little child"

Ulvon froze, as his muscles grew. "Say...that...threat...again"

Cain smirked "I don't make threats"

With in a split second, fur sprouted all over Ulvon's body, his right hand glowing like crazy. His body, bulged, as it cracked a year of not transforming sounding more painful than it actually was. As the snout grew, his normal blue eyes, shifted to something yellow and primal. In a flash, Ulvon was ontop of a helicopter ripping out a piot and tossing the thing into another chopper. He jumped from the blast, and landed on the tail end of another helicopter, ripping the thing apart with his bare hands.

His destruction over, he landed still growling at Cani. He stopped when Sonara stood infront of him. "Ulvon, wait..." Ulvon transformed down, as she said "Cani informed me on one of its powers. One of the powers...its one of Eon's powers" Ulvon froze when he heard Ulvon's former enemy's name.

Ulvon reluctantly said "When do I start?"

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Dillon0909Date: We, 23.May.12, 1:38 PM | Message # 3
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Frost stretched as he got to work chopping wood for his friends. Dark was sleeping, Peridot was talking with Flare about what to do about maybe possibly moving back to the island since Johnson took Calrez to FBI lockdown for trying to kill him.

Frost looked at the pile of wood, and sighed getting nostalgic. Two months ago, he learned that his parents weren't really his parents, that he was a part of a mystical race called the Velkar, which were basically angel like beings living with one of the elements inside of him. He met others like him, Peridot helping him out when he needed to, and ended up convincing a racist in Calrez how stupid his beliefs were. Now comes the truely hard part of his life, telling Peridot how he really felt. The last time he tried to tell her, he ended up freezing a tree solid.

His train of thought was interupted however by choppers. He was about to turn in when it was just Johnson walking from the chopper. "Frost" he said with a look of concern on his f ace. "We need to talk?"

"Sure John" Frost said walking forward, becoming good friends with him. "What do you need?"

"I got a promotion...and I mean a BIG promotion" Johnson said the look of concern still there. "I Need your help..."

Frost looked at him and nodded "Sure...what's going on"

Jonathan just said "Thank you...and you know when we get the third guy"

"Third guy" Frost siad with a look of curiosity

(For more information on Frost check out this now dead thread

Its only 58 pages)


Cragus stetched next to Angelica, as happy as can be. Alexia was in school, so he and Angelica worked out a set schedual. They alternated days on who worked, and who didn't and really, thats all Cragus ever wanted. It was his turn this week, as he was working dilligently on kingdom afairs, finally getting over asking his wife on what to do. He than felt like...someone was watching him.

He stood up and turned to reveal, not really that bizzarly, an Angel. "Cragus" the Angel said "I am Captain Alzo of the Angel Secret Service." He said with such dignity and grace. "We met at your wedding?"

"Oh right, you were the one watching me like a hawk, like I was going to kill Angelica or something" Cragus said laughing. "You got over that right?"

"Yes," Alzo said with glee "I happen to know you love Angelica very much...inface I happen to know...alot about you"

"Like what?" Cragus said amused, not beliving he knew much.

"You're full name is Cragus Elizabeth Gren, but you changed your name to just Cragus because of how lame it sounded, and because of your afiliation with the Brotherhood. You captured at least 300 angels and 200 demons as the Brotherhood Member Black Dragon. You have never commited any act of killing, even during the war, because you belive death is pointless. You quit the Brotherhood because of your love for Angelica, you have been a key player in many of the major events, and you are more powerful than you let on, but still think of yourself to be inferior to the Angel Queen and Demon Queen.

Your real parents are the ex-criminal demon Zallen and the formerly dead Rei, who live with the adopted Angel Sarah. All though there has been plans for her to move with her fiancee Robby. You find yourself like and older brother to Sarah, and are extermemy protective of her, but not as over protective as you are to Alexia your daughter, having to hire Doctor Chandler to watch her at all times, which is kind of creepy." He said finishing "Now...come with me...I need your help"

Cragus nodded following Alzo with a stunned look on his face

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Dillon0909Date: We, 23.May.12, 6:49 PM | Message # 4
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Ulvon looked around the room as Frost, and Cragus were brought in. Cani looked at them "Didn't think you'd get them by being nice" he said laughing.

Jonathan laughed "When I found out it was Frost this became easy" He than looked at Frost who looked annoyed "Oh don't give me that look, you would have went even if I wasn't apart of this group"

Cani laughed "How about you angel boy?"

Alzo stated smriking "Just told Cragus what I knew, he came with me with out argument"

Suddenly a loud crash was heard as everyone looked at Ulvon, who slammed his fist on the ground in irritation. "You mind explaining to me, what the HELL is going on, and who the hell these two are?"

Cani smirked at Ulvon. "Ulvon, meet Frost, he's an Ice Velkar a race of angelic beings, and Cragus, the first ever demon king of angels."

Ulvon growled "Demon... what good is a demon going to do for this mission"

Cragus groaned "I knew this reaction was going to come from you guys. Demon's and Angel's in my world are not like the Demon's and Angel's from your world. There just like people, heck I'm married to an angel, mister..."

"Ulvon" he responded back hmphing. "And I'm not human...though I wish I was."

Frost sighed "Guys...Jonathan and his buddies want to speak with please keep quiet" Ulvon and Cragus took their seats, along with Frost who sat in the middle so he didn't have to hear Cragus and Ulvon disagree the entire meeting.

Jonathan, Alzo, and Cani, parted the seas as a platform rose, reavealing an young woman, in a militaristic style clothing, and a black and white wings. Cragus didn't notice, but Frost and Ulvon were admittaly admiring her beauty. Cragus snapped and got their attention as the woman spoke. "Hello gentlemen, I am Candice Tevon. You are to call me Tevon, or Commander Tevon."

Ulvon's gawking turned into a death glare. "Excuse me lady but I don't take orders from you"

Tevon laughed and simply said "They told me you were a wild one Mr. Lonc...hows the Mrs, I wonder how she'd fell about your actions right now?"

Ulvon growled "Listen lady I don't have to take crap from any one, especially some military bitch who..."

He was cut off by Cragus, "Whats with the wings?"

Tevon turned to Cragus. "Sharp eye, Mr. Cragus. The wings were an accident, see after my orginazation discovered your worlds...we...tried to copy Angelic and Demonic abilities. The result was me...however, do to underestimating the power the planets inhabits possesed...I can only fly...makes getting to work a breeze though"

Ulvon was still growling but Frost sighed. "Ulvon...calm down..."

Tevon chuckled "He can't help it...he's a werewolf. His temper will always be out of control."

Ulvon growled "THATS IT!" He leapt from the chair to attack but was frozen solid in the air, by Frost.

Frost said gently. "Okay, now...before he eventually thaws...mind explaining whats going on."

Tevon smiled "Thank you Mr.Frost, but you can unthaw him, he needs to hear this too."

Frost did what she asked, and said to the enranged Ulvon. "Will you calm the hell down...good're way to violent"

Ulvon just hmped and said "Lets just get this over with so I can go home to my wife"

Tevon chuckled "Don't worry, you'll see Sonara soon Ulvon. Any ways...heres the thing. There are three creatures we need you to deal with. They are called the Dark Society. They want to conquer all worlds, and divide the universe three ways, and with their ablilites they might pull it off."

Cragus asked the next logical question "Who are they?"

"We'll start with the first one, this is a Hybrid, werewolf and Vampire, named Zirus. Zirus, is the muscle of the Dark Society and the brains, able to invent things no one else could. Next is a Velkar by the name of Stone, he is...the demoliton expert of the society, able to elimiate those in his way with ease, and finally...theres Kirt, the leader of the soceiety and a powerful demon." Trevon said quietly.

Jonathan stated quietly. "Kirt is expermimenting with Chaos Energy, along with the other two." He sighed and said "So we found a way to combat them. You are...the Trinity. The three best suited to fight them. Frost, you were able to not only rescue Peridot from a goverment building, but your quick thinking saved a man who was supposed to be your enemy."

Alzo went next "Cragus, you beat up a cult like this before, and your a natural leader. Not many creatures could take control of a kingdom not used to the idea of a demon rueling them so easily as you could."

Cani smirked "As for you beat the Immortals...all on your own, and despite your temper problem, you will do the right thing when nessisary."

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Dillon0909Date: Mo, 23.July.12, 10:34 AM | Message # 5
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As they were waiting for their first location, Ulvon, Frost, and Cragus looked at each other deciding to talk, so their wouldn't be so much tension in the group, or rather Frost did as Ulvon just kept glaring at Cragus, who glared back, the two looking like they were ready to just fight. Frost started. "As you heard, My name's Frost. I'm apart of a race of beings known as a Velkar. Angel like creatures who have the powers of eight elements. I have the powers to control Ice." He said with a smile. "I was found by human beings as a baby and had my wings forcedly removed wthen I was a child. To be honest, I just learned my true origins, but I will do anything for my friends back at home, Peridot, Dark, Flare, and even Calrez." He said with such pride in his words

Ulvon went next, he said with not as much of a sour tone. "The names Ulvon Willam Lonc, the last of the Tati Werewolves." He said with such valor. "Well, second to last if my wife at home has a boy." He than sighed and sat up. "You see my eldest uncle was bitten by a werewolf, and had a terrible curse inbeditted apon him. The curse was simple every full moon my uncle would feast on the living as a werewolf. The story goes is that his parents were so frightened at what he would do, they killed him.So now every son of Tati, are werewolves, the daughters only gaining the super strength and regeneration. However, I was...diffrent. I was the first non purebloodded werewolf to be born under the Tati name. My Father was human, my mother...wasn't. Because of this, I have seal on the back of my hand that lests me control my transformations. However, the drawback is...I have a wicked bad temper."

After Ulvon stopped talking Cragus went next. "Cragus, is my name. I was born from an affair that my real father had with my mother. My other father...wasn't very kind. It didn't matter we were at war with Angels. An angel named Jackson came into my house and killed my father and my mother, however, I fought back, and I won. Now living with my abusive brother Firex, I ran away from home and found a new family, called the Brotherhood. They had me capture angels and demons nessisary for their plans. However, they sent me on a spying mission on the Leader's of both Armies. However, there was sort of a catch with the Angel leader. She was so pretty, that well I fell in love with her. We have sinced married, fought off the Brotherhood, and we have a daughter named Alexia." Cragus said with a smile. "I have one...simple...rule...I never kill. There is no need for it"

The three who got Cragus, Frost, and Ulvon came in and Jonathan said "Trinity...its time for your first mission"

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Dillon0909Date: Mo, 23.July.12, 1:05 PM | Message # 6
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Their first mission was to head to a supposedly haunted castle inside France, where people go in and they either don't come out at all or a horrifing monster leaves the castle. It is suspected that Zirus is located their doing horrible things to these people. So, its up for the Trinity to stop them. Ulvon sat down on the plane trying his best to hide his antsy behavior. When suddenly these terrible black winged beasts flew right by them. Cragus grabbed Frost and reached out for Ulvon when they started to bombared the plane with their wings. Ulvon almost made it but those creatures kept attacking the middle of the plane causing it to split in half. Ulvon grabbed the edge of the second half trying to transform but he didn't have enough time as he slipped off. Cragus jumped out of the plane and unfolded his wings. Frost said struggling. "Ulvon, we have to go after Ulvon"

Suddenly they were surrouned by the beasts that split up their plane. Cragus said "Ourselves first, after all, he can take care of himself"

Ulvon woke up, his wounds started to heal from the fall. "God damnit that hurts!" He cracked his legs into place, and his arms. He looked around and sighed. "I have to find Cragus and Frost, They'll be okay" He than stopped mid walk and looked behind him. "But first," He said seeing the multiple eyes, and reached at his side pulling out a cutlass. "A little show down"

Cragus in mean while was dodging these, creatures. Looking at them up close they looked like what would happen if you mixed a monkey with bat. Cragus could only dodge, as Frost was freezing their wings so they plumit to the ground below. "Cragus, I can't keep this up forever, you're gonna have to lead them somewhere so we both can fight"

"Got it" Cragus said flying away the Monkey bats following them.

On the ground, Ulvon was fighting these wolves, with his sword. They weren't like normal wolves however they were alot bigger with these hudge bat wings,. Ulvon slashed another down, than kicked another one in the mush, than stabbed more. Seeing how outnumbered he was, he went to his seal however, he realized how much energy that would take he did what he really didn't want to do. He ran away to a mouthain top.

Cragus and Frost were already on said mountain top Cragus punching down the flying Monkey bats, and Frost making an ice blade cutting them down. Ulvon took this oppertunity to transform, and leap to the top of the mountains. He turned back to normal and drew his sword slashing a monkey bat's wings off. Cragus said "Thanks"

Ulvon said "DOnt thank me yet" The wolves landed next to them "I brought friends." Cragus jumped infront of Ulvon and kicked some bat wolves straight in the mush. Frost saw and flash froze one of them. Ulvon looked at Frost and said "Frost can you make a pole of ice." Frost nodded and did. Ulvon grabbed the pole and spun around it knocking the Monkey bats and Wolf Bats away. They came back up and Ulvon started to pant "How many of these things are there"

Frost, sighed and said "Theres not end to these things its almost like their..." He than paused. "Vampires..." He looked at Ulvon and said "Ulvon!"

Ulvon nodded and transformed into his wolf form, and slashed at a monkey bat as it turned into ash. "These aren't normal animals their vampire animals." Frost sighed and made ice wooden stakes and started to impale them left and right. Cragus improvized and broke off a chunk of wood from the tree on the mountain top, and started to impale vampires left and right. Ulvon slammed his fist to the ground and the shockwave sent the Vampire animals to the air, Frost created an ice launch up and sent waves of ice spikes through the animals hearts as Cragus created a vampiric animal kabob. The three panted like crazy and looked across from them, seeing the Castle.

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Dillon0909Date: Fr, 27.July.12, 12:12 PM | Message # 7
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Frost sighed as he made fire wood for his fellow cohorts in the Trinity, Cragus pulled out a splinter in his thumb and tossed it into the fire, and Ulvon looked beyond drained. Frost decided that none of them were really that tired so he proposed a question. "So, you guys are married right?"

A small smile appeared on Cragus's face, "Yeah, Angelica, the Angel Queen. We met when our races were at war. I was on a secrety mission from the Brotherhood to spy on her, and well ended up falling in love with her instead." His smile never faded as all these wonderful memories filled his mind "Though all the good times and bad, I know that I will always love her, just like she loves me"

Ulvon said "I met Sonara when I was in some village full of Ninja. What happened was, she was a werewolf hunter, and I was a werewolf. We fought, and well, I was kind to her. At first I viewed her as my friend, than she became mine. I will do anything for her, even travel the world to save her from kidnappers, even though she is now a Vampiress"

Frost than went to say, "Okay, than, how do you tell a girl you like her" He said with a small blush.

"Just tell her how you really feel" Ulvon said to him. "If she turns you down, at least you tried."

Cragus nodded and said "I agree with him, its better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all" He said, knowing Frost knew the old metafor

Ulvon turned to Cragus. "So how long have you been married?"

Cragus smiled "ALmost 20 years, jsut a few more months." Cragus said with the biggest grin on his face.

Ulvon sighed "Any children?"

Cragus's smile doubled in size. "Our ten year old daughter Alexia, I love that girl more than life itself."

"Any advice for a father to be?" Ulvon said looking down.

Cragus smiled and said "Don't get to overprotective, or you'll end up doing something stupid like yell at your wife for no reason" He than said "It will be okay, trust me"

WIth that said the three turned to bed, and woke the next day, looking at the castle. They stood and walked on.

Inside the castle, a wicked chill filled the sections of the room, a large wolf like beast walked down on its hind legs, and protruding bat wings on its back, headed to the lab. He looked out the window and said in a slithering voice. "So, the rumors of this supposed Trinity, are true"

A pale faced man with white ivory fangs approached them. He kneeled and said "What are your orders, Lord Zirus"

"Kill them" Zirus said looking out spotting the approaching Trinity.

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Dillon0909Date: Mo, 30.July.12, 12:05 PM | Message # 8
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The three heroes stood at the gate of the castle, Ulvon looked at hsi fellow cohorts and said "Should we knock?"

Cragus looked at him and looked down and said "Nah, lets surprise him" Cragus kicked the door, and revealed that there was alot of vampire animals waiting for them. Mostly, the Vampire Monkeys and Vampire wolves they fought before this. Cragus looked around, and sighed. Cragus put his hands together and his body started to turn red. Ulvon was already started to transform himself, and Frost was just making more ice spears to impale the vampire animals. They looked up and saw Zirus walking across the upper balcony looking down at them. Cragus smirked "So your must be Zirus."

Zirus growled. "And you must be the so called Trinity. Is this some kind of a joke? A Demon with no demonic qualities in him, an ice wielder who looks like he should be in school right now, and a pipsqueak werewolf?" He started to chuckle "And I actually thought you might be a threat to us, but looking at you...especially the Werewolf. This universe will be all to easy for us to control."

Roaring Ulvon was already slashing through every creature in his way, and Cragus sighed his eyes getting a greenish tint, and his body getting bigger, fangs growing in. He growled, and started to rip through the Vampire Anmials himself. Frost just started to toss spear after spear into the Vampire Animals. Ulvon got to the balcony, and lept up getting a good solid punch to the face on Zirus's snout. Zirus grabbed him, and whipped him into the wall. Cragus lifted his hand, and a black sphere formed. He slammed it into the ground as the shockwave knocked the Animals up, while Frost was sending spears apon spears into their hearts.

Ulvon in the mean while was giving chase to Zirus who was heading upstairs, he was clawing everything in his way. He finally got to him at the roof and grabbed Zirus's leg as he was about to fly off. He pulled him into the ground and slammed him onto the roof. Zirus stood up and hmphed. "Determined, yet.." He shrugged off the castle bits on his wings, and stood his ruby red eyes glaring at Ulvon. His hand formed a purple like energy and he slammed his fist into Ulvon sending the werewolf to the edge of the roof. Ulvon flung himself up and coughed up blood, prompting Zirus to say "...feeble"

Cragus and Frost finally made it to the roof. Frost flash froze Zirus solid, as Cragus and Ulvon made their way towards him. Cragus was still in his form, and Ulvon was still in werewolf mode. Zirus smirked and simply shattered the ice with his hand. He glared as Cragus jumped on his wings, while Ulvon punched the guy up in the air, and Frost finished with a slice with a sword made out of solid ice. However the wounds healed itself, and Zirus tossed Cragus into Ulvon and Frost. Ulvon, growled getting up first and punched Zirus in the side of his face. Zirus smirking and grabbing Ulvon's arm, slamming him to the ground. "Don't you get it...The Dark Society is more than superior to you, we are perfect. Do you realy think you have any REAL chance of defeating US?" To that he had to chuckle. "You will never beat us just surrender"

Ulvon's hand started glowing, and his normally black fur start to turn pitch white. "Shut..." He punched him in the face, sending Zirus back a bit. His claws started glowing and he started to thin out a bit. His eyes turned from buring yellow to glowing green. "...up"

Cragus stood next to him, looking completly diffrent than his earlier form. This form, looked armored and full of spikes, his eyes were glowing red, and he was holding a pitch black blade. He pointed the blade at Zirus. "It is you, who should be scared Zirus. I am Cragus, the Demon king of Angels, and the Second Arch Demon."

Ulvon growled "I am Ulvon Willaim Lonc, I am the Spirit Wolf." He said growling at him.

Frost walked forward covered in some kind of ice armor and glared. "and I am Frost, the Ice Knight."

They said united. "We are the Trinity, and we are taking you down!"

Zirus was about to flee but Cragus cut him off slamming him down by the hilt of his blade into Ulvon who just tossed him to Frost, who slashed his wings, handicapping the Hybrid. Ulvon ran up to him and slammed his fist into Zirus's jaw knocking his fangs out, causing Cragus to come from the sky and give him a good solid slice down the middle. His body started to reform, and Zirus started laughing. "Such bravado, however it his futile I" He tried to move his arms but he couldn't. "WHAT!? I can't move!"

Ulvon transformed down, as did Cragus and Frost, and walked to him. "Why can't he move?"

Cragus walked next to Ulvon panting and said. "Well, since I'm not a Nightshade, my Arch Demon form is a bit diffrent. I'm not as powerful so I had to invent something to even the playing feild incase I had to fight something I couldn't beat physically. On my blade, is a powerful nerve toxin that makes it impossible for anybody, even those who can regenerate to move."

Frost walked to Zirus, and called Johnathan. "We got one, the Hybrid, captured and ready for evacuating." A plane flew overhead, and the Trinity was taken onboard the ship with their prize.

Meanwhile, two people in red cloaks looked at the battle that was fought against Zirus, one said in a deep voice. "Zirus has fallen Kirt"

To which the other one said "We have a new enemy Stone, this...Trinity will be a problem." He looked at Stone and said "Show them no mercy"

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Dillon0909Date: We, 01.August.12, 12:15 PM | Message # 9
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Zirus sat alone in a cell. The three who came and gathered the Trinity, Alzo, Cani, and Johnathan being unsucessful getting the next location of the second in command of the Dark Society, Stone. Despited constant toture, Zirus held true to his beliefs that his allies would come and save him, despite the fact it's been three days.

Desprete Tevon came to the Trinity looking at them and said "Zirus isn't cracking, and we can't just go on a wild goose chance to find Stone, we dont' have that kind of time. We need suggestiosn people."

Frost was first, saying with a little bit of confidence. "All we have to do is have me freeze his leg solid, Ulvon pinning down his arms, and Cragus trying to read his mind."

Cragsu sighed "To risky, I've never tried to read someone's mind before, I've seen my wife do it once, it looked incredibly painful for her. So ten to one it will probably kill me, or him, or even both of us"

Smirking Ulvon said "Well, than give me five minutes of kicking him around, he'll give me his life story" He said with a smile.

"Or, more than likely, he'll let you kill him and we won't acomplish anything" Trevon said looking at the violence happy werewolf. "We need the location, and solu..." She was cut off by the door slamming behind Cragus. "What is he doing?"

Cragus in the mean time was face to face with Sirus, he sat down so he was at eye level with the defeated Hybrid. "Those robotic supports are working great, you should be able to eat and moved proberly now, but fightings out of the question." He said looking at the growling Zirus

Bitterly, and understandbly, Zirus said "Shut up, its your fault I'm like this in the first place" Zirus growled "So, you come to toruture the information, or is the werewolf outside so you can play good cop bad cop on me."

Cragus just laughed at the accusations. "I told you before, I'm the Demon KING of Angels." He said with a small sense of personal pride. "A good king isn't above or below his subjects. He is on their level, because if he views himself as below than he's a push over, if he views himself as above than he's a tyrant." Cragus said looking at him. "I've come to not demand anything, I'm just asking you nicely to tell us where is Stone" Cragus said looking at him.

Zirus growled and said "Why should I tell you huh? You're my enemy, I'd be a fool to reveal his location to you and a traitor as well" He said anger increasing in his words.

"Are you happy with your life right now?" Cragus said, ever so calmly.

"What?" Zirus said looking at him. "Of course not, I'm in a holding cell, and I can't kill you anymore. I'm not happy with my life anymore"

Cragus sighed "I ment in the Dark Society. Are you truely happy with them?"

"I know this game, you're trying to convince me to join your cause, to betray my friends. Well it won't work, we are a tight bond, you can't break me" He said glaring at Cragus, the Hybrid's words just etching in anger. "They...are like..."

Cragus intereupted him "Your family?"

"How did you know I was going to say that" Zirus said looking at him. "Do you know everything about me?"

"Past experience" Cragus said looking at him. "You seem to have alot of agression, and contrary to what our boss said, I have all the time in the world."

Feeling oddly calmer by the demon sitting in front of him, Zirus sighed. "Like you, I'm from another world. In my world there is two races, Vampires and Werewolves. They are locked in an eternal struggle. I accidental birth. The Werewolf King and the Vampire Queen had a one time afair and well, created me. I became rejected on BOTH sides of the war. My father couldn't look past my wings and fangs, and my mother couldn't look past my furry body. So, I lived alone in fear hoping the war would end" Zirus than got quiet for a few minutes "Than it happened, a great distarter befell our planet killing both of my parents, and most of each race. I thought it was over, I thought maybe after seeing this disaster befall our planet the fighting will stop, they will work to rebuild" He sighed "It never did, new leaders were elected and they picked up right where they left off. That was the day...I met...him." Zirus sighed "Kirt looked at me and said "This is the price of having only chaos reighning. Join my cause and I'll stop all the fighting in the word' So, I did. Thats why I can't betray them, they are my family, what would YOU know about this anyways"

"More than you think" Cragus said sitting down. "I know everything you are feeling right now. You think that this is the only way, you think that they view you as you view them. So you make them treat you like your slave because thats what families do...correct?" Cragus said looking at him. "I know more about this feeling than anyone else here. Sure they can TELL you to get out, they can TELL you to stop wasting your life. However, it doesn't matter, to you they are wrong and no matter what they will always be wrong." Zirus became quiet for a minute. "However, they are right about one thing, you can change things. You can be your own man." Cragus sighed "I did, and I became not only a man, but a king. " Cragus stood up. "You don't have to tell me anything, because I understand"

Zirus looked at Cragus and said " free?" Causing Cragus to nod. "And you don't regret it"

Cragus smiled "Not in the slightest"

"Stone is in Nevada, 20 miles north of Las Vegas in a secret boom town." Zirus said quietly.

Cragus smiled and said "Thank you, Zirus. That was a big step today"

Zirus sighed "No...thank you"

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Thanks to Zirus's information, the Trinity was off on a new plane. Cragus just wanted to fly there but Tevon insisted that the plane was faster. In the distance they could see a small town in the distance. Ulvon smirked "I thought it was a lie, nice work Cragus"

"Yeah well" Cragus said with a smile "It was a big step for him. With some prison time, and the right therepist, I'm sure he'll be a force for good some day" Cragus said sitting in his seat with a smile on his face.

Frost looked at Cragus for a bit, he convinced someone who wouldn't break to spill his life story and his ally's location, with nothing but words. He know understood, that while the Trinity are viewed as equals, the defacto leader is Cragus. "I get it" Frost mumbled

Cragus looked at him and asked "You say something Frost?"

"No" Frost said shakign his head with a smile.

"Oh, well, I've been meaning to ask you something. What is a Velkar anyways?" Cragus said looking at him.

"My kind is known by two names, The Velkar, and the Elemental Angels." Frost said looking at his hand. "Long ago on my planet, before I was even born, The Velkar ruled the world peacefully with humanity. There were seven rulers, one for each element the Velkar possesed. It was peaceful, for a while until the day the Fire King attacked. Then there was a war between every element each trying to show the others that they were superior. There was pointless bloodshed, and Humanity was caught in the cross fire. Close to the End a human leader attacked the weakened Velkar warrior, and thsu humanity ruled the planet. Centuries past, and because of the long life span of the Velkar, the survivors look to rebuild for diplomacy, others for war." Frost sighed "I am, an Ice Velkar, however...I was raised by humans, my wings were removed when I was a baby. I don't know if my real parents are alive, but...I'll find them...someday."

Ulvon looked at him, and sighed "Frost..."

"What?" Frost said looking at him

"I know you want to find your real parents but, lets face facts, they're probably dead" Ulvon said looking at him. "Also, that's kind of a slap in the face of the humans who raised you, to look for your real parents...what are you going to do if you did find them." Ulvon said getting a growl from Frost.

"What do you know huh?!" Frost said getting angry at him. "You don't know a thing about this, you never HAD" Ulvon glared at him and Frost glared back. "You don't have to wonder..."

Cragus stepped between them. "Ulvon, let Frost have his dream, and Frost, Ulvon brings up a good point. We are supposed to be a team, remember?" Frost and Ulvon looked away from each other.

They were interupted by a large spiked rock hitting the front of the plane, and they started to go down. Another spiked rock hit the side of the plane forcing the Emergancy Hatch in the plane to fly open. Frost being the closest to the door started to fall out. Cragus adn Ulvon immdiatly grabbed Frost's arms so he wouldn't fall, but he was slipping. Ulvon and Cragus couldn't hold on anymore, and Frost slipped off. "FROST!" Ulvon shouted about to jumpe after him.

Cragus in the mean time extended his wings and was about to dive after them, but a parasuite caught Cragus's wings and he couldn't escape, the plane crash landing in the desert.

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A sharp pain filled Cragus's head as he woke up, he sat up fast and said "Frost!" He looked to his side and saw Frost resting being tended to by two other people. He looked to his other side, and saw Ulvon resting. Ulvon's wounds regenerated due his natural ability, but it was still alot of damage so he needed to sleep. Cragus winced as he looked at Frost. He was in bad shape, its a mirical that he was even breathing now. Cragus looked away and at his hand. Being on an entire planet full of angels, and married to one of the best healers in the world, gave him some healing ability, but not that much. He sighed and tried to heal his injuries but only had very limited sucess. He looked around on his settings. It was a nice place wherever this is, it had three chairs, a small tv, a computer and lovely icicle wallpaper. The tempreture in the room was freezing cold, and Cragus could smell something cooking in a kitchen. Cragus said "I don't know who you two are, but you two must have found all three of us in the desert." Cragus looked away and said "Thank you...for your help"

The woman who was helping Frost out simply said "You're welcome, friend. You are more than welcome here" She looked at him, and waved the man over to Cragus who was began working on his wounds. "So, what are you doing out here"

Cragus sighed and said "We're trying to get into an uncharted city"

The man froze,but went right back to work. "Rockhide City" He sighed and said "Guarded by the Velkar known as Stone correct"

"How did you know?" Cragus asked getting very curious.

The woman went next. "Not many people tread the desert for much else" She sighed "However, Stone has gotten violent, and killing people who came close, but letting Velkar in." She smiled "You three are the first to survive an attack by Stone."

"How's Frost" Cragus asked knowing Ulvon would be okay.

The woman smiled "Very lucky he didn't break any bones, he'll be fine but he needs alot of bed rest."

Sighing Cragus said "I wish we had the time" Cragus said "How rude of me, I didn't ask your names"

The man smiled "Don't worry about it, I'm Glace, and this is my wife Icis. We're..."
Icis made a motion for her husband to shut it. "Farmers" Glace said seeing the hand motion.

"Famers of what?" Cragus said looking out the window seeing no crops. "Sand" Icis and Glace got quiet. Cragus got a little smile on his face. "You're Velkar yourselves aren't you. Don't worry, so is Frost, and you saved our lives"

Icis looked at Frost. "Those marks on his back" She said finally. "Where his wings removed as a child" Cragus nodded. "Thats awful"

"He doesn't see it that way" Cragus smiled looking at Frost.

Frost began to move, and wake up. "Cragus, Ulvon, you guys are allright"

Cragus smiled "Ulvon's resting, and I'm fine. I survived, thanks to these two, Frost meet Glace and his wife Icis"

Frost looked at them. "I owe you my life. I thank you very much"

Icis smiled and patted his head. "Well, thank you Frost" She sighed and looked away from him. "Sorry about your wings"

"I'm not" Frost said with a smile. "NOt having wings makes me unique from my group back home. " He smiled "Thanks for your concern though"

Icis looked away. "You're welcome, you should rest" not knowing she was being examined by Cragus.

Cragus sighed as Frost nodded in agreement, and went to sleep. "You seem more broken up about his wings than just concern over his racial abilities" Cragus looked at Icis. "You kept looking away from him the entire time he was talking" He than looked at Glace. "and you...didn't say an entire thing to him"

Icis looked at him and sighed "Its just...a tragety thats all" She said quietly

"You're his real parents...aren't you?" Cragus said looking at them. "Before you ask, I'm a father myself, I know the reactions when you are trying to hide something from your child"

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Icis looked away from Cragus and sighed "How can we even be called his real parents?" She said finally. "When we abandoned him...What kind of parent would ever abandon their child" She said tears streaming down her face.

A small smile formed on Cragus's face. "Aparently, a pretty good one, since its his life goal to get to know you two."

Glace looked at Cragus with wide eyes, and he looked away. "Its not like we wanted to..."

"During the end war' Icis said looking at Cragus "The remaining Velkar had to hide. So, we did."

Glace countinued "It was fine for a while, bearable to say the least. We had a friend in the FBI who tried her hardest to keep Icis and I hidden from the world"

"Than, I became pregnent" Icis said quietly. "We knew we couldn't put our child through the pain of being constantly in hiding." She looked away "So, we asked our friend to adopt him."

"She did without hesitation" Glace said quietly. "I wish we could have seen him grow up. We lost out on so much because of this"

Frost stirred and opened his eyes, but the Icis and Glace didn't notice. Icis countinued. "So Frost ended up in Peridot's group." She said quietly. "and is the apprentice of Flare." She sighed and said "I.." She sniffled "I'm so proud of him"

"You should be." Cragus said, noticing Frost but not saying anything, admitally playing a bit of a trick on Glace and Icis. "Your son's a bonified hero, able to save a guy who hated him and change his view"

Frost looked at Cragus confused, these people were nice yes, but they can't possible be his parents. Icis sighed and said "Again, more things we are so proud of him" She sniffled "We never should have abandoned him"

That proved Cragus to be right, Frost stood up. "So, you two..." Glace and Icis looked behind right at him. "are my mom and dad?"

Glace looked away again, and Icis, could only nod and say "You must...hate us" She looked away "Not only did we abandon you, we tried to LIE to you"

Frost looekd at them and said "Hate you?" Glace and Icis felt Frost's arms wrapping around the both of you "All I wanted my entire life was to get to know you. I we can start"

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Ulvon woke up and Cragus sighed "Sorry Frost, but we have work to do." Ulvon's eyes gazed onto Icis, and Glace, and was informed about who they were. Cragus pulled up a table, and the three looked at each other. "We need a plan"

"I got one" Ulvon said looking at Frost. "Its kind of obvious"

Icis who was making something for the three to eat, over heard Ulvon starting to talk, she lent in as Frost, her son asked "Well, I'm game for anything"

"According to Glace and Icis, Stone is only allowing Velkar why don't we have Frost go in, and open the gates for us." Ulvon said to Frost. "That way, theres less of a chance of any of us getting killed"

Frost was about to say something, than Icis stated "Wait! I don't think that would be a good idea, its probably well guarded, and Frost could get killed!"

"Look Lady, I know your trying to..." Ulvon was about to say something, but Frost cut him off.

"Mom, I can handle this...You haven't been around to see what I can really do" Frost said to Icis, loving the fact he had to call someone mom. "Trust me"

Cragus asked "What's Stone's deal anyways?"

"Stone used to be so kind hearted" Icis said quietly "He wanted to create a safe haven for the Velkar race, and he did. However...he's..changed." She paused. " came to Rockhide, and Stone became distant...colder..." She sighed "No one knows why"

Frost sighed "The Dark Society"

"Probably Zirus and Kirt" Ulvon said getting antsy "I'm looking forward to this"

(Will finish this part later)

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Frost sighed as he looked at his two comrades hiding in the background. The gate to this place was huge and looked very well put together, with various stone mixtures and steel platting around the fencing, making it hard, but not impossible for someone to get in. Frost knocked on the front door, as he did a small window opened, and two bright eyes looked at him. "Excuse me...who are you?" 

"My name is Frost" Frost told the man with a small smile. "I am an Ice Velkar, and I'm really desperate for shelter from the goverment. I heard from a friend that Stone could offer me protection" 

The unknown Velkar looked behind Frost. "And these two are?" He said looking at Cragus and Ulvon who were quiet. "They dont' look like no Velkar I've seen." 

"They aren't, but they're enemies of the government as well so they should fit in" Frost immediately responded 

The gate clicked and whirled, and slowly began to rise. "I see, well than, mister Stone is at the top floor of the Capital Building, he should be able to help you" As the three walked in, their eyes widened. They expected a military like dictatorship, or an oppressive scared populous, however instead, it looked rather calm. There were stone like cars, stores open, and a rather friendly populous. To be honest, this is was the last thing they were expecting. Frost chuckled a bit and said under his breath "Oh Peridot, we should have came here first " 

"So," Ulvon said with a smile. "Remind me to spend a vacation here with Sonara" He said walking side by side with Frost and Cragus. 

Cragus sighed "Yeah, maybe, if it doesn't all come apart when we take down Stone" The Demon King of Angels said with a sigh. 

"Well there is that' Frost said with a sly little smirk as the three of them arrived at the door, and gave it a loud knock.

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