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Role-Playing Place » The Neighborhood » Stories » Cataclysm (Not my story, just something I'm sharing.)
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‎"Thief!" A store vendor exclaimed as a small woman dressed in black sped off in the rain through a dark alley and out of view. Her name was Medomai. She was approximately 17 years old, 5'4", 90 pounds, with thin hair the color of rich soil and eyes the colors of emeralds. As soon as Medomai was sure she was safe she stopped under the rain and stood to allow the light layer of dirt to be washed off of her. Life was hard in The Four Corners as they called it as a joke towards a civilian who claimed that the all of the land they lived on was a flat square. The Corners as it was called for short used to be a beautiful province filled with wealth and jolly people, but times had changed and the land fell into disrepair. People that lived on the edges of the wilderness fled into large cities to hide from the strange beings and creatures that had begun emerging from the wooded areas and caves. These poor people were left without jobs and they had no experience with city things for they had foraged and hunted for food all their life, all that they did know was darkness would soon be upon them and a great strife was soon to become. Medomai was from one of the family's that had fled from the outer regions and she didn't find life as difficult as many of the people around her. She was nimble and silent so she easily slipped past many merchants and made off with their goods either to sell, trade, or bring home to her family for food. Her family now only consisted of her, her brother, and her father, all living in a hole they had dug out of the side of a hill. It wasn't comfortable, but it sustained them and they were grateful for it. After all it was more than most people had; ever since the people began fleeing to the cities they became crowded and run down and were quickly running out of space. Because of the crowds that seemed to be everywhere sickness began spreading like wildfire, causing bodies and weeping family members to fill the streets. It was an ugly, bitter time, filled with anger and weeping and sadness enough to consume all except the fiercely bold, wickedly cruel, and people that had simply seen so much that they had gone numb. Guards ran through with mighty shields pushing crowds back from dead bodies so they could be disposed of properly, with many gallons of gasoline and boxes of matches. These times caused many people to go mad and to turn on one another and it could not continue without intervention of some sort. Many of the people that lived in The Corners lived in the street under the open sky, vulnerable to all of the elements that constantly changed. Their was no ruler of any sort and the people lived nearly free, except under watchful eye of the guard who were there to protect people from dangers outside and in. The guard was also the only defense most cities had in terms of an army. Ironically enough Medomai's father was in the guard although his whole family were thieves and pickpockets of the highest skill. The incident at the store vendor was the closest she had ever come to being caught and the feeling left her with a buzz of excitement for hours. By the time she returned from her 3 hour walk back from the heart of the city it was nearly midnight and her family was filled with worry for what could have happened to her. She slipped past her brother's keen watch and silently entered the house just so she could spook him. Medomai silently drew her dagger and crept up behind her brother, and pressing her blade to his throat she whispered in his ear "Got you brother." She heard a slight laugh and recoiled as she realized that wasn't her brother. The intruder slowly spun around to face her and introduced himself, "I am a friend and my name is Democles." Medomai stepped backwards slowly to distance herself from the strange man in her home and as she did Democles closed the gap. Medomai groped blindly behind her and felt the wall less than a foot away which sent her into panic. She screamed as loud as she could to get the attention of anyone that may be passing by, but to no avail, she was cornered. "Not so loud" Democles nearly whispered. As Democles got within her striking range, Medomai lunged with her dagger which Democles easily swatted away, breaking her wrist and sending the blade across the room. He then reared back and kicked Madomai in the chest dropping her to the ground and incapacitating her. After she hit the ground he retrieved a needle from the inner pocket in is coat and injected her with it's contents, after that Madomai remembered nothing and entered a dreamless slumber for 2 weeks.

[If you'd like to read more of this there's a group on facebook where the original author is typing the story out a page or so a day.

Here's the author's page as well.

She had a smile that could light up a room.
Role-Playing Place » The Neighborhood » Stories » Cataclysm (Not my story, just something I'm sharing.)
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