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Role-Playing Place » The Neighborhood » Stories » Shark: Chapter 1 (Just a little something I'm throwing together.)
Shark: Chapter 1
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Chapter 1


Carley walked beside Shayaa, her best friend. Nothing, NOTHING, could seperate the two. Carley always said, not even a shark could. When Carley says something she means it. Always. "So, the beach. What are we gonna do?" Shayaa asked, snapping Carley out of her thoughts. "Oh! Well first we have to scan the water for baitfish, sea lions, and sharks. If any of them are there we can just go to the pool. If they aren't there we can get in, we just have to be cautious." Carley replied, clearly sure she wanted to be THAT cautious. Shayaa looked at her friend with an odd look, but shook it off and smiled. "Alright." Shayaa said softly.

When the two young girls arrived at the beach, they were surprised to see it so empty. The girls shrugged off their surprise and ran up to the pebbly shoreline. Carley grinned, scanning the waters. She blindly missed a school of baitfish swimming nearby and hopped into the water. Shayaa followed. There were people at the beach, but not as close as usual. Carley was careless now, and forgot her earlier caution of the beach. She knew she was in a fish's territory. The sea's only apex predetor's territory. The shark's territory.

Carley splashed Shayaa when she wasn't looking. Shayaa spun around, and splashed her friend back. She looked mad. "Tehe!" Carley giggled, swimming out into deeper water. Shayaa looked worried, so she didn't follow. Shayaa's brother, Timothie, had followed them along with Carley's brother, Jayson. The two boys were sitting on the beach building sand castles. The two boys never really liked getting the water, only getting dirty. They left the water playing to the girls.

Moments later, Carley was in water that was much to deep for herself, much less her mother. Carley spun around in the water, still playful and full of fun. Shayaa's eyes widened from the shallow water where she stood. She wobbled on her feet, barely stifling a screech. The other people turned to look. The kids and adults in the water rushed out, clearly scared out of their wits.

Carley was now furious that nobody wanted to be in the water. If they didn't want to be in the water, why were they at the beach?! Carley felt a light nudge on her leg, then a nibble. Her eyes widened as she looked underwater and saw a gray blob. It wasn't really a blob. Shayaa screamed, and rushed out to help Carley. Timothie and Jayson watched in horror as their sisters were in the ocean still. Horrid. Horrid.

The gray blob that had nibbled and nudged Carley, swam out a bit, then rose a bit higher to where everybody could see a large dorsal fin. Carley screamed, and started to thrash out towards shore. The shark found this amusing, and intriquing. The shark came back and hooked it's serrated teeth into Carley's leg. The shark began thrashing it's head as the water turned red with Carley's blood.

Shayaa came out and started kicking the shark in it's snout. The shark shot a glare at Shayaa that made her think twice, and swim back a few paces. The shark quickly took Carley underwater, without second-guessing itself. Shayaa's green eyes were very wide by now. She was floating, carelessly if I must say, in a blood-red cloud of water that was only getting bigger.

Carley thrashed her arms around under the red cloud. She stifled a shriek only to keep her breath. She knew it was futile to fight. Carley closed her eyes and thought of what Shayaa had done, kicking the shark's snout. Kicking his snout wouldn't be an option here, Carley thought. So, I have to hit him! Carley took her left hand and balled it into a fist. She started hitting the shark's snout as hard as she could.

It didn't seem to work.

She then went for the eye, and it took a while to reach the shark's black eye. Shayaa had gathered up all her courage and swam under. Shayaa glared at the shark, and hooked her arms around it and started to tug.

It took a while, but the shark let go without a prize. Shayaa grabbed Carley's arm, and swam as quickly as she could to shore. Finally the two were at shore. "Timothie!" Shayaa shrieked. "Get the towel!" Shayaa glanced at Jayson. "Call 911!" She yowled. Carley could only glance at her leg, and sigh. Shayaa quickly tied her towell around Carley's leg, checking at Jayson's progress with the phone.

"They're coming!" Carley's brother shouted only moments after. Shayaa nodded curtly, and pulled Carley more onto shore in case the shark came back. Shayaa had immediately known what species the shark was. And she didn't dare tell anybody unless she had to.

It was a great white. Shayaa's worst nightmare. But Carley knew there were worse.

Much, much worse.

Added (21.September.12, 10:37 PM)
God, I just saw how much I wrote. OH GOD, THIS IS LIKE ONLY A PAGE IN A REAL BOOK! Maybe three if it's a small book, like small in size. XD

Role-Playing Place » The Neighborhood » Stories » Shark: Chapter 1 (Just a little something I'm throwing together.)
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