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Trials of the Fang
Dillon0909Date: Su, 18.November.12, 12:41 PM | Message # 1
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Will work on this later

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Dillon0909Date: Su, 18.November.12, 4:33 PM | Message # 2
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(its later)

It's been fifteen years since I began working here, since the rise of the supernatural came. I rember the day, our leader rose and struck down the fascist human leaders, and sat down on the throne himself with his wife and his five year old child. The bold claim that the day of humanity in this land was over, that we of the Supernatural rule. IThis rule of darkness is powered completly by my race. See I'm what most people call a vampire, one born by blood instead of a bite. Under normal circumstances that would make me royalty, because of how rare that is, however this isn't a normal kingdom. Almost ever vampire here, is born of blood, the royal family's bloodline is so powerful that all other bloodlines are inferior.

That didn't matter to me, I was orphaned as a child due to the upraising claiming a victim with my parents, and I was found the Queen Lilia. I was told that it took much coaxing to let me live in the castle, but I had to be a servent. Which was fine in all honesty, I can actually see King Tybirus not exactly being willing to let one of an outside bloodline to live with him, due to his family legacy, and to keep his family safe from harm from outside forces. I have served my king well, following every little task I was given by him. "Dimitir, clean the floors of my roof" or "Dimitir, all the cooks went on strike please make my family a meal" are the most common ones I hear from my king. I don't mind, its the least I can do for a him taking me in.

I have a bit of a small confession to make about their daughter, Princess Victoria. To most of our race, she is an arrogent, headstrong, impatient brat who has no right to inheart the throne from King Tybirus and Queen Lilia. To me however, she's is the most beautiful, kindhearted, creature ever created. We became friends when we were little, so much so I'm basically her personal servent, when I'm not serving her father. She tells me her feelings, and I tell her mine, creating an almost insepreteable bond.

She also has a bit of trouble picking dates. There were three dates she's been on, first is there was a macho man she tried to date, but it turns out he wasn't really in to her more into me. Then there was number two, he was just dating her for her position and how close he was getting to the king, and had plans to perminatly deal with this human situation. Finally, there was the third entry into our list of failed dates, it turns out this man wasn't really who he said he was. He was a human trying to see if he could trick Victoria into going out with him. I haven't heard from that man in a while, I'm asuming King Tybirius got to him.

This poor dating judgment has brought up something uncomfterbal, an arranged marriage. You see King Tybirus realizes he has to step down to let his daughter rule the kingdom, but because she's so bad at picking dates he has to do it for him. The thing is though, King Tybirius isn't really letting Victoria have a say, and thats well not fair. Eventually King Tybirus came up with an idea and called every pure blood out into the court yard. The King stood above us in the balcony and said "People of Raven, I have called you all to this meeting because of my daughter should be wed soon. So I have called forth a tornament between all the purebloods in the kingdom, the winner, gets my daughters hand."

As I heard that, my thoughts instantly went to my own desire and I signed up.

I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Su, 18.November.12, 11:42 PM | Message # 3
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As I walked heading towards the castle courtyard to sign up, when I saw Victoria in her room. My noisyness got the better of me, and I walked in. "Hey Victoria" I said casually, "What's the matter" I got a good look at her beautiful red eyes, her gorgeous and probably expencive dress, and her charming figure. On her cheek were tear stains, and I sat next to her.

"Dim" She said just as casually. "I don't know what to do about this arranged marriage thing" She said to my face. "Knowing my luck with dates, I'm going to end up with some macho jerk who thinks that my body is his personal plaything, and he won't give a damn about the kingdom." I didn't argue with that reality that could happen. "I wish father would let me make my own decision, but I can't do a thing about it."

I sighed and was about to just say how I felt, but something told me that I shouldn't. "Well, what are you gonna do. It's not like you can enter in the tournament, your father would notice if you were gone, and I can't pull of a good disquise."

She couldn't help but laugh, "Right remember you tried to act like me and I got grounded for a month" after Victoria finished, she than sighed "You are right though, I guess I just have to..." She than paused. "Wait, Dimiter" She looked at me. "Your a pure blooded vampire right?"

"Well yeah," was the only response I could muster looking at her.

Her jubilated voice squeaked as she said "You can enter the tournament for me. The winner get to choose my fate, if you win you just simply have to say. 'King Tybirus, I want your daughter to choose her own fate' or something like that." Her red eyes stared into my equally red eyes. "Please, do this for me Dim, I got no one else"

I stood and sighed, fighting the urge to tell my true intention, but I really didn't think I had a chance to win, so I said "Of course Victoria, I'll see you after I win." I walked outside, and stepped into the courtyard signing up. The receptionist gave me a dirty look, but let me sign anyways.

There were 8 tournament fighters including myself, about half were 'macho jerks' that Victoria feared. I sighed as I waited for King Tybirus to look down at us. He simply looked at my and gained a smirk. "People of Raven, I give you our 8 fighters for this tournament" He said as I looked around just noticing the crowd of people waiting to see this. "Let me introduce you to our battlers" He went down the line, each fighter sounding more menancing and more likly to murder me when he listed their attributes. He than looked at me "And finally we have Dimiter Petrocoff, personal servent to the Draneir Family."

I blushed as there was a chorus of laughter, and King Tybirius looking directly at Victoria who knew, as well as I that he knew. He silenced the audience, and said "There are two ways we could do this, but I think the most important way would be an eight way brawl" The audience cheered and roared with approval at the idea as I looked around the courtyard seeing it covered with weapons. "The last one standing, becomes my son in law. Now FIGHT!"

I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Mo, 19.November.12, 7:58 PM | Message # 4
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The battle began and I quickly rushed to one of the fighters, but I got shoved out of the way. I saw the other seven get into seperete brawls with each other, one having a three man fighting. I leapt at one of the guys and got one of them in the head lock and I was slammed to the ground. He went back to fighting the other guy, and I heard two fists collide with each other. I turned to see two gentlemen holding their own hand because they were fighting each other so hard. I got back up and tried to tackle one of the guys standing, but he just looked at my sympathetically and picked me up by the back of my neck. My fellow vampire, looking at me in the eyes, and sighed "Look, kid, you got some guts trying to fight out here, but you basically got no chance. All of these men here...they are just more prepared for battles like this"

I started to flail hoping to get a hit, but he tossed me away and decked a guy behind him knocking him clean out thinning our numbers down one. I Than lost the man in all the confustion and tried to sweep the leg of one of my fellow fighters but it didn't work. He kicked me in the stomach and I was knocked back, but I got right back up anyways. I will win, I can't...lose her.

I stopped and noticed the Audience's reactions shift. When I started to fight they were laughing, their laughs stained the arena. However, after the beating I was taking, I heard people started to chant "Its not worth getting killed over servent guy" Their concern was touching, as I was again knocked back by the fellow competitors, and I heard the crowd.

I saw King Tybiruis looking down and lookng away, he than was mouthing to me. "Dimiter no one would blame you if you stayed down"

I had toput those feeling behind me, and I tried again, seeing the feel thin down to about four including myself. The guy from earlier decked the other two knocking them clean out and looked at me. He looked right at me and opened his mouth. "Servent, you shown today that you have alot of spirit, he than sighed "But look at yourself"

I took a time to actually do what he asked, my right arm was broken, and I was bleeding down from my mouth. Ifelt like my ribs were not just cracked but they were shattered, and i was starting to go numb in my left eye. Its funny, I really didn't notice.

"Kid" He countinued "Its not worth all of this. Do you really think you have a shot with her?"

I growled, and knew Victoria and her father couldn't hear all this, because we were both so low to the ground. "I love Victoria" I tied my best to get in a battle stance. "I have come to far to be stopped right now."

He could only sigh "I'm sorry than have to die" He charged right at me, that tripped he tripped on a rock knocking himself clean out with the amount of force he hit the ground.

I stood battred, bloodied and bruised and I waited for the chorus of boos that I was going to recieve, but...instead. "GO DIMITER!" and another say "That was amazing, this servent guy wouldn't quit."

The King took the podium with Victoria, who jumped down to check on me. King Tybirius smiled "Well, Dimiter, I am surprised that you actually managed to win, but did you really think I did not know yours and my daughters plan" He sighed "So go ahead and say it"

"King Tybirius" I said looking right at him. "I have to tell you and..." I sighed knowing I was infor an eternaty of yelling. "Victoria." She looked at me confused and I looked right at her. "Victoria, I have to be honest with you I wish I was all this time" I sighed " I truely love you Victoria." I looked up at King Tybirius as I left Victoria stunned with what I said "I fully intend of marring your daughter your majesty"

King Tybirus looked at me and said "Wait...what?"

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Dillon0909Date: Tu, 20.November.12, 12:09 PM | Message # 5
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King Tybirus, as well as Victoria, looked at me, and I can tell their looks, as my wounds from earlier started to heal. I sighed and had to admire, King Tybirus's quick thinking when he said "Well, lets hear it new son in law Dimiter" as the crowd was cheering, as expected I was asked to come into the Throne Room with the entire royal family. King Dimiter looked at me and sighed, "Dimiter, we need to talk"

"Yes, sire" I said trying to be as respectful as I could, givin that I was feeling glared at by Victoria.

He hmphed and said "I can not allow you to marry my daughter Dimiter" Tybirius than said "It'll just look bad, plus I wouldn't feel comfertable with giving the kingdom to one who does not have the strength to rule this land" Victoria's eyes lit up as he said that. He than looked at me. "You have proven that you are one of the strongest vampires in this land, but realisitcally you must know when to give something up. My daughter, would never go for you." He sighed "Now please...give this up"

Victoria, as well as Queen Lilia, both stared at me, both with completly diffrent expressions. I didn't even hesitate. "Not a chance, your majesty."

"Dimiter" King Tybirus siad glaring at me. "Don't do anything rash" His eyes met mine, and without saying a word, he demonstrated why he was in charge. "You must put your personal feelings aside for the kingdom's sake"

My resolve unwavering I said. "Absolutly not, King Tybirus." I looked at the now fuming Victoria, than back at Tybirus. "This isn't just something that came out spontaniously. I've been in love with Victoria for...a very long time." I than sighed "and for the same reason you just said, I didn't have the nerve to tell her how I feel"

Now, Victoria and her father shared in anger, and King Tybirus growled something lowly. "If you are so dead set on about a wager" He cleared his throat. "You...go through...the Trials"

The usually silent Queen Lilia looked at her husband and said "Husband, if I may interject. That's a bit harsh. The Trials are the most dangerous tests a vampire can take"

"I'll do it" I said interupting her, trials or no trials, I will have my greatist desire.

"Good now there are ten trials" King Tybirus said, causing Queen Lilia to stare at her husband confused about something. "Come here tommarow morning for your first trial." He hmphed and turned in for the day, along with Queen Lilia.

Under her breath I heard. "There are only five trials though"

I than stared at Victoria. Victoria glared at me, and I didn't blame her. I sighed and Victoria did not dissapoint what I had expected. "What the hell, Dimiter!?" Her eyes dead locked on mine, my expression the exact opposite of her fury. "That wasn't what we had planned!? What do you mean you love me? Don't you think if you would have just told me the truth I would have actually gave you a chance?" The barrage of insulting questions came to a screeching halt, as she sighed and looked down. "Dim, why did you never say...anything"

A simple question, that reallly I could not honestly awnser. I looked down at the stone corridors, and I said "Victoria, could you honestly say, that if I was honest with you from the would have given me a chance?" Victoria was silent for a bit. I turned and left it at that, and went to my room and got ready for tommarow.

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Dillon0909Date: We, 21.November.12, 1:41 AM | Message # 6
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The next morning I walked slowly into the courtyard, as I felt my potential father in law staring down at me. He looked directly at him and revealed an old scroll. I looked as the moon beared down on it revealing there to be only five bullets. I could make out the first two challenges backwards

syad eerht ni kcotsevil net teG .1

reyals eripmav a yalS .2

I was trying to translate them, when suddenly I was cut off by King Tybirus. He said "Dimiter Petrocoff, your first trial is. "Get ten livestock in three days from anywhere. This proves you can provide food for our kind, which is an essential."

I turned and walked out, but before I left I saw Queen Lilia meeting me at the front entrance. "My husband forgot to mention that the only place that has Livestock now a days are farmers...loyal to the Paliden Resistance" She sighed "Dimiter, good luck...for what it's worth, I actually support you in this. You seem to really love my daughter."

I nodded "Thank you, my Queen." I turned and left, not really having been outside of the castle before.

I headed towards the local village which looked kind of in ruins and dirty. Is this what happened to the humans after the war? I started to ask around first for the Paliden Resistance or some farmers. However, all I got were blank stares of fear. I sighed at this reputation the Vampire King has, and found a place with alot of livestock, so I assumed it was a farm. I knocked on the door, and someone slowly opened the door. It as a human male in blue overalls, and black shoes. He looked at me, and froze in place. I took this oppertunity, and said "Oh good your at home, can I have a word with you?"

The Farmer suddenly turned white and said "W...Where are those damn palidens!?" He was about to slam the door in my face, but I blocked it off. "I'm to young...please"

"Actually I'm here to ask you something. May I please have ten livestock?" I said minding my manner.

The Farmer looked at me confused "What?"

"My name is Dimiter Petrocoff, I won a contest to be married to the Vampire Princess" I explained quietly. "However, her father doesn't think I'm worthy so I have to do ten trials. The first one is, get ten livestock"

"Oh well, no...actually" He said moving his hand, as I felt something odd down my neck. "We need the livestock pal, so sorry"

"What if I help you out for two days, will that help" I asked quietly

He looked at me perplexed, but smiled "Okay, since you don't look full of it, how can I say no"

I walked in and started to do some work for him. The first thing he has me do was toiling the soil. After about an afternoons worth of that, he looked at me and said "So you're really doing all this just to get married?"

"Yeah" I said with a smile "I love her, I reallly love her"

The Farmer, who I found out was named John, said "You know, no disrespect but we need to talk about your king"

"Sure what?" I said worried

John just said, openly and honestly, "While I admit our human rulers were jerks, the Vampire rulers are not doing much better. We need real change, a kingdom that helps all its people not just Vampires" He sighed "If you complete all challenges, will you change things?"

I could only nod yes, "I don't know what I can do but I'll try"

He smiled and said "Go ahead than kid" I stood up and took him up on that offer and left, heading towards Vampire Castle. I looked at the king and smiled "All ten livestock my king"

He sighed and said "Good work, your next trial that you will do tommarow is." He paused "Slay a Vampire Slayer"

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Dillon0909Date: Th, 22.November.12, 0:34 AM | Message # 7
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I got up the next night and got ready. I was walking to the armory when I saw, the guy I fought in the torurnmant. He looked at me and smiled, and handed me a pitch black sword. "Resistant to "holy" weaponry that a vampire slayer uses to slay." He patted my back and said "Good luck kid. You won that torurnment fair and square." I smiled and nodded, and walked off.

Before I could leave the castle to complete this task, Victoria cut me off. She sighed "I don't care how you feel about me. I don't care if you are so deadset on marring me you're going to be blind. You're still my best friend, and I can not stand bye and watch you get killed for me. Please don't do this Dim, I don't want you to die for me"

I tried to say something but she cut me of. "Dim, please, don't waist your life for me. I'm not worth this" I again tried to interject but she said "Don't you dare say I am, because I'm not, I mean, its a Vampire SLAYER. They kill Vampires for a LIVING. I don't want to live in the world where I let you die for me" I AGAIN was trying to tell her something, but she kept talking. "You're my best friend" I than noticed small tears in her eyes. "Please don't die for me I just ca..." I FINALLY cut her off with a kiss on her lips.

The kiss lingered for a bit, and I pulled away gently. "First of all, that was just incase I do die, I'll die happy knowing that I was honest with you." I than sighed "Second of all, I give you my word. you will not be seeing me in ashes today." I hugged her, and than left her probably confused.

I walked back into the villages, and walked around not really trying to hide my vampiric nature. Preditcably in about a few minutes I was surrounded, by Palidens. One of them walked forward, and said "Wait, I know this vampire." He than paused "Dimiter Petrocoff, the one who was kind to one of our farmers we protect. I forgot you were on this trial thing." He than sheathed his blade, along with his other palidens, and I was confused by this. "Don't worry, John is a good friend of mine, he told me the promise you've made." He smiled "Tell me, what is your second trial out of ten"

I didn't miss a beat. "Slay a Vampire Slayer" I said quickly, hoping I wouldn't die from saying my objective. However, the paliden looked at me perplexed. "According to King Tybirius, it shows I have no fear, which is a great quality in a leader. I was hoping a forein Vampire Slayer would attack so no one would care if he fell"

"Well that is unlikely to happen." The Paliden said with a small sigh. It was quiet, and I started to count how many paliden's there were. Eight, I counted Eight, each one of them armed with holy blades, and blessed armor, plus YEARS of training. While I have a blade that is immuned to Holy magic, but vitrually no experience. However, I have to stay, I have to.

The Paliden said "Well, we don't know about any of those, however there is a Vampire Slayer who has lost his way and is killing humans, as well as Vampires and Werewolves. No one would care if he fell" He than walked up to me, and place his armored hand on my shoulder which caused me to wince like mad. "Be careful and may the holy one protect you" As he left I sighed at the burn marks on my shoulder.

I headed to the woods, where this supposed nutso vampire lived, when I saw a man with a witches hat, and dark leather armor attacking and killing any animal he saw, down to the lowest squirl. I took up arms and attacked him from behind however he got behind me and kicked me to the ground. This maniac struck at me, and winged my shoulder with his blade, I took out my blade and swung it, actually connecting to his arm. However he quickly disarmed me when I tried again. He lept at me, and I rolled out of the way. I was scrambling for the blade however he kicked it away, than kicked me in the face for my troubles. He charged at me, and I quickly thought fast. I slid under him and grabbed my blade and our blades clashed the two diffrent types of magic that enchanted the blades knocking us back, slamming us against two trees on opposite ends. The man's eyes changed into a crazed look and he started slashing like a maniac, when I moved out of the way and tried to stab him in the back, however he moved as well.

He looked at me and punched me in the face, breaking one of my fangs, knocking me into a rock. He charged at me and than I quicky tripped him causing him to land face first. I took the blade in my hand and quickly started stabbing like a maniac at the body not caring where I hit. I sighed and panted and saw the moon. I heard howling and I grabbed the corpse, my wounds healing quickly because of the night. I rushed back to the castle with the body, and sighed with relief.

King Tybirus, Queen Lilia, and Victoria looked at me stunned when I rushed in. After a long silence, King Tybirus said "Well, umm Trial 2 complete Dim" He said begrudgingly. "Tommarow, you shall try the third trial, you must go to the Underworld and Steal a Liches Phylacterary"

I love Spooky Crap :D
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