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Role-Playing Place » The Neighborhood » Stories » Too be named story. (That's right. It's me.)
Too be named story.
DepressedDuckDate: Sa, 20.August.11, 8:07 PM | Message # 1
The man with no frontal cortex.
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Yes, it's me.
The last living idiot. I have made a story.
I'm quite proud of it. I have had some help from Narutard, and BellaStar1. Thank's to both.

The dark night chill gripped Steve like a baby's chubby hand grips a cookie. His short size ment that most of the cold wind hit His face. Admittedly, he had not prepared very well for it. He wore a pair of well-worn jeans, and a purple shirt. his skin was as white as paper, and there were no blemishes upon it. his shoes were also a size too big, made to fit by use of inginuitive shoe-lace tying techniques. His brown hair, in a shaggy mess on top of his head, He walked in the general direction he thought he should go, because he could.
He didn’t want any of this. He wanted to be free. He didn't mean to hurt him, or anyone else. But the law changed that. They held Steve responsible.
They locked him up. They shoved the truth away in favor of her and locked him up.
He was going to see that she never locked anyone up again. That she never locked anyone up away from the truth.
The road briefly shone with the lights of a car. It slowly stopped beside Steve, and the Whir of a window rolling down caused Steve to look.
It was a girl, driving the car. In the headlights illumination he could see that the car she drove was red. The girl looked at her with an expression of universal question.
Steve looked back at her, and stopped moving.
"Yes?" He asked.
"Where are you going?" asked the strange girl.
Steve recited the address of the house. That’s where he was headed, where he was going to end it.
"Oh, I know that place. You’re going in the wrong direction. Hop in." said the girl.
Turning red with embarrassment, Steve clambered into the car, and sat beside the girl. She wore a shirt with long sleives, green in color. There were markings on the shirt, but Steve couldn't make them out. She also had jeans, although hers were brown. Her hazel hair cascaded down her shoulders, and ended just above the end of her ribcage. Her skin color was more dark than Steve's, almost tanned.
"What’s your name?" asked the girl as the car turned around, and began to move down the highway.
"Steve." replied Steve, "Yours?"
"Astrid." said the girl.
What a wonderful name, Steve thought. Astrid. That is so much better than Steve. Astrid. The name just sort of....flowed down the tongue, like Lemonade.
"Why are you going there?" Astrid asked.
Steve needed to lie, and he knew it. And quickly too…
"Some unfinished business." he said.

Added (20.August.11, 6:05 PM)
Why had be not lied? He meant to say, I lived there, but the truth came rolling out...maybe it was something about her name. Astrid...
"Dude, your spacing out." she said.
Steve snapped out of it. "Sorry, that happens sometimes..." He turned a little red in the face.
"It’s no problem. It happens to me too." replied Astrid.
"Hopefully you don't do so while you’re driving." He said, smirking.
Then magic happened. Astrid laughed.
It seemed like the car lit up. It was a beautiful sound, a magic sound. He immediately wanted more.
Astrid got a grip, and went back to driving the car. It was silent for a second. Then she spoke:
"Steve, are you one of those bandits who pretend to be hitchhikers, but who then hold up people in their cars?"
He looked at her funny.
"No...I would never do that." He said. "Even if I was, I would be horrible at it. I would point the gun the wrong way or something."
Astrid giggled, which was even better than her laughing. "You're funny." she said, looking over at him.
She had the most amazing green eyes. And his cloudy blue eyes stared back. "I never considered myself funny...If you say so." He said. Astrid replied, "You are one of the funniest guys I have met."
"I guess that’s because I’m not serious." Steve said. She smiled, a wonderful, radiant smile, and went back to driving.
She took a hard left off the highway, and the car headed into town. Silence reigned for about 5 seconds.
"You are a brilliant driver." Steve commented.
"Stop flattering me, I’m not!" She replied. "This is my second car!"
"Really, what happened to the first one?" He said, curious.
"What do you think happened?"
"Mm...A tree walked into the middle of the road, hit your car, and walked back?" He tried.
Astrid shook her head, holding back a giggle.
“A U.F.O abduction?"
"Ok...Oh, I know! It got hit by a Telephone pole while you were trying to swat a fly."

Added (20.August.11, 6:06 PM)
"No, Steve! Be sensible!"
"Ok, that’s going to be hard...Let me think...Oh, oh, oh, i know! You tried to see if your car was a boat!"
That broke down the last of Astrid’s defense. She laughed, long and hard, and Steve laughed with her. They laughed for the next minute.
That was the best minute of Steve’s life.
They pulled up to a house. The address he had told her.
But as he was about to step out, Astrid reached out and grabbed him, pulling him back in the car. She turned him to face her.
"Steve, do you know why i asked why you were going here?"
"No..." He said,
"I asked because this is my house."
His heart stopped. Time froze.
Oh...Oh god...
Steve’s face turned pale. His mouth opened, and then closed.
"I think I know why your first car got wreaked..."
Then he put his head in his hands and began to weep.
Astrid looked at him. "What’s wrong?"
"I’m sorry!" Steve said, in-between tears. "I’m so sorry!"
She pulled him up.
"Tell me what’s wrong." She said. And Steve told her.
A month ago, Steve had been driving his father’s car, when he hit another vehicle. In the resulting crash, a man lost his life. His wife, Mary Winifred, had taken Steve to court and sentenced him to 2 years. He was so MAD at her...But in court, he saw a girl sitting with the woman, who Steve presumed was her daughter. So, after he escaped the cell he was in, he presumed the best way to get revenge was to kill that girl. He looked up the woman’s name in a phone book, found her address and decided to go to her house and kill her daughter.
Who happened to be Astrid.
She wore an expression of shock as she heard those words.
"Yes! Yes, I am that cruel person! I know sorry isn't enough, but ill say it anyway! I’m sorry!"
Astrid looked down at her feet. Steve continued to weep silently.
" were going to try to kill me?" Astrid said after a minute or so.
"Yes, yes I was...I’m a horrible person. I deserve to die..."

Added (20.August.11, 6:06 PM)
"No Steve, you don't. You don’t need to die."
"I killed your father Astrid! It was an accident...They wouldn't listen to my side of the story."
"Steve, the judge didn't listen because he was bribed."
"What?" Steve said, with genuine surprise.
"I saw 100$ bills being exchanged." Astrid continued. "You were wrongfully imprisoned. I should have spoken up. I knew dad was driving drunk. He always was an alcoholic...He never stopped drinking. He was violent and unforgiving. He sometimes beat me with a stick... but I suffered through it. " She said.
"I still shouldn't have made the decision to kill you." Steve replied mournfully.
"But if you hadn't, you wouldn't be here." Astrid pointed out.
Steve looked up at her.
"...Then, in a weird way...Thanks?"
"Yes, I guess."
He dried his eyes.
"Thank you." Steve said more confidently. "Thank you for everything."
"Thank you too." said Astrid.
"What for?" he asked.
"If you hadn't killed my father, I would have never met you." She said. She looked at Steve.
They both smile.
Steve's eyes opened slowly.
He had set up camp in the woods. Not really camp, more like...home away from home.
He had everything he needed. Food, clothing, even some toothpaste and a toothbrush.
The location was also inginous. It was located next to a stream, with had clean and flowing water. He could use that to drink, bathe, and brush his teeth(Not at the same time.).
He re-thought over last nights events. The thanks...the confesion...Astrids laugh..
Ah yes...Her laugh. He remembered it so well, it was almost like it happened yesterday...
Steve even brought his own little radio.
He chewed on a bowl of Krispy Korn Flakes™. Rubbery as always.
He had bathed last night. He brushed his teeth, and got dressed. Today he wore a yellow shirt, with similar skinny jeans. His necklace remained on. He turning on the radio, he turned around and almost ran directly into a tree.
He stopped centimeters from it.

Added (20.August.11, 6:07 PM)
Oh dear....
He breathed out, and turned around. His make-shift camp consited of an old 2-man tent, with all the items listed above in a corner in it.
He smiled. It was the only place he felt safe.
Turning around, Steve almost ran directly into Astrid.
"Hello." She said, a little sheepish in tone. Today she was wearing a simple, blue blouse.
"Astrid..." Steve said, regaining his senses. "How did you find me?"
"Steve, I was wandering the forest and heard the music..." Astrid replied.
Steve turned red, and turned to switch the radio off.
"No offence," Said Astrid, "But your choice of music is Horrible."
"What would you propose?" He asks.
She twists the dials. Classical music comes on. She smiles.
"Classical?" He said.
"Classical?" Comes another feminine voice from the woods.
Astrid looks up, and swore.
"Astrid and Steve, Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Eww! what kind of music is that?!" Says a clear and joyful voice.
From the forest comes a girl, smaller than Astrid. Her blue eyes seemed cold, and penatrable. Her Light brown, luxurious hair ran down her shoulder like a waterfall. And she wore a a green hoodie, so much of her apparently freckled face was blocked by shadows. She also wore Denim jeans, which were rather skinny. She wore pink flip-flops, with sparkly green toenail polish. The pink flip-flops had red, yellow, and blue flowers.
"Who are you?" He said, looking at this new girl.
"My name is BELLA!" She said with a lot of Enthusiasm. She changes the music to pop music. While doing this, Steve notices she has one ring. It was purple, and it had white bold words that said, 'Bella'.
"Shes my sister." Mumbled Astrid miserably.
"Indeed i am! So, i find Steve and Astrid in the same forest. Coincidence?"
"How does she know my name?" Steve whispers to Astrid.
"I was kind of..." Began Astrid, but she was cut of by Bella.
"She was humming your name in the forest!" Annonced Bella.
Astrid groaned.
He began to retaliate, but she was too fast.

Walk without rhythm
DepressedDuckDate: We, 24.August.11, 9:38 PM | Message # 2
The man with no frontal cortex.
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"Bella!" Snapped Astrid, "You know full well that Steve didn't kill father! You know mum brided the judge!"
"I know that! I'm not an idiot, Astrid!" Said bella, "I just want to see him react! I like teasing him already!"
Oh man, thought steve. I hate these kinds of people.
Bella glared at Steve. "Why are you staring at me?"
"Bella.." Began Astrid.
"So," She continued, "My sister and the killer of my father. What a perfect..." She was cut off.
"BELLA!" Screamed Astrid.
"The PRESUMED killer of my father, togther? What a find! I could tell this to mom..."
"Thats blackmail!" Steve spoke up.
Bella smiled. "Yup. Now, here is my demand..."
Demand. There is only one, thank god.
She cleared her voice."Stay away from Astrid."
"I dont understand..." pleaded Astrid.
"Astrid, you leave Steve alone. Steve, you leave astrid alone. Seperate. Away. Shoo. Astrid, come with me. I'll make up an excuse. Stay away Steve, I don't want Astrid to get killed too! If I catch you with Astrid again, I'll call the police!!! Oh, I also want your radio."She says. She picks up the radio and starts to walk off.
Astrid looked on with helplessness as she was dragged away. And Steve looked on, unable to do anything.
Even through the sadness, the day went by.
The morning went by without much feeling.
By the afternoon he really started to miss her.
Aside, Steve had his food. He ate, and fished, brushed his teeth, and began to settle down for the night,
He felt empty, knowing that Astrid COULD be, no, WOULD be beside him. He could aslmost see her, with her jeans and shirt and beautiful perfume, laughing, creating magic.
If it wasn't for Bella.
That infuriating fool. WHY did she have to follow astrid? WHY?! She could have left us alone, Why did she not?
He fell to his knees and cried, for the 2nd time tonight. The tears came, flowing down his bare cheeks. They mixed with the stream, sending his sorrows down the river.

Added (20.August.11, 6:08 PM)
Finnaly, he ripped his head up, and made a desition: He was going to see Astrid, promise or no promise. He didn't care if Bella did not want him. He was going to see her tonight. And every following night. Forever. He needed Astrid to live, and he had a hunch it was vice versa. He took off running for Astrids house, The moon being his only light.
Steve arrived there late at night, the moon now begining to go down. All the lights were off at the house.
Accept for one.
Beside that single lit window was a large apple tree. He instinctlivly knew what to do. He put one foot on the base, grabbed a branch with another, and began to climb.
He passed windows, window after window. Looking through them, he saw sleeping shapes in the beds.One of them had a purple glowing nightlight.
Must be Bella's room, He thought as he climbed past it.
He reached the lit window after 2 muintes of effort, and looked through, ever-caucious.
Astrids room was all pink.
Really. She painted it all pink. Every door. Every wall. The Ceiling. Everything.
There was Astrid. She was wearing the same blouse, and was lying on the bed, which was in teh center of the room, staring at a pink wall. He couldn't see her face all that well.
He tapped on the window, softly.
She turned. Her face had tear marks running down her cheaks. Once she saw Steve, her face registered shock, then curiousity, then happiness. Her face lit up, like a turned on lightbulb. Astrid ran over to the window, unlocked it and opened it. She had tears of joy running down her face.
"Steve..." She said in a voice chocked with happiness and joy. In a single movement, she flung her arms around Steve, and pulled him into her room.
They landed on a heap on the floor, laughing.
Steve was a tad suprised. She DOES have feelings for Me, he thought.
"Steve! You came! Im so happy!" She said, unable to contain herself. She was still giggling a little. "This is my room, want a tour?"
Before Steve had the chance to say anything, she said "Ok!"
She showed him everything.
"Here is my wardrobe!", she said, opening one door.
There were SO many clothing articles. So many dresses and blouses and ballgowns and...Other various clothing articles he was pretty sure don't exist outside her wardrobe. She also showed him her collection of car keys(Which had only 1.), and her pride and joy, her many drawings.

Added (20.August.11, 6:08 PM)
All of them of cats.
"I love the feline body!" She said.
When Astrid had finished her rather long tour of her room, She and Steve sat down on the bed together.
"Do you like my room?" Said Astrid, smiling.
"Yes. Its beautiful..." Said Steve.
"Are you saying that to make me feel good?"
"A little..." Admitted Steve.
"Well, what would you say if i told you otherwise?" He contered.
Astrid thought about this.
"Why do you have to make sense..." She complained.
That sent Steve into hysterics.. Astrid followed suit, bringing more of that wonderful laughter.
But Steve had to depart, Eventually. As the sun began to poke its first rays into the darkness of the night, He set off, down the gnarled apple tree, and off to his lonely camp in the woods.
As he arrived, he breathed in the familier smell of the woods and thought, just for a second, that the world was at ease.
He was going to be with Astrid. Every night.
Steve smiled.
Then he collpased from tiredness.
The day passed. He slept for most of it, only getting up to eat. He knew it wasn't smart to stay up late, but for Astrid, it was worth it. When he couldn't sleep during the day, he watched the clouds, thinking how happy she would be when he arrived that night.
As the minutes flew by, Steve was thinking more about Astrid.
He started to get parinoid. "What if's" Started to float in his head. What if, He thought, Astrid moved? What if she had moved rooms, and now slept with Bella?
Steve soon stopped worrying, he knew that wouldn't happen. Astrid likes her home. Astrid hated Bella As much as he did, She would never sleep with her.
But still, he longed to see her again. By the time the sun went down he was hopping with excitment. He would see her soon! Again!
As Steve was eagerly watching the sunset, he listened to the grasshoppers.
Breifly, he wondered if grasshoppers when through what he is now. Heartbreak, sadness, evil sisters.

Added (20.August.11, 6:09 PM)
Probably not, he concluded, and bounded off for Astrid's house.
He again looked at the windows. All off but one. A dim light. Astrid's room.
Steve stood at the base of the tree, and again looked up.
This time, he saw Astrid herself, leaning out the window, looking towards the forest in hope.
Steve started climbing the tree.
He managed to climb the whole tree without astrid looking down at him. Then, when he reached the top, he was right beside her. With a gentle tap on he shoulder, he alerted her to his presance.
"Steve!" Said Astrid quietly. She hugged him, then pulled him through the window.
Once again landing in a heap, they embraced.
After untangling themselfs, they sat down on the bed.
They looked at eachother. There was a moment of silence.
"Im so happy you came." Said Astrid, smiling.
"My pleasure." Said Steve, "I can't stop thinking about you. I had to see you again."
"Me too."
"Yes Steve, really."
"Thats sweet." Said Steve.
"Look who's talking." Replied Astrid.
He blushed.
"Look, we both want to find a way out of Bella's 'Bargin'". She began.
"She knows i'm an escaped criminal." Steve pointed out.
"Unless we have a un-remember-er, we can't make her forget."
"Wait...I have an idea. You have a camp in the woods..." She started.
"Yes, Wha-" Began Steve. Then he realized her plan.
"You are going to live with me?" He said, not beliving his ears.
"Yes Steve." she confirmed. "Thats my plan."
He was speachless. That was...So odd! But he couldn't find anything wrong with the proposal.
"Steve, we can't do this anymore. We can't be without each other, and we both know that. It's the only way we can be together." Astrid said. And steve knew she spoke true.
"We need to plan this. When?" Asked Steve, still in a little bit of shock.

Added (20.August.11, 6:10 PM)
"Tommorow. My parents are leaving on a buisness trip. They will not be home until the day after tommorow, so that gives us a lot of time to move."
"Good. I need to pack up my stuff." Said Steve, and began to turn to leave.
"Aww, Steve, don't leave right now." Complained Astrid.
Astrid locks her arm onto his. "You are NOT leaving. I am not finished with you."
"No buts." She said, gripping harder. "You ARE staying."
He looked down at her, and opened his mouth to speak, but Astrid replied with a look of sadness. A tear was about to fall from her left eye.
"Steve...I have waited the whole day for you. Don't leave." she said with a bit of a sniffle.
That warmed Steve's heart. He hugged her.
"Im not leaving." He said quietly. "Ill never have to leave you after tonight."
Astrid grinned.
"Thank you." She whispered.
They embraced again on the bed.
He spent the rest of the night with her, hugging and telling stories. It was only when the sun began to creep up that Steve realized his over-stay.
With a breif goodbye hug, he dashed through the window. He quickly De-s Probably not, he concluded, and bounded off for Astrid's house.
He again looked at the windows. All off but one. A dim light. Astrid's room.
Steve stood at the base of the tree, and again looked up.
This time, he saw Astrid herself, leaning out the window, looking towards the forest in hope.
Steve started climbing the tree.
He managed to climb the whole tree without astrid looking down at him. Then, when he reached the top, he was right beside her. With a gentle tap on he shoulder, he alerted her to his presance.
"Steve!" Said Astrid quietly. She hugged him, then pulled him through the window.
Once again landing in a heap, they embraced.
After untangling themselfs, they sat down on the bed.
They looked at eachother. There was a moment of silence.
"Im so happy you came." Said Astrid, smiling.
"My pleasure." Said Steve, "I can't stop thinking about you. I had to see you again."
"Me too."
"Yes Steve, really."

Added (20.August.11, 6:11 PM)
"Thats sweet." Said Steve.
"Look who's talking." Replied Astrid.
He blushed.
"Look, we both want to find a way out of Bella's 'Bargin'". She began.
"She knows i'm an escaped criminal." Steve pointed out.
"Unless we have a un-remember-er, we can't make her forget."
"Wait...I have an idea. You have a camp in the woods..." She started.
"Yes, Wha-" Began Steve. Then he realized her plan.
"You are going to live with me?" He said, not beliving his ears.
"Yes Steve." she confirmed. "Thats my plan."
He was speachless. That was...So odd! But he couldn't find anything wrong with the proposal.
"Steve, we can't do this anymore. We can't be without each other, and we both know that. It's the only way we can be together." Astrid said. And steve knew she spoke true.
"We need to plan this. When?" Asked Steve, still in a little bit of shock.
cales the tree and hides under the window. He can hear Bella as she knocks on astrids door.
"Cmon Princess Astrid, open up."
The sound of a door opening. Getting on his feet, he ran away.
Apon arrival at camp, 5 muintes later, he began to pack up for the big move.
After this, no more moonlight visits. No more climbing. No more, i have to go back home.
Just Him and Astrid. Bliss.
After he packed everytihng up into 2 seperate bags, he waited until Night.
He bathed himself, and brushed his teeth, combed his hair...Made himself presentabale.
As night fell, he once again made his way to the house. Astrid was waiting outside her window.
As Steve climbed up, he failed to notice the 2 little beedy eyes watching from a window...
These 2 eyes buldged in astonishment.
It was Bella.
Astrid climbed out onto the tree, and together they climbed down.
As they reached the bottom, there comes an unearthly screech from Astrid's room.
"Bella." Said astrid.
Steve responded: "Leg it!"
They did.
"I think she knows we were doing this," Steve said, as they ran.

Added (20.August.11, 6:12 PM)
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"Because it happened when you left." She replied.
"Here," he said, handing her one of the packs.
They set off through the woods.
The sound of sirens behind them indicated that the police were coming up rapidly.
So they ran into the woods swiftly.
Steve was lost.
He was running for Astrid, he was not sure that Astrid was running for him...
As he hopped a small puddle, he thought about Astrid. Like he had for the past 12 hours. Did she feel the same way for him as he did for her? He may never know until he asked...

Meanwhile, Astrid was lost.
She was running for Steve, She was not sure that Steve was running for him...
As she sprinted down a small incline, she thought about Steve. Like she had for the past 12 hours. Did he feel the same way for her as she did for him? She may never know until she asked...

It was around 2 hours before they bumped into each other again. Throwing there heavy packs on the ground, they hugged.
"Are they on our trail?" Asked Steve.
"No." Astrid replied.
"Good." They said together, and continued to embrace.
"I'll set up camp." Said Astrid
"Ok, i'll go fish." Said Steve.
But they did not seperate.
There came an ackward pause.
Slowly, they both released their grip, until there arms were at their sides.
They slowly turned, looking back over their shoulders to make sure each one of them was there. They slowly began to walk away from each other, as if afraid they would again be sperated.
It suddenly occured to them that they would need to go behind trees, out of sight of each other, in order to actually do their job.
Turning red, Steve walked over to the river.
And Astrid took the camping tent, or the bits of it, and began to construct the tent.

Added (20.August.11, 6:14 PM)
Astrid DID eventually get the tent up.
Even then it was a bit lop-sided. But he didn't mind.
Steve eventually did dry out. And as the fish he caught (just barely) cooked on the fire, all was well.
Until Astrid showed him her bounty...
"I found these berrys!" She said, holding out a basket full of round, black berrys.
Steve picked one up.
He then turned red.
"Umm....Astrid...." He said, "No offense, but these are Buckthorn berrys."
"So?" She said smartly.
"They give you...The trots." He said, looking up.
Her face turned pale.
"You ate them, didn't you." He said, trying with all his might not to giggle.
"...Just one..." She made out, her voice squeaky.
"Well, hopefully it won't last long..." He said, turning red again.
'MustnotlaughMustnotlaugh!' His brain screamed, but he didn't think he could hold it in for much longer...
"I don't think one will do anything..." He said, trying to calm her down. She was now sweating with panic, her face REAL pale. Like, Vampire pale.
"OH MY GOD!" She screached.
"It's fine..." He said, standing up. "you just need to calm down. Panicking makes it worse!" He had made that up on the spot.
With that, she sat down on a log, sniffling slightly.
"It's fine." He said. "No bad things will happen to you...Think good things."
"GoodGoodGood..." She said.
"What makes you happy?"
"...Well...The color pink..."
Figures, he thought,
"...And you."
He looked up.
I know i shouldn't have said that," She said, looking down. "But it's true."
"Same." He said, sitting down on the log next to her.
"I am happy that i make you happy. You make me happy too." I said.
She smiled at him. It was a smile that made him smile too. That kind of Smile.
They held hands, and looked up at the sky.
Freedom does have it's downsides.
But it has it's upsides.

Added (20.August.11, 6:14 PM)
As they climbed into the tent, and into their sleeping-bags, Steve wondered if it was worth it.
Maybe. They will see...
They slept Side-by-side...Happy together.

Reagan was annoyed.
She tramped through the woods, her anger swirling around her like a cloud. The moon overhead only mildly immuninated her face, her pale white skin scrunched in rage. Her blue eyes appeared to glow from within.
As she stomped, her hair got flinged from side to side, like an red wave of blood.
She was angry because of her stupid father.
"Stupid Dress Model Career Path..." She muttered, kicking a rock with her black Boot. Her jeans were ripped rebelliously around the knee area, and patches were also visable, them being different colors.
Her shirt hung to her thighs, draping over her in a perfect way. It was only one sleeved, and loose, with a studded roaring tiger across the front. Her makeup with light but expertly brushed, her lips glossed and eye lids darkened. Her hands wore fingerless gloves and bangles that screamed personality. Her choice of outfit did not really seem adiqute for the cold fall night that had embraced her.
Of course, SHE didn't pick that outfit. Dad did.
Dad did everything. He cooked her meals, He chose her outfits from her chosen wardrobe, He bought her everything she could ever need.
Case in point, she was a spoiled teen. Her dad would eventually pick her job (A model, of course) and, her stomach churned thinking about it, maybe her future husband.
That was one step too far for her.
Getting out of the mansion was easy. Wandering around had taught her every single thing about her home. She knew the in's and out's better than anyone, she reckoned, maybe even more than the person who designed the place.
The back door was always left unlocked. She just went that way, for the sake of simplicity.
Now amoung the trees, she was discontent and altogether grumpy, although she did not really want to admit it.
It slowly dawned on her that she had not brung any form of shelter, or, more alarmingly, any food or water. She did not know about edible plants, or berrys.
Infact, she was a little peckish now.
Those black shiny ones look very good...

Added (22.August.11, 5:00 PM)
Steve sat up in his sleeping bag.
He was awoken by a soft groaning noise from outside. Odd.
Looking back at astrid, She was still sound asleep, her lips still locked in a smile.
The groaning continued. Getting out of the tent, he silently got dressed in the darkness, and felt around for a weapon.
His hands fell on something hard and moveable. He quickly lofted it.
It was a plank of wood.
It'll work.
The groaning became more intense. It sounded feminine.
Holding all sick thoughts from his mind, he went off into the woods.
After about 3 muintes of treking, it suddenly stopped. Steve froze, plank half raised.
A few horrifying seconds passed.
He slowly took one more step forward...
Nothing. Safe.
The groaning picked up, louder this time. He must be close.
He moved very slowly. The undergrowth only slightly rustled.
The groan reached a climax, then abruptly stopped.
Where was the sound originating from?
He looked down at the ground. Some berrys lay on the dirt, fresh-picked from a nearby bush.
Suddenly it made sense.
Looking from behind a tree, he could see mud, and the footprints therein.
They looked very deeply imprinted, as if the occupant of those shoes was running...the shoes sinking deeper into the mud.
He stepped over the mud, and followed the footprints.
More groaning. this reached a new octave.
He could understand why someone would be in that much agony. Buckthorne berrys are horrible.
He stopped and thought.
A girl had wandered into the woods, and might be lost. She ate some berrys and now has MAJOR Dihorea. He never really thought that girls ever DID get dihorea.
I guess it's a steryotype. Like girls never fart. Same thing, he figured.
He should leave now, he figured, and turned back for the tent.

Added (22.August.11, 5:00 PM)
Morning dawned on the forest, the light tendrils reaching through the leaves and branches to the ground below.
Inside the tent, Astrid awoke with a start. She had just had a horrilble dream. She turned to tell Steve about it...
Steve wasn't there.
Oh no!
Bolting up, she ran outside...
To find Steve, knee-deep in mud, unable to move.
She stopped, and began to snicker.
"Don't you dare." He said, arching his eyebrow playfully. "The mud kinda...Stuck. To my...Feet...A lot..."
He turned red, and Astrid burst into a giggling fit, the sound causing Steve to join in.
"Can you get me out please?" He said breathlessly, still laughing a little.
Astrid lent him a slender hand. Steve pulled, and he moved halfway out of the mud before Astrid fell in too.
Now both caught in the mud, they laughed a bit before they realised they were stuck.
Reagan felt a little better.
MAN those berrys were a bad idea. Getting up from her crouching position, she walked over to the river.
She should wash off that dreadful scent.
She did so.
Getting her clothes back on, she began to wander again.
Her mind kept going back to her cozy home. Even if it was very strict there, her dad did put a roof over her head. And clothes on her back.
She stopped, fighting that internal urge to run home. Best thing to do is to keep moving, she decided. She stepped through some more tree's into a clearing.
And was faced with the weirdest sight she has ever seen. It was like that chocolate-goo monster out of candyland, accept that this one had human limbs sticking out of it. She very nearly shreiked with panic, until it fell apart.
There was a face in there. It was the face of a boy.
"Oh...Hi..." He said, looking at Reagan, then back at himself.
"This looks Weird, i know," He began, but he was inturupted by another voice.
"Tell me about it." Said the other voice. It sounded feminine, and a hint sarcastic.

Added (22.August.11, 5:01 PM)
"That's Astrid." He explained. "I'm Steve."
Reagan nodded slowly, her red curls bouncing across her face in the process.
"I'm Reagan" She said, her voice wavering a little.
Suddenly Steve fell apart.
Although, that's how it looked to Reagan. However, it was in reality Steve and Astrid falling apart. The mud between the 2 kind off...Disconnected.
Getting out of the mud, Astrid and Steve stood next to each other before Reagan.
Astrid had a simple purple blouse on, while Steve, she noted, had no sense of style whatsoever. Those jeans and that top TOTALLY CLASHED!
Was he not aware of that at all?
"You are a mess." She said, using that snooty tone of hers, pointing a finger at them.
"We noticed." They said in unison.
"Steve- do you have any sense of style? At all?" She said, puting an expression of shock on her cute little face.
Steve looked down at himself, then at Astrid, and back to Reagan.
"I don't really worry about it. I find it burdensome." He said, brushing a bit of
"Those jeans and that shirt clash SO MUCH!" She said. "I'm saying this for your own good!"
"Fashion must be Real importaint to you." Astrid commented, looking Reagan up and down, from the top of her coppery curls to the bottom of her pink fancy shoes, studded with fake gems.
"Yes it is!" Said Reagan, throwing up her arms. "Don't you want to be presentable!"
Steve wiped the extra mud off his face. "Not really."
Reagan was at the point of throwing up her arms in frusteration until she remembered back to her last trip out, 5 days ago.
There was a wanted poster hanging on a telephone pole.
It had Steve's face on it.
She considered this. For bringing him in Reagan could get a tidy profit...
"Well....I guess that's your philosiphy. I'm not one to change that." She said, not dropping the snooty tone just yet, but letting her nice side show. "You have a lot of stuff here." She added, surveying the camp.
"We do. Most likely not as much as you." Said Astrid.
Reagan raised an eyebrow in question.
"Well, judging by your choice of clothing, and, no offense, your attitude," She continued, "You most likely are very rich. Your campground possibly has 25 different people to cook for you."

Added (22.August.11, 5:02 PM)
Reagan was really annoyed. "It wasn't MY fault I was born rich!" She almost yelled back.
"Then who was it." Said Astrid, still calm.
"It was my father! My stupid father!"
"Oh, so you are spoiled."
"Astrid, stop it." Steve said, looking at Reagan, seemingly about to explode.
"My father was the one who bought me everything i ever needed!" Screeched Reagan. "I don't want to be rich!"
Astrid stood back and watched as Reagan began to calm down. "That's why i'm here. I've ran away. My father pampered me, and made sure i did everything he wanted me to do." She said, the snootyness of her voice gone.
"Oh." Said Astrid, suddenly meak.
"We are running ourselves." Said Steve, looking sincere. "I ran because me and my parents...they fought...too much..." He said, looking down.
Reagan knew he was lieing. She decided to go along with it.
"Yeah...Parents, right?" She said, trying to start a joke.
Steve solemly nodded. "They never know when to stop."
He then turned to the campsite behind him. "Breakfast?" He asked Reagan.
"Oh, are you sure?" She said. She didn't like the idea of staying with a criminal.
"Yes, come." He said, motioning to the campsite again.
"No, no, i'm...Fine..." Reagan said, running out of ideas. She had the sinking feeling she was loosing her grasp on the situation.
"You are? You sure? I mean, Buckthorne berrys can really do a number on you, so i'm told." He said, smirking at Reagan.
"...That's true..." She said, fake-laughing.
"Come on, have breakfast. I insist." Steve said again.
"Fine." She said a little huffy.


Astrid watched Reagan with silent dislike.
Who is this girl? Why is Steve so eager to bring her in? Why?
She did join him for breakfast.
Steve had a bowl of Khrispy Korn Flakez, while Reagan settled for porridge.
Astrid herself had left-over fish. She personally likes fish.
She kept a close eye on Reagan. Why is she here?
Was she gonna sell them out....

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The room was dimly lit.
The blinds were closed, and no light sorce was inside. The walls were tan and stained, although you could not see that in the dimness.
A desk was in the center of the room. Behind it sat a person wearing a large floppy hat, that covered his face. He slouched in his chair, taking it easy.
At the solid oak door at the front of the room, there came 3 brief knocks.
"Come in." The person at the desk said, getting up from his slouch. He was having a nice little snooze. This better be importaint, he thought.
The door opened. A girl, sniffling a little, walked up to his desk.
"I need your help." she said in tones that made it clear that he could not turn this case down.
"Don't worry kiddo...I'm at your service...for the right price." He said.
She threw 3 bills down on the desk. He picked them up. He could barely make out the face of Benjamin Franklen on them. "This will do very nicely." He said, laying his hands on the table, pocketing the money. "Now what can i help you with?"
"My Sister has been kidnapped by an escaped Prisoner." She said, welling up, and beginning to snuffle.
"Does it happen to be that person, Whatshisname...Steve, that everyone is moaning about?" He said.
"The very one." She complained. "You have most likely heard that my parents are going crazy on the police department to find him and my sister."
"Well, i don't think the police can help. At all. He's disapeared into the forest, taking my sister with him."
"I see, so you are asking me to do it instead." He said, smirking.
"Yes. You ARE a private investigator. You can do things other's can't."
"That is true...I'll do it." He said, standing up. He pushed his floppy hat up, revealing his red lips and bright blue eyes. "Who are you, exactly?"
"I am Bella. Bella Yearts."
"Call me William. Nicholas William. Nick for short." Nick said, extending his hand.
Nick and Bella shook on it.
As soon as Bella left, there was a noise from the back of the small room.
Nick looked behind him, at a cardboard box filled with packing peanuts, moving up and down like a wave.
He rolled his eyes, and got up. He wore a tan trench coat, covering an red-and-blue striped long-sleive shirt. His jeans were brand new, and his face sported freakles galore.

Added (22.August.11, 5:03 PM)
"Naru, what are you doing." He said, crossing his arms.
2 tiny, Scottish-fold ears poked out, followed by 2 innocent eyes.
"Get out of there." He said, smiling.
Naru was his pet cat. A Russian blue with those scottish fold ears. He adored her.
She padded over to him, and jumped on his desk.
"We've got an assignment, Naru. Come with me." He said.
Naru leapt to his head, fitting nicely on his hat.
He had taught that to her years ago. It was another part of the way he distinguished himself from the others.
Time to go Prisoner hunting. Grabbing his pistol from the wall, he put in his pocket as he exited his dim office.
The forest was dark from the outside.
Nick stood on the outside, the rain falling down on Naru's head. Usually she hated water, but the rain seemed to sooth her.
"So he ran in here..." He said, stroking Naru's head, feeling her purr travel down his spine. "Seems like an unforboading place, huh?" He said.
Talking to himself was another one of his many flaws. That he enjoyed.
"Well, we are wasting time Naru. Let's go in."
And, as a team, they shauntered into the forest, prepared for what lied ahead.
To escape the rain, Steve and the others had retreated to the tent, which Reagan knew how to set up correctly. Apparently, it could expand to hold 3 people.
Which was conviniant.
Sadly, they only had two sleeping bags. Steve volunteered to give his up, but Astrid beat him too it.
"No, i should sleep outside. You know you can't stand the cold." She argued.
"How are you so sure?" He countered.
"Because your skin is as white as paper, and most likely it is as easy to leave a mark on it as paper." She said, smiling.
"Oh come on. are you so sure about that? I'm english, we are used to rain." He said.
She put her hands on her hips. "Then why are you constantly in some sort of messy state?"
"It's my nature."
"It looks like you should take a break from nature." she said.
Steve finally gave in. "Ok, you can sleep outside." He said. "You sure no how to argue."
"I don't. I'm just a little better than you."

Added (22.August.11, 5:04 PM)
That made him stiffle a laugh.
So she took her position on the ground and got to sleep.
The leaves stopped most of the rain from reaching her, but a few drops got through.
Nick was not as lucky.
Naru was soaked to the bone.
He had been trudging through the forest for a good 2 hours. Nothing.
"I think this is all faked. What are the chances that i can find them?"
Naru got off his head, and began to walk forward.
"Fine, Naru. We'll keep going. Just don't get your hopes up."
She darted through the underbrush, sniffing and walking in several different directions before choosing one. She looked very intent on finding them.
"Naru, i think we should head back. I really don't thi-"
He tripped over something, falling to the ground. Picking himself up, and looking back, he realized...
He had tripped on a girl.
She was asleep, as sound as a log.
"What..." He said, completly confused.

Added (24.August.11, 7:18 PM)
Naru circled her, sniffing.
"What is a girl doing here..." he mused to himself.
He turned her over, her face was still pristine. It must be that she is the girl that was kidnapped.
Time to return her.
Astrid awoke.
Her sleep last night was restless. She had the worst dream that someone in a trench coat had come, and taken her from Steve. It was horrible.
She came to her senses.
Time to get up...Steve most likely has Krispy Korn Flakez in a bowl, and he's content with it, maybe he saved some for her...
She opened her eyes, and found to her suprise that she could not stand up.
She looked down, her feet were tied with rope. Her hands too.
She was in a room, a dim, almost lightless room...She was not in the forest anymore.
"Oh. Your up." Said a somewhat cold voice.
Astrid turned her head, to see the man with the trench coat from her nightmare standing beside her. "I was waiting to see when you would."
She screamed.
"Woah," He said, his voice cutting through her scream. "Be quiet. Your OK."
She didn't stop.
"I'M TRYING to HELP you!" He said calmly, yet firmly.
She stopped. "HOW IS THIS HELPING!" She demanded.
"I'm returning you to your parents. They have been worried sick!" He said.
Astrid started to scream again.
The trenchcoat man rolled his eyes.
"Would you STOP!" He said, close to loosing his temper.
Astrid quickly decided that an angry Trenchcoat Man was a lot worse than a not angry trenchcoat man, and went quiet.
"It's going to be ok." He said.
"Yes. Your sister will be here to pick you up i-"
Astrid resumed screaming.


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Steve woke up slowly.
He had the feeling this was going to be a real bad day. his 3rd day alone with Astrid...And with Reagan.
Reagan was gone from the tent.
He groaned, and he walked outside, stumbling a little over his own feet.
Reagan was actually up, her face down in a bowl of Krispy Korn Flakez.
"Something wrong?" He asked, sitting next to her.
"I HATE mornings." She moaned. "It fills me with emptyness."
"Is that the only reason?" He said, reaching for the Cereal.
She looked up at him. "Ok, usually in the morning my dad would have made me run the standard 3 laps around the house. My musules still ache."
"Why would he do that?" Steve asked, confused.
"He wanted to keep me in shape." She said. "He was absolutly fixated on me being a model. He envisioned me walking down the runway in the latest fasion." She smirked. "Not anymore. "He's not gonna bend me to his whims. I suppose he just wanted for me to be a model for the hell of it. He would gain more fame than he already has."
"Is he like, one of the worlds riches people?"
"Ah." Steve said, trying to find his bowl. "Have you seen my Cereal bowl?" He said, turning to Reagan again.
"What does it look like?" She said, still not smiling.
"Well, it's red...Wait," He said, looking at the bowl Reagan was eating from. It was his.
"Nevermind." He said quickly, looking at the cereal box, appearing to be deeply engrossed in reading the nutrition facts.
Reagan looked at him funny, then went back to eating her cereal.
"Say...This has 110 calories per fasinating..." He murmered.
"Don't talk to me about nutrition facts." Moaned Reagan. "Dad also put me on a permanant diet. Nothing over 100 chalories. So many fruits. so many no-fat meals. So little suger."
She put her face back in the bowl.
"Where is Astrid? She said she's be sleeping right outside the tent"
"and you belived her?" Reagan said in an astonished tone, lifting her face out of the bowl.
"Yes..." He said. "Why?"
"Because i saw her head into the woods." Reagan said, a dainty smile gracing her lips. "I guess she wasn't so fond of you..."
Steve's eye twitched a little.
"I said, she does not like you very much, at least it seems like that." She said.

Added (24.August.11, 7:20 PM)
"That's a lie." He said, standing up, and glaring into Reagan's face.
"How are you so sure?" she said, in slightly sarcastic tones that grinded Steve's gears all the more. "I simply can't see why she came out here with you...Alone..."
"You be quiet about her." Steve snapped.
"Oooo, protective!" she said in that same annoying tone.
"I said, be quiet. I don't want to get angry with you."
"And you arn't already?" she said, and giggled. "You know, maybe because you are wanted is partly why she left you-"
He snapped.
"WOULD YOU SHUT UP!" He bellowed.
The clearing went quiet.
"That's what they all say!" she replied, before being silenced by his booming voice.
He sat down, and glared at Reagan angrily.
Reagan opened her mouth, and closed it again.
"Why." He said in a softer voice. "Tell me."
"...I don't know. I just...I was..." She tried.
"I was...Oh, i can't explain it..." Reagan said bitterly. "I always used to joke like that with my friends."
Steve was about to say how foolish this explination was when he thought about this.
"So let me guess...Dad chose friends that were your exact type?"
"Yes." She said. "I belive that is it."
"I thought so."
"I'm not used to getting along with other people. Dad guided my every action, like a rat in a maze."
"Which blinded your view of the real world?"
"Well...I'm not sure how other people feel inside. I'm only used to feeling how i feel...And i thought all people thought the same as me."
"That is a big mistake." Steve said. "Everyone has they're own thought process, they're own thoughts, feelings, reactions...Everyone is different. We may be cut from the same mold body-wise...but we are all different inside."

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She looked up at him and smiled. "I'm sorry. Let's put that behind us."
"And find where Astrid went." He said, getting up and running out of the clearing.
Nick was having no luck with Astrid.
She just kept screaming, and whenever he tried to get his words in, she just screamed louder.
He sat at his desk, thinking about gagging her, when the door sounded with a knock.
"Be quiet." He said to her. for once she actually responded by shutting up.
"Thank you." He said, and walked over to the door.
He opened it, expecting Bella.
"Thank go-" He began, then he got a foot to the face.
He fell to the ground, and was about to get up when someone made him get up for him, grabbing him buy the shirt and dragging him up.
"Wha-" He managed to say before a punch blasted his jaw almost out of his mouth. With a strong push, he got thrown backwards into the desk.
Naru looked up, and hissed.
Nick looked into the face of his assailent.
"You little squirt." He said. "Give me one reason not to punch your skull out of your flesh."
He was just about to talk when a shreik erupted from the door behind him.
Steve turned, and got hit on the side of the head with Bella's foot. He stumbled, and got back up, ready to fight. "I've come for Astrid, you fathead!" Steve said, aiming the insult at Nick.
"You will never have my sister!" Bella growled, and pulled out a pocket knife.
Steve suddenly grew a little more pale then he already was.
Bella advanced on him, a sly smile on his face...
Inturupted by a loud BANG.
Everyone turned to see Nick, with his gun pointed in the air. There was a bullet-hole in the ceiling, the barrel smoking.
"Bella, drop the knife."
She did as he asked.
"Steve, i want you to get out of he-"
He was inturupted by an arm, lashing around his neck, putting a knife to it.
"Drop the gun." Said Reagan, holding the knife tight.
"Reagan! I told you to stay behind!" Said Steve, obviously annoyed.
"Well, i don't obay orders. Drop it!"

Added (24.August.11, 7:22 PM)
He did.
"Now," she began, "I want you to leave me and Steve and Astrid ALONE."
Bella was slowly slinking towards the gun. But Steve quickly slid in front of bella, snatching up the gun. He threw it out the window, and it clattered into an alleyway.
Reagan was now in control of the situation. Astrid was still on the floor, heavily breathing. Bella was in a headlock by Steve.
It all just...Stopped.
Then Reagan threw Nick to the ground, and he saw black...


Nick opened his eyes, the darkness of the woods making the light dance on his eyes.
He was in the woods.
Naru was gone.
Nick tried to raise his head, but it didn't move. It was somehow...Bound to the ground. His arms were tied to his sides. His legs were also. He was in the middle of Steve's encampment. He remembered the fight, blacking out...
"I know, but we can't risk it."
That was Steve.
"What if someone notices he's missing? We have to put him back!"
This new girl Steve called Reagan...
"He knows where we are. We need to eliminate him."
Nick's heart rose in his chest. Eliminate!
"We have the gun, we can use that."
MY GUN!, he thought, They have my gun!
That was Astrid.
"We can't kill him!" Reagan pleaded.
"We need to. It's the only way." Steve insisted.
His heart began to pound. They can't kill me!
"Holding him hostage is the only way we can be sure without killing him. Let's do that." Reagan said.
Steve sighed. "Very well. I guess we can keep him hostage for now." He relented. "But we will decide later wether to kill him or not."
"Kill him! Kill him!"" Astrid pleaded, on the verge of Sobbing.
"Astrid, calm down..." Said Steve.

Added (24.August.11, 7:22 PM)
Suddenly, there was a zip as the tent opened. A shadow fell over Nick's face.
"Hello." Came Reagan's voice. "I'm sorry about the gagging and rope-tying and all...but we couldn't be sure."
She gently removed the gag from his mouth. He sputtered a little, taking deep breaths.
"Oh come on, it's not that bad." she said.
"Have you ever tried." Nick said, still breathing deeply.
"...Admittedly, no." Reagan replied. She sat on a nearby log.
"So, how are you doing?" She said, grinning.
"Besides being tied up and held for randsom? Fine, just fine." He said, smiling a little.
Reagan laughed a little. "Aww...You look so harmless and cute, all tied up..." She said.
"Harmless i understand, but Cute?!" Nick said. "Cute?!"
"It's true, just so cute."
"Ok...By the way, have you seen my cat?"
"What cat?" she said, confused.
"My cat. Russian blue, scottish fold ears..."
"Oh, you mean Miss Polly?" Reagan said with a smile.
"MISS WHAT?!" He said, angered.
"Just joking. I know where she is." Reagan said, giggling. "I didn't name her miss polly."
"Thank god..." he said.
"I named her-"
"Her name is Naru." Nick said. "Can you untie my head, so i can see you?" He asked.
"No." she responded.
"I can't."
"What do you mean, you can't!"
"I'm not allowed too." she said smartly.
"You took the gag out!" He pleaded. "You can remove the rope around my head!"
"...Ok, fine." She said. Reagan walked over, and untied the rope holding his head to the ground.
His head turned to look at her. "You look great." He said, smiling.
"Thanks." She said, sitting again. "So do you."
"Yes. Your trench coat all flattened out..."
"Yes, the trench coat...It was my brothers idea." Said Nick, blushing.
"You have a brother? Lucky." She huffed.
"You don't want one." He assured her. "If i didn;t have one, i would have been a different person."
"Really?" She said.

Added (24.August.11, 7:23 PM)
Yes. I would have looked better. And my clothes would be nicer." Nick said.
Reagan giggled. "I think your funny." She said.
"Really?" He said. "You'd be the first."
"Are you serious?"
"...Yes." He said. "I don't have that many talents."
"Then you might be a jack of all trades." She said. "Good at all, master of none..."
"Well, i'm rubbish at mechanics, so that must mean i suck at everything else too." He said.
Reagan giggled again. "Oh come on! You can't have NO talents. You must be good at something!"
"...I don't know. I havn't found it yet."
"Therapy?" She tried.
"No." He responded.
"DEFINATLY No." He said with a shudder.
"...You know, i haven't tried that yet." He said, smiling. "Maybe i'm good at that."
"You never know." Reagan said, smiling. "I'm good at modeling."
"Modeling? That explains why you are so beautiful." Nick noted.
"You think so?" She said, blushing.
"Yes! All you need is the lastest fasion and you'll be burning up the runways."
"Aww...What a nice thing to say."
"Reagan?" Steve shouted from the tent. "You ok?"
"Yes, i'm fine." She said back. Turning back to Nick, Reagan rolled her eyes. "So protective. He goes the extra mile to make sure everything is alright."
"Tell me about it." He said, looking down at the ropes tying his body to the ground.
"Don't worry. It'll be over soon." Reagan said, smiling. She looked at the sun setting. "I hope."
"Thanks." He said.
Someone cared about him here....

Added (24.August.11, 7:25 PM)
"Astrid, come on. He deserves to live." Steve pleaded.
"No he doesn't! He's a slimely, stupid Bastard! He kept me from you..." She said, looking down. "I was all tied up, and alone...Nothing is worse then that. NOTHING!"
"It's ok...It's over. You are back here with me."
"I...I...." Astrid looked down at the ground.
Steve Put his arm around her shoulder. "We have to spare him."
"Your just siding with Reagan!" Astrid said, turning on him.
"Well...Yes, he is not supposed to die! What are we gonna do with a dead body?"
"Astrid, i'm sorry. But we can't kill him. He has a right to live, he was only doing his job as a private investigator."
"...I guess your right."
"Besides, i'm here now. There will be no more problems, as long as we keep him held." Steve mentioned.
"Ok." Astrid said, relenting. She looked up at Steve. "What would i do without you."
He turned red. "Well...I don't know." He said, smiling.
They sat there, looking at each other for a few moments.
Reagan walked in. "Have we reached a verdict?"
"Yes." Steve said, looking up. "He will be kept hostage until further notice."
She let out a breath of air. "Ok. Say...Can i sleep outside tonight?"
"If you want too...I was going to sleep out tonight, but if you want..." He said.
"Thanks." Reagan replyed, smiling.
She left again.
"You know," Steve said, "I think she has gotten close to that prisoner."
"Really..." Astrid said, smiling. "I've gotten pretty close to you, in the past few days."
"I know." He said, smiling. "We have the tent to ourselves again tonight."
"For the first time in a day or 2."
"A day." Steve said.
Reagan went outside, and lay on the ground. She didn't bother changing out of her clothes.
She looked over at Nick. He was sound asleep from her view.
He was so sweet. It almost seemed unfair he had to lay on the ground, tied up like that. But he did try to kidnap Astrid. So he must face the fire.
Well, at least he wasn't going to die.
At least, not today. Astrid WAS eventually going to get her way. And he would be shot. At least, that's what Reagan thought.

Added (24.August.11, 7:25 PM)
Nick shifted a little, his hair shifting.
He really WAS cute, just lying there on the ground. Unable to move.
Somewhat like a pet dog. Completly obidient.
And completly harmless.
She looked up at the tree cover, and sighed. Tommorow is another day with those 2 lovebirds. They couldn't get enough of one another...She didn't know why they didn't already say "I love you." It must be difficult to get those words out. But it was clear that they cared for each other, and loved each other.
Something shifted in the dark. Reagan bolted upright, to find a small form crouching in the darkness beside her.
It meowed.
"Hello pretty..." She said, holding out her hand. This must be naru, she thought.
The russian blue came out and sniffed Reagan's hand, purring.
It then crossed over to Nick, and put a paw on his chest.
A small groaning sound came from Nick, who was obviously used to this. "What is it." He mumbled silently.
Naru meowed again.
"Food...Oka-" He stopped abruptly as he remembered he was tied up.
"Oh, perfect." He said, bumping his head into the dirt a few times. He let out a sigh.
The cat climbed onto his chest.
"Hi There..." He said, obviously trying to look at the cat on his chest.
Naru continued down his chest until she came to his neck. with one fell leap she lept from Nick's torso to his face, where she lay.
"Naru!" Came Nicks muffled voice. The purring sound from the cat suggested that Naru didn't really care.
Reagan giggled a little.
"Reagan?" Nick asked, hearing her giggle.
"What are you doing out here? Don't tell me you are tied up too." He said, groaning a little. His voice was still muffled by the cat.
"No, i'm free...Your cat is cute."
"Thanks." He said, and even from where she lay, 5 feet away, she could still picture him smiling under that mass of blue fur. "Can you do me a favor?" He asked. "Please?"
"What?" Reagan asked.
"Get Naru off my face. I can't, because of my...captivity." He said, still muffled.
"Aww...but you look so cute together."
"Please, it's getting hard to breathe!" He pleaded.
Naru meowed.

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Reagan got up, and lifted Naru off his face. She then placed it on his chest.
"You HAD to do that, didn't you." Nick said.
"Yes." She said, smirking."Yes i did."
She got back down on the ground, laying opposite Nick so that their heads touched.
"Any reason for the placement?" He said, smiling.
"You don't like it?" She said, a little sad. "Ok, i'll move."
"No, no it's ok, i was just wondering why." He siad quickly.
"You DO like it. I knew it." Reagan said triumphantly.
"Yes i do like it. A lot." Nick admitted. "But why?"
"Because i knew you would like it." She shook her head back and forth, throwing her long hair onto his face. She then closed her eyes.
"Night." She said, and pretended to sleep, going silent.
Nick stayed silent for a few seconds.
Then she heard his blowing as he tried to blow her hair off his face. And his small shakings of his head.
Apparently it didn't work. He sighed, and went silent.
She smiled silently as she drifted into sleep...
The next day went by rather hurridly.
They discovered the hundred-doller bills in his pockets. Reagan and Steve went out to spend it, and Astrid went to pick berrys.
They returned with Many goodies...Chocolate, candy, and meat, flower, and other good things.
They all had a hand in cooking dinner (Except Nick). They made chicken pie, and laughed and joked together while They ate it. And for desert they ate the 100$'s worth of chocolate they bought.
Nick didn't have any.
He lay on the ground, stewing, getting angry. Even though he knew he shouldn't, he got really mad at everyone, Escpeically Astrid, who always seemed to hate him the most.
That night, he lay on the ground, He had the last straw.
Astrid left a peice of chocolate RIGHT next to his face, exactly where he couldn't reach it.
He was about to give Astrid a peice of her mind when Reagan came out.
"Yes.." He said, gritting his teeth together.
"Wow, you sound mad toda- OH." She said, noticing the chocolate.
"Astrid," He said quietly. "Left that peice there, JUST to torment me." He said, teeth still clamped together.

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"Oh." Reagan said. "I'm sorry...You did kidnap her..."
Nick sighed. "I guess your right." He said, looking up at the treetops again. He sighed. "I SHOULD be glad they are not killing me now and skinning me."
"Here." She said, Picking up the chocolate. "I'll give you it."
"Ok.." He said.
"Open wide..." She said, laughing.
He smiled, then opened his mouth, making the characteristic "aaah" Sound.
Reagan dropped it in. "There."
"Mm..." H said, chewing. "High quality stuff, this."
"Yeah, it costed 50$ to buy a pound of it."
"Good." Nick said. "VERY good chocolate."
"I'm sleeping out here tonight." She said, sitting next to him. "I somehow find sleeping out here...Relaxing."
"Is that the ONLY reason?" He said, smiling.
"...Maybe." Reagan said. She grabbed the rope around his head and removed it.
"Thanks." He said, moving his head up to look at her again. "You still look great, especially in one of Astrid's blouses."
Reagan blushed.
"Say...can you remove my arm-ropes as well?" He pleaded. "Please?"
She looked at him. "I want too, but i don't think they will aprove." She said quietly.
"It's nighttime, no-one will know. You can tie me tighter to the ground in that makes you feel any better. But please, my arms hurt..."
"Ok." She said quietly. She pulled the hooks that attached the rope to the ground out, freeing his arms.
He lifted his arms up, streaching.
"Thank you SO much. I feel godly." Nick said gratefully.
She then continued to pull out ropes.
"Wha-" He began, but Reagan silenced him.
"Look...i want you to have full freedom. I know that if they come out, they will kill me. But i can't stand to see you stuck to the ground for one more SECOND." She said.
"Thank you so much." He said quietly. "Thank you."
Nick then Grinned like the sun.
"Come, sit with me. You have been there for too long." She said.
He got up, stumbled a bit, regained his composure and sat on the log. Reagan joined him.
After a bit of an awkward silence, Reagan turned to Nick.
"Tell me about yourself." She said.
He turned red. "Well....My childhood has not been exactly...Well...Good."

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"Do continue." She said, grinning Evilly.
"Well...I was born in England. Yorkshire. I spent my first 5 years there. I had mold allergys. So when my house was revealed to be filled with Mold, i kept having constant ashthma attacks. So, my dad and my mom decided to move to America. We went over there, and i stayed there ever since, only returning once every 2 years to visit.
"When i was 9, my parents got divoced. I lived with my mother, with no father to confort me. I got into high school...But things didn't go so well. I dropped out, and became a backstreet P.I." He said, looking down.
"...Wow." Reagan said, almost wordless.
"What about you?" Nick asked.
"Well...I was brought up by my father. He gave me everything i wanted and needed. However, he chose all my desitions for me. He chose what i ate, he chose what i wore, he even chose what my daily activitys were. And soon, i know, we would have chosen what my job is, and even...My future husband."
"Oh my." He said.
"So i ran away, and ended up with Mr and Ms lovebird." She said, pointing to the tent.
"Interesting. Our lives are completly different, yet we end up together." He noted.
"Opposites attract." Said Reagan, smiling.
"True." Nick said, smiling back.
They looked into each others eyes for a minute.
Reagan slowly moved towards Nick.
Nick slowly moved towards Reagan.
They kissed.
Pulling apart, foreheads together, Nick said, "If Steve finds out, we'll both be killed."
"Who cares." Said Reagan. "I love you."
They kissed again.
The sun rose above the forest, the light playing it's peculier tricks on the ground, blocked partily by the leafs.
Nick was roped to the ground as usual. However, he had a smile on his face.
Reagan lay next to him, grinning. They were both asleep.
Steve poked his head out of the tent, and observed the situation. After waiting for a while, he slowly stepped out, and headed to to the log to enjoy the Cereal he clutched in one hand.
Sitting down, he slowly ate his ceareal. Astrid came out of the tent a few moments later.
"Is everything alright?" She asked Steve.
"...Not really."

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"What's wrong?" She asked, sitting next to him.
"I don't know...It's just the feeling that something bad is going to happen."
Astrid looked down at Nick.
"...Oh, she really didn't..." she Muttered.
"What's up?" Steve asked, putting the bowl on the log and standing up.
Reagan turned over in her sleep, muttering unrecognizable words. After a few moments, she opened her eyes.
"Hi..." She said drowzily.
"Reagan..." Astrid said, her tones rising.
"What?" She said, smiling lazilly.
"Do you know what happened to that peice of chocolate?"
"What peice?" Reagan said, rubbering her eyes, her words taking on more sober tones.
"The peice i left beside Nick." Astrid said.
"Oh yes. That peice you used to torment him?"
"Oh, admit put that peice right beside his face, where he couldn't reach it." Reagan said pointedly.
"...Ok, i did put it there, but he deserved it." Astrid admitted it.
"He kinda did." Added Steve. "He DID kidnap Astrid."
"Yeah...I guess so. " Reagan said.
"But what did you do with the peice?" Asked Astrid.
"...I gave it to him." Reagan admitted quietly.
"WHAT?!" Astrid screeched.
"I know, i know...But.." She began, but astrid inturupted.
"WHY?! Did you feel BAD for him?!" Astrid screeched, her voice going up an octave.
"Astrid, calm down." Said Steve, but Astrid was on a roll.
"Um.." Reagan spluttered.
"Astrid! Calm down! It's a Candy bar your getting worked up over!"
She ran into the tent, and a split second later, she jumped out with a knife.

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"Wha-?" Said Nick, finally stirring.
"DIE!" She charged at him, and lifted the knife with the intention of plunging it into Nicks chest.
"Ahh!" Screamed Nick in suprise.
"ASTRID! NO!" Screamed Steve.
Out of no-where, Reagan barreled into Astrid, knocking the knife from her hand. They got into a cat-fight, rolling on the ground, scratching and clawing, and trading insults.
This was inturupted by a gunshot.
They stopped, and slowly turned to see Steve holding Nick's gun.
Reagan and Astrid dumbly nodded.
"Ok. Apologize."
"I'm sorry." Astrid said to Reagan. Reagan returned the apology.
"Now, we need to get along with each other. This never happened. and NO more fights

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They nodded again.
"Ok." He said, lowering the gun. "Let's go make some real breakfast." He smiled.
How DOES he do it?, Astrid wondered. He went from boiler-blowing mad to cool and collected, in the space of 4 seconds.
She guessed that is a part of his charm.
Astrid kept a close eye on Reagan for the day. And she asked to sleep outside for the night.
Steve agreed.
Reagan tucking into the sleeping bag, nervous about tonight.
Her boyfriend was out there, with someone wo hated him!
Everything was quiet...That's a good sign. She turned over and tried to get some sleep.
The tranquility was perfect... Her eyes closed...
Which was suddenly inturupted by a scream.
She ran out of the tent, in time to see Astrid ramming the knife into Nick's gut.
Reagan bolted upright in her sleeping bag.
It was a dream. All a dream. A nightmare. Oh thank god.
She poked her head out of the tent, just to see what he was up too.
Nothing. She couldn't see anything though the black of night. She had to trust Astrid to not murder Nick until morning.
She hunkered back down, and went to sleep

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(Why was I not informed, I would have loved to help.)

(...And I have a feeling my name is in there for a reason.)

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(Oh wait I forgot, I think me and duck share the same name.)

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(Well...It was sort of a, what can i do on my own, kind of thing.)

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(Well you had bella and naru help. I suppose if I helped Bella would have been bitchy about it like she always is around me.)

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(...I bitch'd everyone away AGAIN!? God, I really need to either think it through or shut up.)

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(Nah, it really didn't have that many hits to begin with.)

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