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Role-Playing Place » The Neighborhood » Stories » Wit. (A short story.)
DepressedDuckDate: Mo, 22.August.11, 10:13 PM | Message # 1
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"Eggs...Milk....Lettuce...Vodka?!" I read off the list. "That is completly my mother's style of shopping list."
I figured this in my head. I would need to head to the corner store for the vodka, then to the supermarket for the Eggs, Milk and Lettuce.
I put the list down and continued to walk down the street. This time of night, when the moon was only slightly visable above the horizon, few people were outside. The street was all mine, no people to get out of the way of, like usual.
Just my luck my mother wanted Vodka at 8:30 in the bloody evening.
Walking beside the towering apartment blocks, it made one feel small, alone and completly defenseless. I had been taking judo classes, but i barely picked up anything. It was like math. Borning and useless.
And like math, it always comes to be useful one day, when you have long forgotten how to use it.
The various alleyways that snaked between the shops were dark and forboading. On the other side of the street, I saw eyes in the darkness, and the glint of golden jewelry.
I hurried along, not looking into any alleyway i passed. I could get the shopping, and go. Easy as that...
Suddenly, i heard 3 loud bangs from across the street. I turned, and saw 2 people, armed with pistols, run into the street after me.
I sprinted down the pavement, another shot peeling off behind me. Either they had bad aim, or they were drunk and/or stoned.
I made it to the corner store. Opening the door and flinging myself inside, i shut the glass door behind me and ran into the wine section. I curled in a ball on the floor, and waited.
A muinte passed. A muinte too long in my opinion. Where were they...
A movement from the end of the aisle made me turn, but it was only Mr Walley, the Owner/Cashier of the store.
"What are you doing!" He snapped. I think he had a grudge against me.
"Sir, There are people with guns outside!" I hissed.
"You insolent boy! There is nothing outside! Now get out, unless you want to buy som-"
He was cut off by a loud BANG, and a bullet went straight through his head. His eyes froze, and he collapsed on the ground, blood draining from his head-wound, coating the floor dark red.
I shreiked like a girl, and ran out of the aisle, another whisteling bullet barely missing me. It plunged into the Beer cooler, smashing the glass casing behind me. Beer poured out, making the floor sticky, yet slippery.
I had allowed myself to get cornered! Now i had 2 potential gang-men on my trail, with loaded guns!

Added (22.August.11, 8:13 PM)
Grabbing one of the fine wines from the rack, i smashed the bottom half on the ground, leaving me with an efficiant weapon. Whoever gets that in the face is not a happy camper.
I creeped down the aisle, watching for shadows and figures.
Suddenly, i heard the tinkle of the shop bell as the door opened.
Those people were coming in!
That's when i remmbered: The back door, which lead into an alley-way. An alley-way did not sound like such a good place to go, but it was better than getting a bullet in the face.
Now, to get there without anyone seeing me...
I heard footsteps. And a drunken voice said:
"The lil' Bastardo went this way!"
"I see em!"
"T'en shoot 'em up, damnit!"
No shots. He was bluffing.
This was when i made my move.
I jumped up, and ran for the back door. I didn't look back at my persuers, however, 5 shots rang out, most hitting the floor behind me, one whisting past my face.
After running out, i shut it behind me. I held up my Shattered bottle up, and stood on the outside of the door frame. If one of them went through, i would smash him on the head and run.
After about a muinte, i heard muffled sounds from inside the store.
Then, one of them strode out, gun raised...
I walloped him on the head. He fell down, gun still in his grasp, not making a sound, but the shattering of glass made it clear what had happened.
"Garrando!" Came the drunken yell from inside.
I hauled but out of there. I turned the corner and sprinted down the street. I looked behind me...
The bullet caught me straight in the leg. I collapsed on the ground, and yelled in pain.
The world began to slowly swim before my eyes. I saw the triumphant gang-member run up to me, his face sporting a green lizard tatoo. He raised a knife, but he fell to the ground, tazer wires attached to his back. I heard and saw the flashing lights of the police car and ambulence, and the face of my mother looking down on me.
They loaded me into a stretcher, and placed me in the back of the ambulence.
It was so white in there. So clean.
I saw my mother, and the nurse, and i turned my head and saw all these tubes in my arm...
And then the world dissovled into smoke and i blacked out.


I stared at the ceiling.
It was white like the amdulence, and it glowed.
"Your awake..." Said a quite voice from the side of my bed.
Turning my head, i saw the face of my mother.
And they said words to me, and i forgot what they were.
But they left, and i went back to sleep.
A while later, my head cleared up and i heard more voices.
"Hello...Anyone alive in there..."
I turned my head, it was Jill, standing by my bed.
"Jill?" I said, my voice sounding stuffy and silly.
"Yes, it's me. I came to see how you're doing." She said, sitting in a chair beside me.
I looked down at myself. tubes were connected to a stand beside me. And they were connected to my body, somehow.
"I'm fine." I said.
"Steve, you took a bullet to the leg. You are not exactly 'all right'." She said.
"I'm indistructable. You know that." I said, smiling.
She laughed. "You haven't lost your wit yet." She said.
And to this day, i haven't.

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Role-Playing Place » The Neighborhood » Stories » Wit. (A short story.)
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