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Death Battle: Zelton vs Shadow
Dillon0909Date: Th, 05.June.14, 2:03 PM | Message # 1
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Necromancy, the dark art of raising the dead. In our threads we've had some truely great Necromancers.
Like Zelton- The Dark Elf
Shadow- The New Master of Darkness.
I'm Dillon0909, and it's my job to analize their weapon's armor and skills to see who would win a Death Battle.
In a kingdom torn by war after the fall of the Wizard's tower. The 8 masters of their crafts sent their Magical power to 8 extrodinary individuals. The longest to choose was the Master of Darkness, who decided to choose a young Elf who showed great potential. And thus Shadow became the new master of Darkness.
Though he didn't start out that way. He was a soilger i nthe Military who was a bit Naive for his own good. He found a witch, they fell in love, she died, and he recieved further training form the Orignal Master of Darkness ghost.
Stats: Height (6 Ft) Weight (200) Appearance (Black long trenchcoat, black pants, clawed gloves, and a black sword at his hilt)
After years or training Shadow came back, stronger then ever before, able to manipulate solid bone to implode in the inside, and able to weild a sword like he was weilding it for years. He can raise the dead like any necromancer, and even knows some minor lightning based magic.
Sadly he also came back with a nasty attitude, and was basically a total prick. He's arrogent, egotistcal, and believe this ahis way is the only way things work, which sometimes leads him into some very hot water. However, Shadow's skill might make this a case of being able to back up what he says.
Stats: Height(5,5) Weight(120) Race(Elf) Apperance: (A traditional black cloaked robe, with boots and hidden pants.)
In another kingdom torn by a war between Humans and Elves, the rumors of a cruel and terrifying man surrond both sides of the kingdom. That man is Zelton, the Dark Elf.
Zelton is the former royal court mage apprentice to Princess Amy, with a simple goal. He wanted to master Necromancy to extend his life so much that he'd master all the magical spells in the world. Along the way he fell smitten with the Princess, and they had a kind of secret relationship with each other, including having a secret daughter named Caroline. A majority of Zelton's spells come from the Black Book, an ancent spell book that has countless information on the dark arts as well as the location of the Black Blade, an sword that is so powerful it could carve mountains in half.
Because of what was in that book, Zelton's mastery of the Undead is astounding, able to tame even Vampires, a race of undead thought to be uncontrollable and even spawn bone from seemingly out of no where. Thanks to his time training with Amy, he also knows some basic healing magic, and some minor light based magic. He can manipulate shadows to become solid and strangle people. However, his most advanced spell isn't from the black book at all. it was his own. By combing his Necromancy with lightning magic, Zelton made a spell called the Blade Hand.
The Blade hand is a distructive killing machine spell, that can carve through Solid Steel, Gold, Iron, Diamond, and even Obsidian. However, becaue of the power it exudes its onyl good for about 5 swings before it eventaully drains Zelton of all his Magic, and leaves him basically powerless.
Zelton is...abit of a jerk as well. He's cocky and arrogent, thinking himself to be one of the most powerful beings that ever lived. Which some times leaves him to underestimate his opponent like in the fight with his servent Rosaline. Never the less Zelton is truely one skilled Master of the Dark Arts.
Okay the Combantents are set its time to end tihs debate once and for all.

I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Th, 05.June.14, 2:23 PM | Message # 2
Group: Administrators
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Zelton was walking with Rosaline down a path, and then they see Shadow sitting there. Zelton put Rosaline behind him, as the Shadow stood up. "I'll be taking the Black Book from you, you emo bastard" He said glaring at Zelton.
Zelton said "Rosaline take this" He gave Rosaline the Black Book, and she left the area. "This fool just sealed his fate"
Zelton instantly turned on the Blade hand, and charged at Shadow who uses his blade to block, but his eyes widened when it gets cut in half. In response Shadow summons two undead dogs who attack Zelton, who slices them both in two. Shadow then uses his Bone Explostion to try to explopde Zelton from the inside, as Zelton uses his Shadow magic to launch Shadow away from him. His hand glowed white as he healed his side, and then jumped back as an Undead Giant tried to fight him. Shadow smirked having the thing on a Leash as Zelton countered with another undead giant of his own. While the undead gians fought, Zelton's raised a soiid bone sheild as Shadow launched pitch black lighting at the sheild. Zelton smirked and said "That all you got" He was then blown away by Shadow exploding the sheild. Shadow picked up his sword and stabbed at Zelton, who just barely dodged it.
Shadow glared at him and then Zelton glowed red. He started to pulse in the air, as Shaodw held him out with his hand. Suddenly the shadows of Shadow wrapped around his Neck and pulled him down dropping Zelton.
Zelton glared and turned on his blade hand while Shadow gasped for breath, then sliced his head off. Shadow's undead giant fell as Zelton put his back into the ground.
While Shadow's bone explostion is a powerful and very deadly spell, Zelton's adaptablitly more then made up for the technique. Also, while Zelton is arrogent he actually has a good reason, as Zelton has mastered seveal other spells, as well as his destructive Blade hand, while Shadow only master Necromancy, and the Bone Explostian. Quite simply Zelton outclassed Shadow in every way.
The Winner is Zelton.
To be decided XD
Leave comments below that either argue the result, agree with the result, so on and so forth. If you like to make a suggestion go to the Collab Thread Death Battle and post it there.

I love Spooky Crap :D
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