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Top Five Couples
Dillon0909Date: Th, 05.June.14, 8:35 PM | Message # 1
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We do alot of romances in our threads. That's not up for debate or anything, we genually do alot of romances in our threads, and that's not a bad thing. After all love is beautiful, so the fact that we almost have to put love in our threads proves that we are all beautiful people in our own way. Now ordinarily this is where I would type up my list give my reasons, and yada yada. However I wanna do something diffrent. I'm going to listen to YOUR couple list first, then give my own. One rule, and it is optional. Please try not ot make it a list where its all just Your Character and Someone elses character or both your characters. But with that said, I shall await the lists of the Top 5 Couples in our RP threads.

I love Spooky Crap :D
AnchorageDate: Th, 05.June.14, 9:33 PM | Message # 2
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post yours 4 influence

let's camp in the forest with harmonicas and nature's harmonies
EquinoxDate: Th, 05.June.14, 10:03 PM | Message # 3
Galaxy conquering warlord who likes to RP
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I feel that most of the couples in threads here I've seen, take away from the value of the thread in my eyes. Unless pre-determined and long standing, most of them seem very disappointing to me, so I shall refrain from making a list in this thread as well.

A sane man in an insane world will go insane.
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