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Top 5 Best and Worst Ilovedogs2 Characters.
Dillon0909Date: Su, 20.July.14, 12:16 PM | Message # 1
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Welp here's the list everyone thought I'd do first. What can be said about Ilovedogs2? She's the one who founded the site for pete sakes. I wouldn't even be doing lists at all, much less a list honoring her because of her. True she has been rather scarce lately, but I still say without a shadow of a doubt that she is still one of my closest friends, and one of my closest rp buddies. So lets get started


1. Has to be made by Ilovedogs2 directly

2. One character per thread

3. Worst list is optional

4. Must do a sentence

5. As always Min top 3 Max top 20

With that said Lets get started


5. Michelle (Welcome to Hell): If you were to have asked me when this character first was introduced, what list she'd be on. She would have been on the worst list. However, the thing is she really redeemed her in the second half. To the point, where I was actually more invested in her story than I was my own. That's just good writing.

4. Flames (The Velkar) : Oh boy this brings back memories. The Velkar was my experiment thread, of bringing material I've done before to this site. It then became a private thread for myself and ILD2. Flames, was a very interesting character, kind of complex now that I look back at it.

3. Evelynn (Demon Hunters): ILD doesn't do villains that much. She needs to do villains. Why? Evelynn. I ever do a top 5 villains list, Evelynn will make number one without a single contest. She's interesting, she's complex, she's fun to read, and honestly is the main reason why I want Demon Hunters back. The fact that she had the best twist of the thread helped too.

2. Alexia (AVD:BB): Again, a character that seriously makes me want to do an AVD vs AVD: BB crossover. I freaking love this girl. She was funny, she was kind, she was sweet, and she was just fun to be around.

1. Angelica (AVD): Yeah she came number 2 on my Best Character not made by me list. And I already explained why I like her. So...we'll move on.  Well not really, the main reason why I like Angelica so much is because well, she made my main grow. Seriously, she helped him grow and change and to be honest, I can't wait until ILD comes back becasue I want to rp with her again.


5. Her lack of a Fantasy War character (Fantasy War) : Seriously ILD make one, you are the only thing that, that thread is missing.

4. The Bird Twins (Freaks): I don't like these two, not because they were particulary bad. It jsut felt like they were kinda weak compared to other characters ILD has made. I don't know, I don't have a deep rooted hate for Freaks like Equinox does, but these two just rub me the wrong way.

3. Emily (Pirate Island): This character barley did anything and was completly useless. That is all I need to say.

2. Emily (Kingdom of Fantasy): Hey you wanna see Fantasy War done wrong? Read Kingdom of Fantasy. While I don't hate Kingdom of Fantasy, I don't even really dislike it. I can't let Emily from there go unscathed. She had a twist, and to be honest it kinda killed the thread. That and most of her stuff felt rushed to me.

1. Claire (Magical Souls): Oh how I have waited for this day. You see unlike Cora and unlike Shadow. I haven't really said why I don't like  Claire all the much. I said that she was useless and a super bitch, but I never explained why. It's simple really, Claire represents the worst kind of person. Someone who thinks they know everything, and won't admit it when they are wrong. She was opressive, she was annoying, she was obsessive. and honest to god made me want to deck her in the face. So yeah...not a fan

I may not have that much to say about ILD's characters than I do with others, but that doesn't mean i think ILD is bad. Far from it, she's a great person and to be honest I really wish she'd come back to the site.

I love Spooky Crap :D
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