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The Black Knight
Dillon0909Date: Fr, 13.April.12, 3:49 PM | Message # 1
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It was a dark and stormy knight in the castle of Fasa. The kingdom slept with out a worry or care, because of their faith in their magical protectors, their king, and especially thier knights. There once were two knights, one who died protecting this kingdom, and one fled from battle, and was never seen again. The one who died was buried in his armor out of respect for the battles he did with it.

Back with the lightning storm however, it appears that this was not a normal lightning storm, while the patrients of the kingdom were asleep, a black lightning bolt struck the grave of the dead knight. His hand, burst from the ground, and his normal grey armor turned black. Crawling from his grave, his eyes glowed red as he looked at a figure approaching him. The figure was dressed in grey armor every where but his head, and his eyes glowed the same red as the knights. His voice was slow, graining, and deep, as he said "Rise my knight. I brought you back from the dead so we may conquer this pathetic sin filled kingdom."

The knight imidiatly got on one knee and kneeled to his ressurectior. His voice was raspy, probably because of his rotted vocal cords. "I am...in depted to you, my master."

His resurectior stood over him. "My name is Lord Hanzio, most people will know me as the Dark Lord, and you will state that for my name when you carry out my orders."

The Knight looked down "My name is...unknown to me."

Hanzio smiled "That is to be expected, you've been burried for quiet some time...your memories are lost. Is the anything you desire?" He than saw the Knight's expession and read what that ment. "A body perhaps" to that the knight nodded. Sigihng, Hanzio stated. "A real body will take some time before it is ready...will you obey my every command until it is ready"

"A knight's duty is not to question his lords leadership, a knights duty is to simply obey." the Knight said quietly.

Hanzio stated "You need a name...a name that inspires terror into the hearts of your enemies. You are...the Black Knight, servent to the Dark Lord. You are now immuned to Magical attacks, and most swords will not harm you. Come with me." He walked to him, and the Black Knight rose following him. "You will receive your orders in the morning."

Elsewhere, un beknownst to them, someone was watching the two fiends. She was wearing a black witchs hat, black robe,and had a staff on her back with a skull effiegie on top. She mumbled to herself, and walked off, her apperance changing when she snuck into the castle, to that of a poor woman, with rags for clothes, dirty hands, and dirty hair. She got on her knees, and started to wash the floors in silence, as a guard watched her, and helped her up, taking her to her room. "Sleep now, Veronica. Its not safe at night for a fragile woman such as yourself."

To that "Veronica" smirked "If only he knew"

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Dillon0909Date: Sa, 14.April.12, 12:08 PM | Message # 2
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Even in the armor, The Black Knight still felt the cold hard ground in his new lord's castle. It was hidden deep underground with the fear inducing name of the Underworld. Hanzio walked around the Black Knight. "My nobel warrior, I need...power before I can put my plan into motion."

The Black Knight only nodded "What do you need, I will get it."

His new master simply stated "The Princess has a very powerful object in her possesion. Your task is to retrieve it, and bring her in as well, we could use the bargining chip for her father."

"I will do what you ask master" The Black Knight said rising from his knees. "I shall retrieve her imidiatly."

Elsewhere inside of the castle, "Veronica" was busy braiding the Princess's hair per her request. The Princess smiled "Veronica, you okay, you're usually so chatty."

"Veronica" just smiled "Something's just on my mind lately Princess Fasa"

Fasa interupted, with an annoyed tone "You know how much I hate that name,why my father decided to name me after his kingdom I'll never know, call me Maddie."

Unable to control her amusment, "Veronica" said "Of course, princess."

Maddie smiled and said "I think thats good enough, thank you" She got up and went behind "Veronica" who looked up at her confused. "You're always so loyal to me, and always a nice person. It's only fair that today you get some sort of reward, so I'll return your favor today"

Embaressed, "Veronica" said "Thank you,Maddie"

Elsewhere at the castle gate, the Black Knight stood across from the mote, the draw bridge raised. The Black Knight looked up at the guard, and said "Open the gate."

The guard said "Sir, your armor looks like that of another kingdom, I cannot risk you coming in to harm our nobility, you understand right?"

"I do" The Black Knight said "Just like you need to understand, I am under orders, and I will obey." Pulling out a pitch black sword on his side, The Black Knight leaped to the top of the castle gate, with little difficulty. He looked at the panic stricken gaurd, and simpley grabbed his neck and tossed him against the draw bridge wheel, causing the thing to be lowered, and the Guard to be unconcious.

Multiple guards, and some knights surrounded the Black Knight as he walked down from the tower, in a slow, methodical, movement. A knight from the battallion stated "Surrender now, and no harm will come to you" The Black Knight just kept walking forward, as The knight simply said "ATTACK HIM!"

Standing still, all of a sudden as vaious guard attacked him, all the blade stuck him at the same time. All the guard's eyes widened, as it was revealed he blocked every single blade that was tossed at him. He moved his arm, and legs breaking the blade cage that was holding him down, knocking all the guards down. Most came back up, and one decided to rush him, when he just side stepped sending the man into a fruit stand.

More guards swarmed him, as sighing, the Black Knight, drew his sword, and in what appeared to be mear seconds, the Guards attacking him looked like they were all slit across the neck, or killed in some other speedy way. The Black Knight saw another knight drawing his blade. He attacked him, but the Black Knight effortlessly blocked the blade.

Meanwhile in the castle, Maddie and "Veronica" heard the sword clashing and were both watching the carnage the Black Knight was causing, than they heard a loud boom below the stairs. They turned and went to look, and saw the Black Knight had tossed the other knight into the castle, and stood over him, stabbed the knight through his armor, killing him. He looked at the king, who was silently watching him. "Where is...the Princess. Bring her to me now, or be destroyed."

The king saw Maddie watching from the stairs, and subtly moved his hand so she could have a chance to run, unfortunantly The Black Knight saw the gesture and spoted Maddie and "Veronica" running down the stairs, out the door. The Black Knight gave chase, following them outside the kingdom, heading into the forest.

"Veronica" looked at the princess, and stopped suddenly. "Maddie can you keep a secret?"

Maddie stopped "Are you crazy!" She shouted "He's after us...you should..." She was intuerupted by "Veronica" changing her appearance, looking like the witch she's heard all those rumors about. "Veronica" turned pointing her skull shapped staff at the approaching Black Knight, the roots from the trees rising up, binding his legs. "Veronica" grabbed the stun Maddie and proceeded to run for it, as the Black Knight broke the roots and was gaining on them. "Veronica" thinking fast, used her staff to bring up walls to block the Black Knight off, but the Black Knight just kept walking through him, it did however slow him down, and the two of them lost him in the village.

"Veronica" and Maddie both sighed in relief.

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Dillon0909Date: Sa, 14.April.12, 1:52 PM | Message # 3
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"Veronica" and Maddie both looked at each other, choosing to hide in a house while the Black Knight searched the village for them, finding nothing, before moving on. Maddie just stared at her supposed friend. "I don't know how to react now." Maddie said, with "Veronica" looking at her. "On the one hand, you lied to my face, about who you are and what you do. That's not right. On the other hand, you saved our lives"

"Veronica" sighed "I guess we can talk before he figures out where we are. My, real name is Kaitlyn, and I'm a witch." She said so casually. "I came to the castle to steal a portion of the Royal potions and leaving, but I never go the oppertunity, and I made a friend on top of that."

Maddie smiled at that, and walked to her. "Well, Kaitlyn, its nice to meet you, the real you"

Kaitlyn, smiled 'Call me Kattie though please...its easier to say" Maddie smiled and nodded yes.

Maddie looked outside the window as The Black Knight was tossing out Bandits and Theives in the tavern they were close to. Maddie sighed "What do we do now"

Kattie sighed with her, "I don't know...he broke out of one of my best traps easily...I..." she was than cut off by Maddie grabbing her and hiding underneath the bed. They saw a black metalic boot walk along the base of the bed. Kattie and Maddie covered each other's mouth shaking in fear, as his boot walked away. When it left from theif view points, they crawled out from under the bed, only to reveal he was standing on the dresser to hide himself. Maddie grabbed Kattie, and bolted downstairs the Black Knight giving chase again. Kattie stopped and sent fire balls at him, but looked in shock as it just bounced off of him. She followed Maddie, and kept running, until something grabbed them and pulled them up into the trees of the forest.

The Black Knight walked around the forest, but couldn't find anything, so he left still searching for the girls

Kattie looked at these people, with green hooded cloaks that sheilded their eyes, and a three symbol on the robes, chest looking at them. She knew this kind of people before, these were druids. These were, friends.

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Dillon0909Date: Tu, 17.April.12, 12:13 PM | Message # 4
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The druids stared at the two girls, an uneasyness filling the area. Suddenly, they moved, parting ways for an elderly man wearing the same robe as the druids. He spoke in a very mystical tone, "Welcome to the home of the children of the forest, your majesty"

Maddie blushed a little in embaressment, and said "Thank you"

The elderly druid walked around her and Kattie. "Do you like what you see." Maddie nodded "Good, because we worked very hard at it."

Maddie looked up at him, and blushed, embaressed. "I...umm...I've never really been here before"

The Elderly druid just smiled "You don't need to need to be concerned. Despite our diffrent beleifs, we do like your ruler. I am Bass, the leader of druid clan. We live high in trees protected by the kingdom, and try not to interefere with even the dirtiest of dealings on the forest floor." Bass gained a smile on his face. "However this is diffrent, for you were running with an old friend of mine. Kattie, how are things in your prusuit for fortune and potions"

Looking away from Maddie, Kattie said "It didn't go well, but...I made a friend instead so...I guess I did succeed"

"The creature after you" Bass said, suddenly getting very serious, "Is a mindless slave, by the name of The Black Knight. He serves under Hanzio..."

Before he could say anythig else, Maddie cut him off. "UNCLE HANZIO, but...but he's one of my father's best lords"

Bass smiled "And the next in line if you were to die, and you father were to die. He wants power over the kingdom, so much so he sold his soul to a demon, who made him someone know, as the Dark Lord."

Kattie looked at him stunned "Her uncle is after her..."

Nodding, Bass was about to say something, when a man rushed to them. "S...s...SIR You must flee with the Princess! It's not safe for her now...he...has..." The man was interupted by metalic clanking on the wooden walkways, and a black sword going into the man's back, and out his chest. A black metalic hand gripped the black, and riped it out, pushing the man off, the man dieing instantly from his wounds. The Black Knight stood over them, and said simply. "Give me the princess or you will be killed"

Bass looked at Kattie, and Maddie. He had several druids surround the two, and gave Kattie a note, causing them to run

Kattie and Maddie looked back in horror, as the Black Knight cut off Bass's head. He walked quietly, jumped down as the druids, managed to lose them. They looked at them, and one said "I am sorry, but we can't protect you, you have to hurry to the location the elder told you about"

Kattie reluctantly nodded, setting up a camp for them to sleep. "Maddie, you haven't said a word to me...something on your mind"

Maddie shouted "Yeah, alot is one my freaking mind! I have a Black Knight demon thing after me, my best friend lied about who she is, and everywhere we go, he seems to be THERE. I'm not a fighter, I'm a princess!"

Kattie sighed, "Maddie..." She sat next to her. "You're right...your not the first choice for battle, but he wants you. We don't know why, yet...but Bass left us a note."

She opened it and it said:

Dear Kattie and Maddie:

I wrote this quickly after I discovered you were here, so pardon the sloppy handwriting. In case I didn't tell you, the reason that knight is after you, is because a long long time ago Kattie, your grandmother put a charm on the current king, the Charm states that the first offspring of the king, shall be granted fanstic power, when extremely angered.

I have deduced that she has yet to release this power, so you have to protect her Kattie, you have to



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Dillon0909Date: Fr, 29.June.12, 1:32 PM | Message # 5
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(will post later)

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EquinoxDate: Fr, 29.June.12, 3:49 PM | Message # 6
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(So this is how you plan to beat me, eh?)

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Dillon0909Date: Fr, 29.June.12, 3:56 PM | Message # 7
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(Why yes...yes it is)

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Dillon0909Date: Fr, 29.June.12, 11:42 PM | Message # 8
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The Black Knight removed his blade from the body of the last fallen druid, and jumped down with Maddie and Kattie running for their lives. He started to chase after them, but suddenly stopped. He kneeled as, as black orb of light appeared infront of him, and manifested it's self to the shape of Hanzio, the Black Knight's master. Hanzio started to pace back and forth infront of his knight, his very bitterly said "Why haven't you killed the girl yet?"

The Black Knight simply said "She has a minor...distraction. I will eliminate them...I promise" He rose, "She is heading towards the swamp...I belive the witch is trying to lure her to somewhere the witch feels is safe"

"Than go down there and kill them" Hanzio said with bitter distane. "Follow my orders and end them"

Meanwhile, Kattie and Maddie have been running, eventually reaching the swamp. Maddie, having more difficulty to do so do to the princess dress she was always forced to wear. Kattie got on her side, and helped her using her staff to move various branches out of her way. Maddie looked at at Kattie sweating, and went to her side, and helped her, as she fell down. Maddie was dragging her, and looked at Kattie, who looked exausted. They finally came to a small shack in the swamp. Kattie was placed down by Maddie, who sat next to her. Maddie had a small laugh. "Well, this dress is totaled"

"Yeah" Kattie said with a small smile herself. "Say, Maddie...you ever feel...you know...diffrent when you're mad"

The air got quiet, as Maddie looked at Kattie. Maddie smiled and said "Not really..." Her smile faded "Maybe once...when I was younger" She said quietly. "There was this bully, he kept picking on me...and picking on me. I...don't remember...how it happened...but...I ended up nearly killing that boy." She looked down. "Ever since than, I could never really go out that much...infact...right now is the longest I've ever been out from that day."

Kattie looked at Maddie with shock, as she got up. She said "I...I had no idea" She than heard cracking "He's here"

Maddie sighed "Do you have any where we can hide?"

Kattie nodded "My old mentors place..." I got up "Its actually in the shack behind us." Kattie, grabbed Maddie, and ran in the shack.

The Black Knight's sounds were close, as he waited outside to give the illusion that he had left.

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Dillon0909Date: Su, 01.July.12, 4:57 PM | Message # 9
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Maddie looked alittle creeped out at the shack they were in. It was lined with Voodo dolls, skulls, and just unatural things that sent a chill down her spine. The place smelt like the haunting arura of death. A cold chill was sent down her spine, as she heard a low whispered say "Welcome Princess."

Kattie, however, was used to the atmosphere. She had a small smile on her face, and said "Master, I'm here with a friend. Don't worry, she won't run when you reveal yourself."

Maddie's attention was directed towards a torn up cloak that was laying across a chair. The chill she felt earlier worsend as she looked at the table. The Cloak started moving, causing Maddie to hide behind Kattie, who just looked in aww as the bones behind the chair started to form a skeleton. When the bones combine, the cloak wrapped around them, and the eye holes of the skeleton started glowing a dark horrific red. "Katlyn, its been to long" He said quietly. He looked at Maddie, "Madiline Fasa, correct. I must say I did not expect a Princess to arrive here"

Maddie stuttered, and said "You...You...You're a L...L...L...Lich!"

The lich, smiled "Yes...yes I am, I am Enate. In life I was one of the most powerful necromancers on the planet." He sighed "In death, I realized how much I used my powers to hurt people. So I trained Kattie myself, to make up for the sins I've commited. So far I'm proud of her"

Getting brave, Maddie said "What can you tell us about the Black Knight?"

"The Black Knight that hunts you?" He said looking at her. "Now thats an interesting story...the same knight that hunts you...is the same knight that defeated me"

Kattie looked at him stunned, "W...What?"

"It was a dark and stormy night, three knights went to a tower I had built as a headquarters. All three of them, despite the various traps I had laid made it to the tower. Than I saw him...his name...is Alex Rwen, and he was the strongest knight in that group. The other two tried to help, but they were not match for my dark magic. Alex however, stabbed me in the gut, despite multiple injuries on his person, and losing his armor." He sighed. He than sat next to me, and began talking to me. I'll never forget his words. He said 'You have all this power, yet you waste it on hurting people. Its over now though, and its a shame it had to end this way' " Enate looked at the girls. "At first I thought how dare he, than I thought about it...the more I thought, the more I realized he was right"

Maddie looked at the story confused. "But...but if he is really as good as you say...WHY IS HE HUNTING US!?"

Enate sighed "I do not expect you to understand, to a knight his loyalty means more to him than his reasoning. He must follow his orders to the bitter end"

Kattie looked at Maddie and sighed "Which means your uncle told him to hunt us."

Maddie looked outside, and saw an image of his armor. "He's waiting for us..." She looked at Kattie and Enate. "I...If what you say is true, maybe I can convince him to stop." Without another word she left the hut. Kattie went to get her, but Enate held her back.

The Black Knight walked forward, and drew his sword, Maddie said "Alex?"

He stopped mid walk hearing his name. "Alex...my...name..." He shook his head. "Is the Black Knight...I am ORDERD to bring you in"

Maddie sighed and said "Okay...I'll come with"

Kattie saw this, and ran outside. "Maddie are you NUTS?!"

Maddie turned to her "We can go to the farthest coners of the world...he'll still chase us there. I don't want to get you killed"

Kattie looked at her "B...But Maddie..."

Maddie put her hand on her shoulder "Trust me...everything will be...okay"

The Black Knight dragged Maddie off, and said while walking. "This trip will take a while to get to the Dark Lord's Temple..."

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Dillon0909Date: Mo, 09.July.12, 10:23 AM | Message # 10
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(will finish)

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Dillon0909Date: Tu, 10.July.12, 1:26 PM | Message # 11
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Maddie looked at her captor and said "So, it must be nice working for my uncle, and being his slave" She said waking with The Black Knight.

(Will try to finish this story tommarow)

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Dillon0909Date: We, 11.July.12, 11:58 AM | Message # 12
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The Black Knight bitterly glared at her and began to walk on, trying his best to ignore Maddie's accusations, however, Maddie wasn't done with him yet. "And what happens after your task is done hmm? What happens when you bring me to my uncle?" Silence filled the Black Knight as they walked, Maddie responded with. "You don't know, do you? You don't know if he'll honor your loyalty to him. You don't know if he's gonna kill you or not" The Black Knight's only response was to keep walking, trying despretly to ignore Maddie.

Meanwhile in Enate's hut, Kattie was pacing, her face overflowing with concern for her friend. Enate saw Kattie's face and just said "Calm down, she'll be fine."

"Calm down!" Kattie shouted "I have to help her, but you won't unlock...the...door!"

Enate groaned at his apprentice and said "You think that

(Ug...I need to finish this)

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Dillon0909Date: Sa, 14.July.12, 11:50 AM | Message # 13
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you stand a chance against a creature imminued to magic?" Enate told his apprentice

Kattie growled at him and said "YES, because MY FRIEND is in danger" She said now ramming the door with her shoulder. "I can't lose her" She said having to hold her shoulder in pain, but went back to ramming. "If he's immuned to magic, I'll smack him with my stick. If that doesn't work, I'll out run him. I will not give up on my best friend so easily."

Enate sighed and moved his hand letting the door open. "Than go my apprentice...save the world...and your friend"

Back with Maddie and the Black Knight who were making good time to the Dark Lord's temple in the graveyard. Maddie tried once again to talk to the Black Knight. Maddie said "So...what is my uncle offering in return for helping me Alex?"

The Black Knight bitterly said "Stop calling me Alex" He kept walking and after a few moments of silence he said "My body back"

Stunned Maddie had to point out something that will probably happen to him. "You do know...if you are sucessful in bringing me in. That makes you useful, my uncle probably won't give your body to you"

"Shut up" He said walking. "You know nothing child?"

"I don't...you're right. I don't know a thing about my uncle" Maddie said quietly while she was walking. "However, I do know the dark ways, and I also know. If he's willing to turn on his own niece, and brother to conquer the kingdom, turing on you is childs play" To that she got no response from the Black Knight. "Seems you don't know everything...either"

Kattie finally caught up to them, and smacked the Black Knight in the back of the head with the staff. "Maddie come on! We got to go NOW" The Black Knight grabbed Kattie by the back of her neck, and prepared to just kill her. Maddie hugged Kattie before he could. "W...What are you doing?"

Maddie looked at Kattie and said "If you die...I'll die with you...end of story."

The Black Knight just growled and tossed the two away. "ENOUGH" He glared at the two, and said "Princess...you can either come with me or I will break your legs and make you watch me kill your friend. Its your choice. My Lord wants you ALIVE your friend doesn't matter to him"

Kattie growled and grabbed her staff. "I'll smack you around tin man." She charged but Maddie stood infront of Kattie. "Maddie...move!"

She simply shook her head and turned around looking at the Black Knight. "Alex...I know you know this is wrong. So, why don't you return to your master and spy on him in the shadows. If he still plans on giving you your body...than I'll come willingly, deal?"

The Black Knight sighed and said "Fine..." He returned to his Lord's chambers and saw the Dark Lord talking with a ressurected Skeleton.

Hanzio said "The Black Knight is perfoming better than I could have hoped. I feel it...Maddie is near."

The Skeleton said "But...if he succeeds his body will be returned, as will his memories. You'll probably be attacked"

"His body? His memories?" Hanzio said quietly "If he sucseeds...I'll make sure it will take a long...long...time before his body is returned."

Shocked the Black Knight left the tower quietly, heading to the girls. He thought it over, than looked at Maddie "He still plans on returning my body, come...with me"

Maddie sighed "Okay..."

Kattie started to tug at Maddie and said "Please don't! This isn't worth it Maddie...He'll KILL YOU"

"I know" Maddie said quietly. "But I can't run forever, goodbye my friend"

After a while, Maddie walked to the Black Knight to the center of the tower with The Black Knight. Hanzio looked at Maddie with a smile "Surprise...Maddie,come with me"

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Dillon0909Date: Sa, 14.July.12, 12:16 PM | Message # 14
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Hanzio smiled at Maddie and said "Well, well, well Maddie, you've been certainly a busy little princess"

Maddie smirked "Yes I have been Uncle Hanzio" She sighed and said "So...what's gonna happen...you're gonna kill me?"

Hanzio smirked "Something like that my dear little niece, its very simple little spell. I'm gonna get you nice and furious, than I will use the soul stealer spell to take your enraged soul and put its power in my body."

Maddie just had the biggest little grin on her face. "So...you need me mad huh?" She started laughing alot.

Hanzio was getting annoyed and he said "Why are you laughing you little brat?!"

She responded with "Don't you get it...you can't make me mad uncle...you already lost" She smirked "I keep my anger in check, you really can't make me mad...so you lose"

Grabbing her neck "Fine...I'll make you mad...I know of your little witch friend outside the tower planning on a way to save you"

Maddie growled "You...wouldn't dare" She said very bitterly to her Uncle.

"Struck a nerve" Hanzio said with a little smirk. "Guess you aren't as in control as you say you were. Black Knight"

The Black Knight walked forward. "Yes my lord" all though he knew the order already.

"Find the witch and kill her" Hanzio said with a smirk. "Make sure my niece is watching.

Maddie started to glow red slightly and she grabbed the Knight and physically tossed him away. "IF YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN I"LL PEAL OF YOUR ARMOR PIECE BY PIECE YOU HAVE ME ALREADY LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS!"

Quickly, and without warning Hanzio said "Luos Refsnart"

Maddie's body started to wrinkle as red energy started to leave her body and form an ball in Hanzio's hand. He held that ball and the withered husk fell down he smiled at his work and put the energy into his body. He started to glow red and smiled happily looking at his armor. "At...long last...I have the power to do whatever I PLEASE! I WILL RULE THIS WORLD"

The Black Knight looked at Maddie's body on the floor than looked at his hand. "My Lord.." Hanzio turned to him, and got a solid right hand to his mush. "I challenge you to a duel"

Hanzio stuck out his hand and it glowed black "Yeah...no" He got another punche to the mush instead. "I don't understand...you were supposed to be dead again...how is THAT POSSIBLE!"

The Black Knight smirked and drew his sword. "Immunity...to all Magic...even yours. You really should be more specefic with your summons." Hanzio was about to say something and the Black Knight said "SHUT UP! I was created to be your ultimate weapon, but the girl wanted me to check to see if you'd honor our bargin. So I did...you had no intention on honoring anything, therefore, you lost the right to be my lord. Now I can be who I want to be, not your mindless slave. I am Alex...I am a Knight of Fasa. You have MY princess's soul in your body, and I will get it back."

Hanzio growled and drew his sword. "Fine than Alex...prepare to die"

Meanwhile, Kattie snuck into the tower and watched everything. She looked at Maddie's husk, and sighed. "I have to keep it alive for now."

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Dillon0909Date: Sa, 14.July.12, 12:45 PM | Message # 15
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Kattie rushed to the body when suddely the Skeleton from earlier rose up and glared at her. "Keep away from that body witch."

Glarring, Kattie just summoned her staff. "Out of my way you little bone head."

Meanwhile Alex and Hanzio's duel began, swords clashing with swords Hanzio tried to fight dirty with Magic again however, Alex's imminuty only caused Hanzio to be punched in the mush. The two began clashing alot, sparks flying off their blades with each strike the two evenly matched.

Kattie jumped over the skeleton and fired fire balls out of her staff towards the thing, who just ate the fire balls, and tossed them right back at her. It charged and punched at her, but Kattie blocked with her staff. She tripped the thing and fired energy swords into its skull shattering it into a millon pieces. She rushed to Maddie's husk, not knowing the pieces were reforming.

Meanwhile, Hanzio started to pressure Alex, thinking fast, Alex grabbed Hanzio's blade and tossed him away. Hanzio charged at Alex, who charged back the two's blades clashing, once more. Alex used his experience, to disarm Hanzio and knocked him down. Hanzio kicked him away, and charged at him with his sword again, and chopped off Alex's arm.

The skeleton charged at Kattie, knocking her away from Maddie's husk. Kattie drew her staff again, but the thing punched her in the face causing a nose bleed and knocked her away. It pinned her down and pulled out one of its own bones, as a sword, and struck down. Kattie thought fast and fire lighting into its eyes, causing it to miss, but barely. Kattie kicked the Skeleton off of her, and pointed her staff. "Kard Dne"
The Skeleton glowed black, and started to rattle like crazy, than it exploded Kattie smirking as she turned to see Alex getting pumbled by Hanzio. She thought fast, and realized. Alex is immuned to Magic...Hanzio isn't...She launched a fire ball that got his attention. Hazio turned and glared charging at her, giving Alex the oppertunity to sneak up behind him and grab him with his one arm. Hanzio tried to get out but Alex's grip is to strong. Kattie looked at Alex and said "Are you sure about this?"

Alex said "Do the soul transfer spell...I'll be destroyed BUT he'll be powerless."

Kattie sighed "Thank you Alex" She lifted her staff and said "Luos Refsnar ot Eiddam" Hanzio struggled and kicked as Maddie started to regain her normal color and she stood...still angry. Alex fell down, his body starting to get destroyed.

Maddie grabbed her uncle by the throat and than lifted him up in the air. SHe grabbed the bottom of his legs, and ripped him in half.

Alex smiled as Maddie held her head calming down. She rushed to Alex with Maddie. Alex said "I'm immuned to Magic...but...I am still a summoned creature. When a creature's summoner is destroyed...so is all its creations. Thank you...Maddie and Kattie..."

Maddie smiled "No thank you, you saved me"

Kattie patted his head. "And you saved my best friend. You rest in piece now Alex..."

Alex started to fade away, and smiled "Have a nice life Kattie and Maddie."

I love Spooky Crap :D
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Many months have passed since the incedent with the Black Knight. Maddie told her father everything, and the King was more than kind. He stepped down as the King, and let his Daughter become a Queen early. As the Queen, Maddie made Kattie her court mage, and gave Alex a statue for his bravery on that day, as a true Knight.

Kattie, as the court mage, helped restore the destroyed Druid villages, who elected a new elder. Kattie still serves her best friend loyaly, and ever pays respect to Alex, for what he did for them.

Hanzio achieved a new type of hell. His body is in limbo in his tower, as a ghost. He can never touch the living, and he can never use magic again. Cursed to be punished for all etenrinty

As for Alex...well, the once fersome Black Knight found a new place amoung the angels. As the White Knight, the strongest of the Palidens. He has beaten many demons and serves a more kinder lord. He see's Queen Maddie and her court mage from the sky's extremly proud...of the things they have down.

(At long last...The...End)

I love Spooky Crap :D
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