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SunkernDate: We, 13.June.12, 0:04 AM | Message # 1
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I stepped off my families weak oak porch, and take in the unfamiliar cold air. I was familiar with the rural area, trees, rivers, all the things. I walk around here often and do my usual cross into the forest and hum a familiar tune. There was rustling nearby me. "Must be the wind.." I mumble to myself, before an animal emerges. It was a small Jack Russell terrier. I smile, petting the little creature. He had no ID or collar, and I shrug, giving him some food in my pocket. I continue to walk down the trail.
What in the...? He's behind me, the dog. Following me. I continue to walk for a whole hour, and it still sticks like glue. "Fine." I say, looking at the dog. "You can be my pet." He licks my hand, and I take him back home. It was around 9:30 when I got back, and went to bed, as he lied right next to me.

The next morning he was still there, as I got ready for school. I got dressed, cleaned my face and hair, and looked back over at the small dog. He rose up and followed me out the door. "No." I advise, and walk down the road. Still there, as usual. I wasn't so fond about his clingy attitude. He was still adorable. I let him stay around the school as I do my work, and he's right there when I leave. I bring him home and feed him again, and I let him go outside as he wanted to. I go upstairs to finish up my Math Homework, mumbling incoherently to myself. "22.....carry the... x... y.... k." I decide to go let him in after I finish the double-sided sheet, which took me about 8 minutes. I slide open the door, but no dog. No response. "Dog?!" I call, but nothing. I look around, and see two men going off with a bag, a bag that's flopping around. They... took him! I chase after them, and they sprint too.

Added (12.June.12, 10:04 PM)

They obviously heard me, as they took off full speed, leaving me in the dust. I can just catch them dropping the bag with my dog into a well, and vanishing into the forest and brush. I gasp and look down the dark well, and begin to scale down it. I slip and fall on the ground with an oof sound. I look up, and see a door. Below me was an empty bag. "Wha..?" I mumble, opening the door. I look through and see a bright light, pulling me into it. I continue to walk in the light and find a world of... just abnormal things. Nothing there. I look back at the door, and turn back to the weird world. I was stunned, there were jungles and meadows and trees and.. so many things. Still, I needed to find my dog. I run off towards the land and through the rough branches and weeds. Nothing. Just green, everywhere. Except for that..
What in the hell is that?

I step back, taking in the site. A giant statue, at least twice the size of my house. It was a giant monkey, wrapped in vines. There's a dark staircase below it. Wonder if I should go down...

Sit in the motherfucking chair!

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