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Ringing. Constant ringing. It's all I hear. I look around at the rubble surrounding me. Fire, rubber, and large chunks of metal. The ringings dies down and I remember what had happened. The plane, oh god no, it crashed! I stand up and look around, "Hello!" "Anyone?!" There was no response, but it still sounded like I was just mumbling, god damn ears. Maybe I have water in them or something, we're right on the coast. I shake my head to the left and right, and liquid comes out. Thank god, I can hear a lot better now. I look down at my feet, and the sand is stained red from whatever injuries I sustained. There were cuts and bruises on my arms and legs, luckily no gashes. Others began to rise, and that gave me hope.

I quickly run over to a survivor and help them up. "Are you ok?" I ask the first woman, but she was concerned. Screaming and looking around, "What's wrong?!" I yell over her frantic shouts, hopefully she can hear me. Still she puts me aside, she begins screaming a name. Paul. A kid? Her husband? There were some guys, but she ignored them as well. It must have been her son.. no children in sight. There were plane pieces of the 747 in the ocean all the way to shore, the kid must have drowned. She slowly dropped down and just sobbed in the sand, so I ignored her. The other guys were in fine shape emotionally though. They had burn marks and cuts like all of us. I'd have to wait for all of us to just calm down.

Everyone was eventually just standing there, astounded. I approach the group and sigh, "Why don't we get to know eachother?" I suggest, trying to be friendly. "I'm Jack. Jack Straton." No one said anything, until a mexican looking man spoke up, he was very tall and husky. "Carlos Medina." He says softly, holding a woman by his side. "This is my wife, Ashley Medina." Wasn't much to say about her, she was slender and short. Opposites attract I guess. The crying woman from before spoke up as well, "Emily Moore." She chokes out, still damaged from the loss of her son. "I lost my son in the crash.." It came out very awkwardly but was quickly comforted by another woman, seemed friendly. We went on with introducing ourselves, and it took a long while.

Jack Straton - Tall, somewhat built, Teacher, Me.
Carlos Medina - Taller than me, Husky, Former Football Player.
Ashley Medina - Very short and slender, nice personality. She is studying to be a nurse.
Emily Moore - Average height and very skinny, currently in trauma, works as a Hotel Cook.
Andre Hill - Tall, skinny, and very quiet. It's ironic due to the face he's a comedian for a living.
DeVonte Hill - 11 year old kid, Andre is his father. Very talkative, even in this situation. Not sure if it's nervousness or whatnot.

That's who we have. Let's make the best of it.

Added (25.June.12, 6:51 AM)
I look down, guessing i'm the leader. "Ok, Andre and son, go look through the jungles for food. Keep in your fathers sight, kid." I command, and they both nod. "Carlos, go with Emily to find any type of cave or shelter for the night, as of now." They walk off, but Carlos is confused about being seperated from his wife. I clear it up by saying, "Ashley, being a nurse, you have to know how to make some kind of clean ups for these cuts, herbal y'know?" She chuckles, but understands, then goes off to find whatever she was going for.

I decide to look through all the plane pieces, as the fire had gone down. There had to of been some food and blankets for us to scavenge. Hell, anything could help. I walk up to the charred curtain that divides the passengers from the employees. I look around, finding towels, blankets, and some peanuts. Also some Soda Cans and Water Bottles. I carry it back to where we all were sat down and divide them evenly. Blankets for each of us, and a towel as a pillow. There were 2 left over for blood wiping... hopefully we won't stand those too bad. I take a sip of water and drop it in the sand, watching the sky. Night was falling.
And a scream.

There was a scream.

Added (25.June.12, 3:52 PM)
My view quickly shifts over to Ashley, who kept by the brim of the jungle looking for plants. We both book it through the brush, finding Carlos who is jerking his head left and right rapidly. "It was her... uh, Emily." He tells us. He clearly wasn't one who could take any kind of guilt. "She went looking for some trees or something to stay under, and eventually I heard the scream." I leave his wife with him and nod, approaching the constant cries for help. I see she had gone to a cave and pissed off a panther. "Help! Get it off, please someone help!" God, her screams were blood-curdling. I look around and find a large wet rock, and bash the panther in the side of the head with it. It falls down and yelps, and I tell Emily to run. She complies, shocked by the situation, and I continue fighting the beast. "Come on." I command, holding out the wet, mossy, bloody stone. It comes at me and I throw it as strong as I can, dead at its nose. The nose obviously breaks and it doesn't seem to give up. It was a strong one. The panther knocked the rock away. A smart one too.

It pounced on me, and I kept its mangled head from gnawing down on my flesh. There wasn't anything I could think of at that moment, before punching it square in the face and doing something completely out of instinct. I shove my fingers in its eyes. At first, it seemed smart, but then I felt the oozing humour pour down on my fingers. It quickly ripped off, blood and goo all over me and the panther. It ran off, but i'm sure it wouldn't go far. And it sure as hell won't come back.

I walk back to the group, after washing my hands and all. "Ok, so, we're not alone." I pant. Carlos pitches in, "No shit, sherlock. It's a tropical island." I look at him sternly, giving him a face that says 'now is not the time for jokes'. He half nods. "We did find food," Andre assures, giving good luck to all of us. "Bananas and Berries off bushes, which coul-" "We should let birds eat them first, to see if they're ok." Ashley interrupts. But we all agree. "I scavenged the plane, finding blankets and some water. Coke cans too. Hopefully we can get enough sticks to fish, it'll be a huge factor in this survival." DeVonte was silent the whole time, sticking side by side with his dad. I look down at him, and try to give a reassuring smile. Right then, he speaks. "Dad, I did find something else." Andre looks down, "And what is that?" DeVonte goes deep down in his pocket, pulling out tons of little red berries in each pocket. "Batoku Plums." He begins, "We learned about them in school. They're one of the few jungle berries that are edible raw." He smiles. "Nice find, kid." I congratulate, nodding. "Ok, back to the main camp. We put up some lanterns from the plane, and head to sleep.

Added (30.June.12, 1:05 AM)
We awake the next morning, and I call up a meeting. "We need to head into the wild, all of us." I suggest. They all disagree, the attack startling them. "Now now, we just need weapons. We can sharpen sticks and scavenge more from the plane." They look around, and just give in. "Ok, 3 and 3, Carlos, Ashley, Emily, search the plane. Andre, his son, and I will go find sticks to sharpen and blunt clubs and rocks." We both go to do our jobs.

We split up in 3 ways, all looking in different areas. There were sticks, but all wet and large. We found rocks which we could use to smash some skulls in, but they were heavy, and needed variety. We did find a patch of bamboo and broke those off to sharpen. We grab as many as possible and the rocks, and head back to the camp, as we arrive back, something had happened. The whole plane had gone broken shore, and sunk. "They're all still on board." I hear, not sure of who it came from. We run off, diving into the water. It was deep under, sliding down the muck and smashing all the windows that weren't already broken. Me and Andre looked around underwater, finding bodies swimming, oh thank god they were ok. They were keeping their heads up in small water pockets.

We swim over, helping them out, but they found a suitcase, and were yelling and pointing at it. Andrea brought Emily and Ashley to shore, but not Carlos, he seperated. I brought up the bag and handed it to them, and we dove back down for Carlos. He had gone backwards into the ocean, and we followed a trail to get him. A trail of blood. It was very unfortunate, as we found him lying down above water, his arm cut immensely from something on the plane, we brought him up and lied him down, asking Ashley to examine him. The suitcase was open, and it was full of survival kits and stuff. So many knives.

How did security let this through? Fuck it, it doesn't matter. We all unloaded it, as Carlos' cries of pain echoed out as he was awoken. We brought over the kits and she wrapped his arm, very disturbed in the process. Something bad happened. As she finished up his wrapping and they cared for him, I called her over. "What's the problem?" I ask. She looks down at her feet, frowning. "He's gonna die." was all she said. "Oh come on, it's a cut, Ash-" She cut me off, "He split 2 blood vessels and a vein. We have nothing to sow it together, he's gonna bleed out somenight or day, and we can't stop it." I step back as she begins to be mixed between anger with me and tears, I try to comfort her, "We'll do all we can, maybe it will be alright. We have enough to clean the wound, and maybe just let nature take it's course." I suggest. She sobs, "There are some exceptions.." She chokes out. "See," I smile, "It might go better than you think."

She got up and walked away, hands in pockets, sitting by her love. I get up and brush off my clothes, "We should get to sharpening those bamboo chutes."

Added (16.July.12, 7:00 PM)
After days of preparation, close vision, and sleepless nights for some, it seemed as if were ready. Everyone had a role, everyone had something to do. We were all armed with the best we could acquire from nature. Along with the small things we got from the wreckage, which had slid from the muddy sand and sank to the bottom of the ocean, before we even got out of there. From the knives, most eventually broke as we used them to make other things.

It wasn't the smartest move ever, but we had to deal with what we had. Everyone was armed to the best of their abilities, as we seperated the supplies evenly to suit everyone's strengths. We chose not to split up, as the jungle was all completely unknown to us, and it's be better to be safe and venture in there as a whole team. Everyone stood up, keeping everything in safe spots. They were ready and so was I. I nod, for it was time to go. We all walk to the small opening through the palm trees and tall grass, stepping in.

I look around, taking in the beautiful yet dangerous surrounding. There were so many winding ways to explore, all of it being so foreign to our weakened and tired eyes. We decide we'd go down one path, and make it our one adventure of survival. If we could find anything new here, it'd be useful. We choose the path farthest to our right, walking down it cautiously. There were chirps a cracks, and rustling through brush in the distance. It was all so natural, and as we walked on it became so normal to us. But there was something that broke that chain of normality. It wasn't a chirp, or a squeak, or the crack of a twig, it was something different. New. Frightening. It was a growl.

Sit in the motherfucking chair!
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