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Forum moderator: Ilovedogs2, Narutard  
Poll for Super-Hero/Villain RP
Do you want Super-Hero/Villain RP to return?
1. Yes [ 5 ] [100.00%]
2. No [ 0 ] [0.00%]
Poll has expired - Th, 20.December.12, 7:32 PM
Answers total: 5
Ilovedogs2Date: Th, 13.December.12, 7:32 PM | Message # 1
A bored admin
Group: Co-Dictators
Messages: 35950
Status: Off

now let me return to my life so I can relax before studying for finals. >.>

It's time.
Dillon0909Date: Th, 13.December.12, 7:35 PM | Message # 2
Group: Administrators
Messages: 34688
Status: Off
Okay, sorry

I love Spooky Crap :D
EquinoxDate: Th, 20.December.12, 3:56 PM | Message # 3
Galaxy conquering warlord who likes to RP
Group: Administrators
Messages: 5940
Status: Off
This is the worst democracy I've ever seen.

We're the government here, and we're either arguing, talking friendly and enjoying conversations, or taking a shit on each other's desk/work.

And that's why this is the best idea ever. Let's start by revving this RP back up, even though I'm still not joining.

A sane man in an insane world will go insane.
RazDate: Th, 20.December.12, 8:25 PM | Message # 4
Group: Administrators
Messages: 5797
Status: Off
Sometimes text sucks because I can't tell if there's sarcasm or not.

Persona Non Grata
Creation100Date: Sa, 22.December.12, 6:34 AM | Message # 5
Group: Moderators
Messages: 3195
Status: Off
Sounds like you're texting Debbie. cool Lol I kid, I kid.

She had a smile that could light up a room.
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