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Role-Playing Place » The Between » The Graveyard » In the Kingdom of Polyxena... (Credit still goes to Narutard)
In the Kingdom of Polyxena...
Ilovedogs2Date: We, 13.July.11, 4:40 AM | Message # 1
A bored admin
Group: Co-Dictators
Messages: 35950
Status: Off
There lived a beautiful queen and king who ruled with kind hearts but brutal fists. The land was happy and perfect in every which way, and the land was prosperous. But behind citizens backs, secrets were being kept, horrible secrets, that none would think exist in the beautiful land of Polyxena. King Charles and Queen Marianne hide them behind smiles, keeping the land oblivious with the perfection. But their daughter knew it was wrong to hide these things from the people, and tried to tell the people, but she was stopped before she even left the palace. Now, she plans to try again, with the help of six other dukes and duchesses, children of nobles in the kingdom. The first meeting was today, and Princess Reagan Nightshade waited patiently in the basement of the castle for them to arrive.

No godmodding
No trolls
If a troll comes, ignore it
No "It's not in the rules"
You listen to me and the admins, but me mostly
Put your name in other
Please nor Mary or Gary Sues
Do not start until I say
Only six people may join
First one to sign up is admin


It's time.
DruidDate: We, 13.July.11, 8:00 AM | Message # 2
Group: Removed

Name: Archer Blackshire
A/G/E: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Slightly Unpredictable, Clumsy, funny, Takes things to the next level
Appearance: Dirty blonde with usual uncombed hair, Blood-Red eyes. Small muscles, Scar across eye.
Weapon: Dual Short-swords
Items: Wallet, toothpick, flute.
Bio: Born as an orphan, blood of a thief.
Other: Druid/Archer Blackshire
Dillon0909Date: Su, 09.June.13, 1:24 AM | Message # 3
Group: Administrators
Messages: 34688
Status: Off
Name: Drake Izea
A/G/E: 17
Gender: M
Personality: He believes absolute power and extreme force is how to run a government, fear is how to control a populous  and that he himself should follow this codes. He is very honorable, willing to obey the laws of the lands even if he doesn't agree they go far enough, or to far. Because of his views, he reward his servant's for successes, and has punishments for their behaviors.

Appearance: When he is not practicing for battle, he wears a black kingly suit, and black pants, with a regal expensive black attire  In Battle Practice, he was personal customized Black Knight armor, that restricts his movements, but increases his power with the weight.

Weapon: A Cutlass, used for close combat and a crossbow (If we are in the industrial Age Flintlock Pistol) 
Items: An amulet with a skull on it, that he wears around his neck.
Bio: Drake is a very troubled child. He wants power and athority, but can not retrive it due to his position. He wants respect, but does not gain it due to his views. He was love and pride from his father and his mother, but...does not recive it due to his stuggles with combat practicing. All of these factors has turned Drake into a bitter man, who despises being a Duke, and desires to be more, much more. However, he also belives in having a small code of honor. The highest honor, is to never harm a lady unless for self defence. He has heard rumors about Regan's short comings, but feels he still has no right to assist her. 

I love Spooky Crap :D
Role-Playing Place » The Between » The Graveyard » In the Kingdom of Polyxena... (Credit still goes to Narutard)
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