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Role-Playing Place » The Between » The Graveyard » The Order (RP Thread)
The Order
DruidDate: We, 13.July.11, 8:28 AM | Message # 1
Group: Removed

A city once filled with people, business, fun, love, and peace, soon to be piles of rubble, smoke, and a massive war zone.
That city was Atlantis. A city made of Crystal bricks, and blue stone. After the recent assassination of the first Leader, a new Leader took his place. The council saw that the new Leader was far more powerful then the old one, so they bowed to him and did his bidding. That led to the recent law called "The Order". The law stated that the people of Atlantis had no power beginning that day. Riots, marchers, a protests began occurring, when finally the Council decided to attack. Atlantis soon began to fall. Buildings destroyed just for fun, slaughtered rebels, and the Soldiers even began to kidnap some of the villager children and keep them as pets. Finally, after long thought, a new, more powerful resistance appeared. First, the city of Teron stop transmitting the "All-Clear" signal, and the council began to get a little suspicious. Then, word spread that Yefoll began to turn into a massive war zone, and that's when the Order/Survivor War took place. This is where it starts.

-This is not related to the Under Water city of Atlantis
-We are not fish-like people
-No Uber weapons
-Don't be perfect; Nobody is
-Respect each other
-If your CS is not accepted, fix it, or just leave
-Think of everything that can ruin a thread, and don't do that
-We all play as survivors
-No romance, to all you lovebirds out there
-"That's not in the rules" is not an excuse
-Put "Umadbrah?" At the end of your CS to signify that you read the rules

Fighter- Extra tools are Grenade and knife.
Medic- Extra tools are Medical supplies
Engineer- Extra tools are Mines and Extra Ammo
Slayer- Extra tools are Short sword and throwing knifes (Please limit yourself)


Light- Low armor and attack but very quick.
Extra abilities are: Shadow Cloak (Makes you invisible for a limited time)

Normal- Medium speed, armor, and attack.
Extra Abilities are: Shield (Your body is protected by a plasma shield got a limited time)

Heavy- Heavy Armor, Strong Attack, but low speed.
Extra Abilities are: Ion blast (Fires an Ion beam to targeted enemy, vehicle, machine and drains energy from machine or disables much armor from infrantry)


Call sign:
Armor Appearance:

Added (07.13.2011, 3:28 PM)
Name: Swift Boomer
Ag.e: 23
Gender: Male
Call sign: "Runner"
Bio: Swift is the leader of his team. He doesn't like long-range shooting, and loves close-range combat. He knows many tricks with swords and knifes.
Did I mention he hates Atlantis soldiers? He good at stealing cargo and supplies, knows his way around the city, and is really quick.
Appearance: Black, spiky hair, and stitch on chest.
Class: Slayer
Type: Light
Armor Appearance: He has no armor, just cloth.
Personality: Nimble, Expert dueler, Serious most of the time.
Equipment: UMP .45, M9, Frag grenade, Semtex, Throwing knife, Red Dot sight attachment, Silencer.

Role-Playing Place » The Between » The Graveyard » The Order (RP Thread)
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