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Galaxy Thread (Famous Factions edition)
Dillon0909Date: Fr, 04.May.12, 5:12 PM | Message # 1
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(Original Factions will come soon)

Okay, here's the senario. You are the newest Commanding officer of one of the factions listed below. You have many choices on what you do with your army factions.

Follow Orders from a higher power

Establish a Colony

Build a defence of the Starting planet.

Try for a peaceful relations with natives

The Factions Are:

Star Wars:

Galactic Empire- Has the belief that the only way to control the chaos in the galaxy, you must instill Order even through Tyranny

Rebel Alliance- Is venoumously against the whole Tyranny thing, so much so...that they are trying to liberate the galaxy from the Empire.

Galactic Republic- Think the United States, but with Planets. With a senete that basically like RL can't get crap done without any one to agree, and a Chancerlor that is pretty much the President

Confederacy of Independent Systems- Thing the Confederacy from the Cival War...I don't know the politics there

Star Trek:

Federation- Again the United States with Planets, except alot less grand in scale with the republic

Klingon Empire- (I have no idea I don't really watch Star Trek)

Borg- Belief in the complete assimilation of the universe into one perfect being

DR. Who:


(Under construction...I have never watched Dr.Who in my life)

Babolon 5

(Haven't seen that either)

(If there are more Sci Fi stuff I missed let me know, it has to be a famous Sci Fi faction)


A twist on an existic Faction

Planets in this RP.


The Moon

Kingon Homeworld



Death Star (I count it as a planet due to its size)



Babolyn 5 worlds

Daleck home world

Borge Cube

Chareter Sheet


I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Fr, 04.May.12, 5:18 PM | Message # 2
Group: Administrators
Messages: 34688
Status: Off
Name: Josh "Scar Face" Wildon
Age: 27
Faction: A twist on the Galactic Empire (Custom)
Appearance: A grey traditional Imperial Uniform, with a visble blaster at his side at all times
Bio: Josh, was an imperial officer who had enough of Darth Vader and the Emperor killing not just men but his friends for very PETTY reasons. So he got out...and started to set up shop around Tatooine as his own private faction with one rule. Those who have the force...and strictly BANNED.

I love Spooky Crap :D
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