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Role-Playing Place » The Between » The Graveyard » -Time to bleed, chapter one:The fall of civilization- (Not an RPG, it just has RPG elements to make it interesting.)
-Time to bleed, chapter one:The fall of civilization-
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(Inspired by this song:

There was an explosion in the distance of your home, Xentenia. (Zen-ten-eeyah) You thought nothing of it in the coming hours, as you continued with your day. A group of simple rookie swordsmen went to go check out the explosion. It was days before they returned, and the only one that returned, was somehow living with no legs. Where his legs were, were perfectly healed. Was there some powerful witch out there, with mercy disguising the sick things the young one must have gone through? He was dropped off by one of the delivery pellicans, so the witch must have known how this civilization works. You dismissed it once again, and continued with your usual week, giving your usual prediction on what the explosion was to your friends and such. On the Second Monday of the Month, you saw a shooting star, and prayed to the Gods through it. Who knows, the Gods might shine upon your requests one day.

Upon the arrival of the second Thursday of the month, the town considered a witch hunt, to find this horrific and powerful sorcerer. The legless man pleaded that they not do it, that the creature was horrid and inhuman, but they disregarded his words as the rabble of an insane man. Three days later, only a few people from the entire angry mob escaped, speaking of a large crocodile-esque creature that swings a blade forged of blood and sand, speaking of how his blade was like none they had ever seen fashioned, and they spoke of the screamings of those who were slashed by the blade, no matter the size of the gash. It was a horrible tale, and you were afraid to sleep that night, so you stayed awake. You could have swore you saw some gray-green creature roaming the city streets, but you dismissed it as a sleep-deprived illusion. The next morning, the rest of the angry mob were found dead in their beds, poison darts in their necks, except for Hardin, who had apparently drawn his sword to attack his assailent, but took five darts to the chest in random spots, as if the creature just began firing darts rapidly. You slept with fear that night, covering your neck for dear life.

You woke up the next day to screams and blood splattering. As you drew your weapon and went outside to search, you saw absolute horror. Homes burning, children running and crying, pieces of bodies and half-crawling bodies, begging for a second chance at life. You look to the gates, and see two guards trying to protect the gate from the creatures pouring in, but small, imp-like creatures begin to pile on them, beating them to death with clubs. The only thing you could do, was run. You heard the snapping of jaws, and a scream of someone familiar. Who was it? No time to look back, you could only guess, as you heard the roar of laughter of a demonic beast, as he says something about having...humans in his teeth? You continued running, until you found a small home of rubble. As you proceeded to enter the hole, you find it is much larger than normal, and that there are multiple other people hiding as well, men, women, and children alike. One of the soldier fathers asked you about yourself and your history, as you begin to collect your thoughts, you finally answer him.

Traits Wished For:
How easily can you be scared:(1 being insanely easy, 10 being insanely hard. The balance is at 5, so if you go down towards 1, you gain more skill points, if you go upwards, you lose more skill points.)

Your stats
Starter points:50 (Minus one for however more you make yourself less likely to be scared, plus one for the more likely you make yourself scared.)
Strength: (How powerful your swings are, how much weight you can carry, how much speed-reduction from weight you're able to reduce.)
Agility:(How likely you are to dodge an attack, how fast you can run with your weapon put away, and how fast you can run in general.)
Focus:(How likely you are to land a blow, how likely you are to predict your opponent's next move, and will slightly reduce your likely-hood to be scared.)
Luck:(How likely you are to find something good or needed, how likely you are to get a good idea, and other random and small, but useful, stats.)
Fortitude:(How many blows you can take, before your body gives in to sleep. While your character can not enter perma-death, you don't want to be swatted away like a fly.)

Sometimes when you get a stat to a certain level, you learn something, or gain some kind of boost. Try to find the right set-up for yourself! Remember, luck Stat makes you more likely to learn something really good!

Fleet of foot:You have the agility of a rabbit, being able to move faster, and react more smoothly to danger. Can be unlocked in the Agility tree.
Iron skin:Your body is as resiliant as iron, being able to take several more hits, while your armor is also twice as effective. Can be unlocked in the fortitude tree.
Bodybuilder:You are as powerful as an Ox, and resilient as a rhino. Your strength increases, and your fortitude increases. Can be unlocked in either the strength tree or fortitude tree, but cannot be unlocked twice.
Tunnel Vision:You are as narrow minded as one can get. Once you gain a objective, your thoughts constantly come back to that one objective, until you complete it. Sometimes, this can even make you accidentally deny a quest or objective. But, you become more powerful against foes while on your way to an objective. Can be unlocked in the Focus tree.
Blessing of the Jackel: You become more focused, more lucky, resilient, and agile. You feel like a jackel yourself now, and you can now speak to animals. Way of obtaining, unknown.
Blessing of the Crocodile: You become insanely Stronger, More Resilent, and Much More Agile. You can now speak to the beasts. Way of obtaining, unknown.
Blade dancer: You have the finesse and power of a blade dancer, becoming more Powerful and More Agile. Can be unlocked in either the Strength Tree, or the Agility Tree.
HoneyBadger:You do not give a care for anything but your objective, becoming far more focused and slightly more powerful. Can be Obtained from the Focus Tree.
Lucky Rabbit's foot: You carry a rabbit's foot with you, because you always believed in those little fairy tales. You become somewhat more lucky, and slightly less focused. Can be obtained in the Luck Tree.
The Birds and the Bees:You know what's up with those birds and bees. Although, you feel slightly weird about what just happened...You become able to talk to animals from long distances, and can now control small animals.
Sonic Boom:A special agility unlock, super rare. This is an agility attack move, where you boost forward at high speed, ramming your foe away from you. The charge is almost instant, and it takes a very high agility to unlock.
Speed Boost: An uncommon Agility unlock. You become moderately faster, being able to dodge easier, and move far faster.
Come At me!:An uncommon Strength unlock. You let out a battle cry and attract the attention of all enemies around you, and become somewhat stronger. You become harder to entertain from this unlock.
Executor: A special Strength Unlock, Super Rare. This is a Strength attack move, where you become insanely stronger, and become able to unleash a execution when your enemy is off-balance, where you do massive damage to them and possibly sever a limb. It takes very high strength to unlock.You become more aggresive with this unlock.
True Sight:An uncommon focus unlock. You become able to see invisible foes. You gain significant focus upon an enemy entering invisibility.
Malific visions:A special Focus Unlock, Super Rare. This is a Focus attack move, where you stare into your foes soul, weakening all their stats signficiantly, and implant horrific visions in their minds, while occasionally having your own, if you don't toss the curse onto an enemy every few days.
Luck of a leprechaun: An Uncommon Luck unlock. You become far luckier in your travels, and weaker enemies will avoid you.
Turning the tables:A special Luck Unlock, Super Rare. You unleash a spiritual tether that connects to an enemy, and you will begin draining his stats, temporarily adding his to yours. Keep in mind, another enemy CAN break the bond, and you will be immoble while you drain the enemy.
Iron Man:An uncommon Fortitude unlock. Your armor is insanely effective now, and your fortitude is multiplied by 1/4th.
British Grenade:A special Fortitude Unlock, Super Rare. This is a fortitude attack move, where your fortitude is increased four times as much for a short time, and you fire metal spikes in a orb-shape around you, striking anything around you, sparing nothing in it's path. This requires very high fortitude to unlock.
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Role-Playing Place » The Between » The Graveyard » -Time to bleed, chapter one:The fall of civilization- (Not an RPG, it just has RPG elements to make it interesting.)
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