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Slabs of Stone
DemonDate: Su, 04.September.11, 5:38 PM | Message # 1
Group: Removed

You were walking on the street, when you found a strange, flat, colored stone. You found it intriguing, so you picked it up and took it home. Once you did so, the stone started to glow. All of the sudden, you could control an element. But as soon as you got to your house to tell someone, you found strange, black vans parked infront of your house. You opened the door, and found many men in black suits in your house. Afew of them were holding your family members. You shouted "WHATS GOING ON HERE?!" panic rose in your voice. One of the men stepped forward. "We want the stone!!!". You elt your pocket, where the stone was hidden. You knew these men had no good intentions for it. "What stone?" you asked. The men beleived you didnt know what it was, and they left. As soon as you saw the vans swerve away, you ran to your family. "What happened?". They answered "They asked for... a stone... They asked for YOU... But we wouldnt let them have you! Never!". Once everything was calmed down, you went in your room. There was a barn owl perched on the windowsill, with a letter in its beak. You opened it.

Dear, ____
I see you found one of the stones. Please, do not trust those men. They have no good intentions to do with you or the stone. Never let yourself be caught by them, and never let them have the stone. There are 6 more like you, who have been chosen to obtain a stone. Each stone has an element. The color represents that element. Each stone also has a name. Here is the list of each stone.
Agua: Blue-Water (Taken)
Scorch: Red-Fire (Taken)
Dust: Brown-Earth (Open)
Breeze: White-Air (Taken)
Sun: Silver-Light (Taken)
Hell: Black-Dark (Taken)
Please be careful...

Only 6 people can own a stone
Listen to admins
Regular rules
Put 'Epic Stone' under your CS
You cant take an already taken stone

Age: (14-18)
Stone name (If a Stone Holder) :

~My CS~
Name: Rowan Darkblood
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: (Just realized theres no attatchment button like the other ucoz site im on D: Dangit... That made things so much easier <_<)
Black hair, blood red eyes, a black tank top, blue jeans, golden necklace, black boots
Personality: Bitter, harsh, cruel, merciless, powerful, strong, smart, agile, only kind to her friends
Bio: TBR
Stone name (If a Stone Holder): Hell
(Annoying security code button...)
Weapons/Items: a black longsword with a bone hilt, its engulfed in black flames when drawn.

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