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:The Mines Of Mallora:
DepressedDuckDate: Mo, 12.September.11, 10:01 PM | Message # 1
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The Mines of Mallora were renounded for their depth and size. The enterance was a small cave north of Nijitzu. However, the twisting caverns went on for miles and miles, below the earths surface. Some say that the tunnels were initially caved out by means of magic. But now, most of the digging is done now by slaves and captives in chains.
The tunnels cometimes contain caves, which the Mallorans have made into small camps, where they keep their prisoners. Some people are born down there, and never see the light of day, only the pale yellow of the glowworm lamps.
However, recently, things have gone sour down below. some slaves have not been coming back. As for the survivors, all they give are reports of a flute-like noise, and the sound of chains clashing in unison, creating an eerie music.
The elders are not convinced, but there must be SOME reason for the missing people. So, they sent some adventuerers, usually discoraged in Mallora, to see what the heck is going on. YOU are part of that group...



Walk without rhythm
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