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Role-Playing Place » The Between » The Graveyard » Legends of Mythrin -={God Fall}=- (Even Gods Fall)
Legends of Mythrin -={God Fall}=-
NevermoreDate: Sa, 24.September.11, 7:40 PM | Message # 1
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In an age before Human memory an age that is long forgotten, yet remembered in the darkest most primevil minds of modern Man, an age that has passed and will pass again, there walked all creatures of myths and legends, elves, dwarves, men, drow, halfings, changeling, orks (and their distant more civilized cousins, the orcs), goblins, hobgoblins, Zaile, Zalthan, giants, dragons, sleezna, murda, Kalthika, and the Gods of Man. They roamed the Dark Plains, the Forests of Bel-tin (Light), the greater Skye mountains, a chain of mountains so high, they were only surmounted successfully by the Gods of Man, the Wastelands of Faire, in this age of legends, a prophet spoke of a day when this age returns, that a man-child will be borne, and bring the races together under a single united banner and do battle with the Evils of Samerkan, the dark master of the Wastelands of Faire, whose heart was once as pure as the Gods of Man, but it turned sour and bitter has he watched the Children kill each other for land and in vain. The Humans forced the elves into the retreat of their forest strong hold of Bel-tin and a curse was said to be laid on the surrounding areas, that no man who was not a man-child would be able to walk those forests safely, and the dwarves retreated deep into Damain, their domain in the dark underground hearts of the Skyle Mountains, and man even rebelled against their Gods, who now live in their lofty realms. It is said that the Drow who now inhabit the Wastelands of Faire are the descendants of the Elves that mixed with Human blood... But the memories of Man are short, and their war was scrubbed and erased from their legends, only the darkest of whisperings haunt them, like "don't go into the Forest," "Don't play in the Mountains of Skye, for you could be eaten up by the nasty goblinses that live there," Or even, "Don't stay out late or else the Drow will snatch you." The Changelings assimilated the best into the human's society and they stand waiting. The Orks hide with their dark master, Samerkan, doing his biding and will, while they have killed the last of the great Orcs, Smitharl...

Samerkan has not yet fallen into the Shadow of Evil, and become the Incarnation. He is still pure as the brightest of Gods of Men, and he is full of promise and hope for when he is born the world was in a great time, it was a glorius day. They heaped upon his newborn body praises of hope and glory to come.He is the golden child of the Gods of Men. This is the story of how a God fell...
1: You can make your own classes and races, just don't uber.
2: Listen to admins.
3: Respect other players, not neccesiraly NPCs
4: You can die.
5: Have fun.
6: Design your own CS, but be sure to include your character's n.ame,, class, race, and a brief bio (I prefer at least 6 words).
7: Max number of characters is 3 per person.
8: Any race can be good or evil, I.E A drow can be a good guy too, and an Elf can be a bad guy.
Name: SamerKan
RPage: 1500 (Human equivalent is 15)
Class: Child Progidy of the Clerics
Race: God of Man
Bio: refer to the above paragraph.

The wastelands are a brilliant place to live. Nobody looks for you if you live there.
You're like a frozen cactus.
Role-Playing Place » The Between » The Graveyard » Legends of Mythrin -={God Fall}=- (Even Gods Fall)
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