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Role-Playing Place » Angels Vs. Demons » Characters in the Story » The Complete Chareter List for all threads I've been on ((because I was bored!))
The Complete Chareter List for all threads I've been on
Dillon0909Date: Mo, 27.February.12, 3:59 PM | Message # 1
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Angels vs Demons:

Dillon0909's Chareters:

Cragus-main chareter, Demon king of Angels

Sein-Son of Reagan

Firex-Brother of Cragus

Athanatos-dead guy

Carson-the former leader of the brotherhood

Jackson-Exiled leader of Angel army

Nightmare-An at large creature

Zallen-Father to Cragus and Adopted father to Sarah

Ilovedogs2 Chareters:

Angelica-Queen of Angels,

Alexia-Child of Cragus and Angelica

Adam- Angelica's younger brother

John- Angelica's Older Brother

Jerry- Angelica's Father

Sanders-angelica's Dead brother
(Edit if you'd like)

Narutards Chareters:

Reagan-Demon queen.

Coraline- Daughter of Reagan and Rhaine

Kevin: Her older brother

Elizabeth-her little sister

Rei- Zallen's wife

Aaron- the dark king of demons

Nana-Carson's wife

(Don't know anyone else so again edit if you need to )


Rhaine-Demon king

(lucky you Creation)

Razels Chareters:


(I have no clue, just being honest there

I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Mo, 27.February.12, 4:14 PM | Message # 2
Group: Administrators
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Star Wars RP:

Dillon0909 Original Chareters:

Oreac Vano-Imperial Soildger, possibly future Jedi Knight.

Ilovedogs2 Original Chareters:

Sicily- Oreac's Jedi Girlfriend

Raz Original Chareters:

Raz-A droid with seriously badass A.I.

Country of Zanna:

Dillon0909's Chareters

Donnovan Bards-A werewolf with a vampire fiancee.

Conner- A vampire who is about to be hitched too

Kyle- Lily's very destructive father, who hates Donny

Shadow-a Ghost who's about to be a dad

Arty-husband of the owner of Zanna.

Randy-husband of the Werewolf Alpha who doesn't like Donny very much

Narutard's Chareters:

Laeci-A Dragon Creature who is about to have half ghost half Dragon twins (no I am not kidding)

Lily-Donny's Financee who is also an expecting mother

Greta-Owner of Zanna, mother of Shadow

Karim-the one who bit Donny, were wolf Alpha

Alex-Conner's Finacee

Marigred-Laeci's Mother

Pirate's Life

Dillon0909's Chareters:

Dillon A Mathiasen- Captain of the Death Pirates, Reagan's former Rival, father of Natayla

Irish-Dillon's wife, and Mother of Natayla

Natayla-Child of Irish and Dillong

Grim-the Grim Reaper of this universe, and Reagan's husband

Jason-The Lutentent of the Phionix Pirates

Storm- Regan and Grim's Son

Narutard's Chareters-

Reagan-Captain of the Pheonix pirates, Dillon's ex rival, Grims Wife

Dianne- Daughter of Reagan

Lizzie- Jason's sister, and part time bar keeper

I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Mo, 27.February.12, 4:36 PM | Message # 3
Group: Administrators
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The Velkar

Dillon0909 Chareter:

Shade-Shadow Velkar and belive it not the first Dad in any of my RP's

Rock-The Earth Velkar, boyfriend of Shine

Burn- Mother of Flames, and a former rasist towards humans

Coldren- Leader of the Velkar group,Ice Velkar and boyfriend of Storm

Aqua-Water Velkar,designated doctor, and Flames's boyfriend

Ment-the second human of the group, and other doctor

Calrez-Govenrment agent that hates Velkars

Night-Shade's Son

Ilovedogs2 Chareters

Flames-Fire Velkar, and Aqua's girlfriend

Shine-Light Velkar and Rock's Girlfriend

Storm-Weather Velkar and Coldren's Girlfriend

Kasidy-Shade's Wife, First Human of the group, Night's mom.

SuperHero/Super Villain RP:

Dillon's Original Charerters:

Oliver Hentra-Former Top Student of Supervillain academy, now a mental patient.

Red Lincon-Top student of Super Hero academy, and Emily Racus's fiancee

Timmet- Brother of Marci Skull.

Ice-Former top student villain adacemy now MIA

Squirt-Ice's Brother

Jonathan Hentra- Oliver's Father

Austin- Supervillain in hiding

Various Doctors-People who fix up our four main chareters alot!

Ilovedogs2 chareters:

Emily Rascus-Top Student of Villain Academy, and Red Lincon's fiancee

Asheird-(don't know the series) Emily's Adopted Mother

Narutard Chareters:

Marci Skull-Number 2 student of Hero academy, is currently in a hospital bed recovering from a coma

Nancy Hentra- Oliver's Mother

Sin Skull-(Don't know the Series) Marci's adopted mother

Daneille-Oliver's Therapist

Hunter- Daneille's Son,Oliver's Roomate at the mental ward, is in the hospital with a coma, see's monster that happen to be Oliver's Transformations

Lizzie-Hunter's Girlfriend

Raz Chareters:

Scott-someone with a search and kill mission on Austin

I love Spooky Crap :D
Dillon0909Date: Mo, 27.February.12, 4:49 PM | Message # 4
Group: Administrators
Messages: 34688
Status: Off
( cry I'm not done yet)

Ultimate Anime Crossover:

Dillon0909 Chareter

Nollid- Captain of the Pirate of Dreams. At the plume plume devil fruit from One Piece, is Nataliegh's boyfriend

Retren- A dbz fanchareter, designated chief, Bandit's adopted Daughter

Chaos- A Sonic the Hedgehog Fanchareter, designated Engineer, and a robot

Narutard's Chareters:

Nataliegh-daughter of Roy Mustang from FMA.

Shizuka- A jinchuriki and First Mate of the ship.

Maridread-Ship Doctor, and Retren's Girlfriend

Bandit-Pet...yeah...a pet...

The Town of Greo

Dillon0909 Chareters:

Dillon Salvatori-a former Professional Wrester, Baker, Musician, Martial Artist. Owner of the town mall, is a Mafia Boss.

Cody Salieri- Dillon's Best Friend

Frank-Professinal Wrestler, and Dillon's employee

Ilovedogs2 chareters:

Jenny-Martial Arts Teacher, girl friend of Xavier

Kenny-Jenny's Brother

Narutard's Chareters:

Mary-Musicain and Bakery helper

Xavier- Bakery owner, pays Dillon protection money, Jenny's Boyfriend

Magical Souls:

Dillon0909 Chareters:

Shadow-An elf captain who just learned he has magical powers

Elise-A necromantress, hiding with Cora and Shadow

Narutard Chareters:

Cora-Ice witch.

King Tepo-Leader of the Elven Kingdom


Clare-A light wizard

Raz Chareters:


Toxic Charaters:

Damien-Fire Wizard

Misc Chareters:

Ghosts Master of ___________ - Ghosts of the former master of the Elements

I love Spooky Crap :D
RazDate: Tu, 28.February.12, 3:09 PM | Message # 5
Group: Administrators
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Country Of Zanna
Razarel's Characters-

Razarel-A heavily armed Vampire, dressed in full red(Except for his Black Felt Fedora), that screws with everyone.

Magical Souls

Scott Alexander Throgmorton(Not Raz)- A kid that doesn't pay attention to Kings, Leaders, Or politics. He just slides around on his Tower Shield and Creates Potions that have many different attributes.

Persona Non Grata
Role-Playing Place » Angels Vs. Demons » Characters in the Story » The Complete Chareter List for all threads I've been on ((because I was bored!))
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