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Top Ten Favorite Chareters that Aren't mine
Dillon0909Date: Sa, 03.November.12, 4:55 PM | Message # 1
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If you missed my last list BOOM here it is:

I've learned very quickly that an RP can not be supported by one person alone. It takes two, to make a perfect rp.Thankfully, we happen to have awsome rpers on the site. Now last time I did my personal favorite chareters to rp this is the list of chareters rped by other people.

Now this list just follows the chareters in every thread I've been apart also has the one chareter per thread rule like my own. I also want to make one thing clear...If I didn't include your chareter on the list don't freak out, I love everyone on the site, even the ones I haven't rped with at all or that much, now than...

This is my top ten favorite Chareters Rped by other people

#10: Thalia from Pirates Life: Kind of a shocker, that she's not number one because Natalya is my favorite chareter to RP isn't it? The main reason why is simple. While I love Thalia...I love what she and Natayla are and the kind of peaceful couple they are. I just feel that there are alot of better chareters out there. Howver, that being said...she's still an awsome chareter...basically the center fold of all the crazyness, and I love her for every second there is

#9: Razerel from Country of Zanna: The only chareter on this list not made by Ilovedogs2 and Narutard. Raz had alot of competition to go through to beat out all of Narutard's chareters. However, Raz did I'll tell you how. Razerel basically is (in my opinion) the greatist chareter Raz's ever made. I love his stuff don't get me wrong, its just...this Razerel rules, he's a badass but not an asshole. So nice work, and Sorry Narutard

#7 Michelle o. E. or (I forget her real name) from Welcome to Hell: This is by far, the most devopled chareter I have ever seen. When I develop a charters...its always an instant turn...however ILD2 did a great job here with Michelle giving her time to develop as a chareter and turn her into pretty much the sweetist thing on the thread...(and concidering its a Jail thread thats a mirical)

#6: Arthur from AVD Backstreet Brawls: Dear god, I love this chareter! The perfect brother, the perfect HERO! I love how he's devloped, I love the direction he's going, and I can't wait for me to interact with him more. Nothing more to say to number

#5: Liz from The Forgotten ones: I just like her for how much of a leader she is...thats really it Next Number

#4: Gwendolin Monroe from Quest for power: The perfect counter to Jaclyn Gwendolin is awsome, just because she is awsome...thats all I need to say.

#3: Marci from Superhero/Villain RP: The greatist chareter delopment in my opinion, is Marci. Thats all I have to say, Narutard did a great job here

#2: Zerelda from Old West: This si the greatist tragic charter I've seen...again thats all I me...# 1 is longer

#1 is the hardest one to know why? Because of my choices...I have

Narutard's Reagan in AVD

Or Ilovedogs2 Angelica in AVD.

This was really ...REALLY hard to was basically the equivalent of choosing what CHILD I liked more. However...after much thinking I finally came to a desition

The #1 greatist chareter not RPed by me is:

Angelica and Reagan from AVD: I couldn't choose so I cheated. Both these girls are awsome Narutard and Ilovedogs2 should be EXTREMELY proud of how these girls these girls grew up....and just HOW AWSOME THEY MADE THEM. Now if you really want me to choose...bit me its my list I can make whoever I want #1.

Any comments to be placed below, please keep it civil.

I love Spooky Crap :D
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