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Role-Playing Place » Angels Vs. Demons » Characters in the Story » Top Ten Favorite Chareter interactions (The 3rd and final top ten list)
Top Ten Favorite Chareter interactions
Dillon0909Date: Su, 04.November.12, 3:54 PM | Message # 1
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(If you missed my last two lists, Here's the first one:

And here's the Second one: )

So you know my favorite charter to rp as, and my favorite charters that other people rp as, now its time to tell you my favorite chareter interactions. What I mean is, whenever these two have a scene together I just squee. Now it could be any one, however my grand rule is, no self interactions also two charters per thread. In english you won't see things like Cragus and Frost in The Trinity or Natayla and Dillon in Pirate Island. Now than...this is my top ten favorite chareter interactions.

#10: Natayla and Thalia from Pirate Island: The second homosexual couple on there, this is by far one of my favorites because Natayla is my favorite chareter period. Their so cute together too, its usually very sweet, no other reason, next number.

#9. Z and Raz from Country of Zanna: This is a more recent chareter interaction, but I still love the crud out of it. This is actually the real main reason why Raz beat out Narutard's chareters in Country of Zanna, because Z and Raz, just click, next number

#8: Any time Ilovedogs2 and Narutard interact: I'm cheating with this one, sue me, but the co dictators,do create very good chareter interactions. I could make a top ten list of just great lines, and 90% would be theirs. If you had to twist my arm and make me choose though...I guess I'll pick Arthur and Alexia from AVD BB. However the other charters should get their mention

#7 Danny and Jenny from Welcome to Hell: When I made my chareter sheet on Welcome to Hell, I wanted to make, a rebel...and a slasher villain pretty much. However, as time grew on...I wanted to make Danny have a very creepy attraction to Jenny and it works out making ever scene subtly more horrifing

#6: Jaclyn and Gwenn from QUest for power: No real reason other than I just like this couple

#5: Shade and Kasidy from the Velkar: The second ever parents in the stories, plus their cute kid Night, is what makes these two so high.

#4: Sein and Nana from AVD X: Man, I really should apologize for the AVD X saga. I did not think it would die that fast. Oh well, if anything saved it. It would be Sein and Nana's relationship and how it just feels so natural

#3: Leo and Blaise from The Year 3000: Another couple I number

#2: Nero and Zerelda from The Old West: Easily the second most developed couple that I've seen. I love this couple for their loyalty. Nothing omre to it than that

Now, I hope I don't offend anyone but...

#1 Charter interaction that I like is

Cragus and Alexia: It was...hard...VERY VERY hard one wheither or not I should cheat and make this a three way tie between Reagan and Rhaine, Cragus and Alexia and Cragus and Angelica. However...I realized I couldn't cheat again, so I had to make a choice. I LOVE this charter interaction. This is the perfect Father Daughter collection. Its clear as day Cragus loves his little girl and Alexia loves him back. So, thats the main reason.

I hope you've enjoyed these top ten lists...and if these go well, I will make more.

Post below, and keep it civil please.

I love Spooky Crap :D
Role-Playing Place » Angels Vs. Demons » Characters in the Story » Top Ten Favorite Chareter interactions (The 3rd and final top ten list)
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