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Naruto the Darkest Age
Dillon0909Date: Th, 07.March.13, 1:42 PM | Message # 1
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As the Akatsuki's plan came closer and closer to fruition. The Great Kages of the villages came together to face them. In this final climatic battle the heroes the world had come to know where destroyed as where their enemies. This left major problems back with the villages. Their leaders and the greatest ninjas were killed. Who would take the reigns and become their leaders. While some villages managed to at least keep themselves together others had erupted into civil war with multiple factions all wanting their leaders in power. after several years even the villages that seemed to hold themselves together fell apart. The great countries are technically intact. their borders unchanged on any map. However inside each country is a civil war that rages on. In some openly on the streets in others in the shadows of the night. But all eventually spill in the streets despite how much some may try to keep it a secret.

Okay rules time.

1.) while villages like the hidden leaf and the sand village may seem peaceful their civil war rages on on the outskirts of the village. While in the smaller villages it spills into the streets and the internal maps of those countries are split into faction held territories.

2.) Your ninja can not be higher then Chuunin.

3.) Since all the political unrest and the chaos each village is suffering under it is very easy to be branded a traitor or enemy by even your home village. Because of this there are many 'missing-nins' out and about and you can be one of them. Though some simply leave to avoid fighting.

4.) Don't go to extreme with your powers.

The ones listed as maybe are ones who's members may still be alive and might have had kids. but you need to pm me with a good story before posting your character.

Chareter Sheet: 

Chakra Nature: 
Jutsu you know: 

I love Spooky Crap :D
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