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Answer: Well it's obviously Narutard, Ilovedogs2, Equinox, and Dillon0909.

Creation! :D


It's a thread that could be found on the ROBLOX forum site that deals with the lives of angels and demons.

Only I can change where you are but most people fall in the Users group...If you want to change, give me a reason and I'll consider it.

Only the owner can change the groups, Ilove is the owner.
- Creation

That's me the head administrator. 



Check the forum, scroll to Angels Vs. Demons section, and click Characters in the story.


This varies, I'll often be on in the morning during school. I also am on through out the day. While so, I see Dillion, Ilove, and Raz the most.
 - Creation

Sadly for your information, no. Our monkeys had disappeared a while ago so we had to use humans. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

It ranges BUT most people on here are around high school or college. With a few exceptions of course.

1. If you can catch up with us when we post since we are really active.
2. Get on this site often.
3. Don't get any of the admins mad at you. 

If you can follow these statements, then it is.

As long as you can catch up on the arcs that you missed, make a good cs, and get on about when we get on. THEN YES!

....go search it up on Google...I'm not so sure.
Added by: John (Creation100)

Well depends on bad you dirty you posts, what my mood is like that day...
Added by: John (Creation100)

Everyone is equal...so I can't say.
Added by: John (Creation100)

Occasionally, just to check on the forums but that is it. I've grown too old for it.



Only if you can go as far to do more like.


How about no, whoever asked this...


On the contrary, it depends on your attitude. There is a time and place for fun. Just make sure your timing is right.

Who are you asking? 
Me: I like every genre really.

I'm not a picky eater really. However I do like Italian food really much. 

People, can't you read that I do. 

Well sometimes by others but it'll show up with their names. If it's blank, it was answered by Ilovedogs2

Eck, it varies each day. Depends on what things I have to do after school. HOWEVER you can find ME on around 5:45 pm Central each day EXCLUDING weekends.

During the hours of 5 to 9 (Eastern standard time) activity on the forum is slightly high, you'll occasionally see me on, though if you would like me to be on, just send me a PM, it sends a notification all the way to my personal phone. - Creation

*sigh* I'm still on...sometimes. Maybe twice a week for Roblox so yes you can still PM me or the admins here. However you can contact Narutard through her email that is found on the Contact Us page. If she can't answer the question, email me at 2ilovedogs@gmail.com. ONLY if you have spoken to her and she doesn't know the answer, then ask me.

Stop being a baby and quit whining. Its only a few rules and not like a thousand or something. I would recommend it. Its not mandatory...However I would like it if people know the rules around here BEFORE complaining to the admins or the mods.



Yes.. You'd just have to take your time to be active in the forum, get to know everyone such things.

- Creation