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Angels Vs. Demons is a story based on the lives of angels and demons. Since the big war of Angels vs. Demons, many other speculating events have happened. Each event that happened are called arcs here. We have a total of about 10 arcs here and yet we are still continuing. This isn't a religious thread either. Users here might be religious, but this isn't religious or anything NEAR religious. Guests can read the blog, sign into the Guestbook, and other interesting info we have here. However due to an event, guests MUST sign in or join in order to take part in this forum. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this rule will have to be upheld.

Yes, there are some rules here that are watched by our team of admins and mods. We aren't strict, but we would hope people who join at least understand the rules here, in order to protect and to have everything flow smoothly. Thank you for taking your time to read this. We all hope that you will join and become a part of this magnificent and mysterious site.