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Questions for Admins or Mods
Like anything ranging from this site to ROBLOX or anything in between, we'll try to answer it to the best of our abilities. Or mostly me because I solve most of the problems...
Forum moderator: Ilovedogs2, Narutard
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Things you should know before rping here
Rules are here. yes don't whine. MUST READ! (will also be updated from time to time)
Forum moderator: Narutard
2 6 Th, 20.September.12, 10:38 PM
Thread: Reputation and Awards
Posted by: Ilovedogs2
Post them here and I'll conside in changing whatever you requested.
Forum moderator: Narutard
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List of directory names that help promote this site.
5 0 Tu, 16.July.13, 0:46 AM
Thread: Recreation
Posted by: Ilovedogs2

Angels Vs. Demons
Different Arcs lead to different mini-stories you can say. Credit goes to Dillon0909.
Forum moderator: Narutard
2 108 Mo, 17.September.12, 8:22 PM
Thread: Favorite moments
Posted by: Narutard
Characters in the Story
Currently both major and minor characters in the story
Forum moderator: Narutard
12 53 Su, 23.December.12, 9:38 PM
Thread: Top Ten...
Posted by: Dillon0909
Relationships between each character.
Forum moderator: Narutard
7 182 Su, 04.March.12, 6:02 PM
Thread: Stephen x Working
Posted by: Fuipui
Questions on this section?
Questions on Angels Vs. Demons? State your question and I, narutard, dillon, or creation, will answer them.
Forum moderator: Narutard
1 4 Mo, 19.November.12, 8:28 PM
Thread: What happened to the Origina...
Posted by: Brinicle
Wishing the thread could have gone another way?
Do you wish everything has changed? Where the war could have continued, the characters had never met, etc.? Well put your ideas here and role-play it!
Forum moderator: Narutard
2 42 We, 18.January.12, 3:47 AM
Thread: What if Questions?
Posted by: Dillon0909

<Average Roleplays>
400s to 1400s Middle Ages
BUILDING CASTLES AND FIGHTING ORCS AND DWARVES YEAH...well not the orcs part but yeah. Medieval for short
1 246 We, 02.September.15, 11:53 AM
Thread: Kings and Queens
Posted by: Ilovedogs2
Fantasy Roleplays
RAWR!! Our imagination is coming! Run!!
Forum moderator: Narutard
17 19693 Tu, 22.September.15, 10:48 PM
Thread: Three Kingdoms (Revamped)
Posted by: Narutard
Modern Threads IZ here
just...modern...don't look behind your chair, the cops are stalking you for your modern attitude.
11 13952 Tu, 22.September.15, 11:43 PM
Thread: Monsters Among Us
Posted by: Ilovedogs2
The Big West
YEEHAW!!!!!!! Cowboys roaming and we're all drinking and fighting...tumbleweeds are tumbling around.
2 1707 Su, 09.February.14, 11:56 PM
Thread: Era of Revolution.
Posted by: Dillon0909
The Future
Aliens are coming!!!!!!!!!! or at least something in the future is happening. Maybe we get to have like hovercrafts and such. or flying broomsticks.
Forum moderator: Creation100
6 3309 We, 23.September.15, 0:13 AM
Thread: The Star Children
Posted by: Ilovedogs2
Others too lazy to type out
Like mystery and horror...and stuff
Forum moderator: Creation100
13 2309 Fr, 18.September.15, 1:24 PM
Thread: Lost
Posted by: Equinox

The Neighborhood
Yeah you guys should know what it means by now...
Forum moderator: Equinox
52 1025 Tu, 08.September.15, 7:30 PM
Thread: Dillon0909 Crazy idea of the...
Posted by: Dillon0909
Contests Things
Stories,Rubrics, etc for contests will be ONLY put here not anywhere else. There will be prizes for 1st place, 2nd, place, and 3rd place!
Forum moderator: Narutard, Ilovedogs2
3 35 Tu, 22.September.15, 9:58 PM
Thread: Horror Contest 2015
Posted by: Dillon0909
Just blah...
Can be used for anything...I don't know what yet...
Forum moderator: Equinox
26 218 Sa, 27.September.14, 9:39 PM
Thread: Top 5 Best and Worst Equinox...
Posted by: Equinox
We don't have to always stick with forums. Lets talk about other things. There is no need for ()s here.
Forum moderator: Equinox
130 1402 We, 23.September.15, 0:07 AM
Posted by: Narutard
Questions on Threads
Have questions on a particular thread? State the name on the title and the question, we'll read it and answer them.
Forum moderator: Equinox
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For those people who like to type stories and rp. Every obvious.
Forum moderator: Equinox, Ilovedogs2
39 338 Th, 04.December.14, 9:58 AM
Thread: Pirates Forever
Posted by: Dillon0909

The Between
The Resurrection Pit
Threads that have a chance to be restarted. VOTE LIKE CITIZENS WE ALL ARE. Vote for restarting dead threads.
Forum moderator: Ilovedogs2, Narutard
5 12355 We, 18.December.13, 5:41 PM
Thread: Trouble in Western Gallia
Posted by: Spetsnaz
The Graveyard
Dead threads that have died. RIP, we salute to your creativity. Have fun in Thread Heaven.
Forum moderator: Narutard
87 41982 Mo, 09.December.13, 10:27 PM
Thread: Search for New Strasbourg
Posted by: Dillon0909
The Academy
Want your threads sticked and be important? Request it here and all of us will vote as a community. :)
Forum moderator: Narutard
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Boys ONLY here!
Hangout place...I guess. Or something. I don't know. USED FOR all I know
Forum moderator: Equinox
4 59 Th, 05.July.12, 11:05 PM
Thread: taksciaxc
Posted by: Toxic
Role-Playing Threads
Nuff said.
Forum moderator: Equinox
2 25 Su, 22.April.12, 3:01 PM
Thread: Old West
Posted by: Creation100

October 2011 [Archive]
Halloween stories that are here to creep everyone out. oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Forum moderator: Equinox
7 69
Posted by:
February 2012 [Archive]
LOVEY DOVEY!!!!!!! I know everyone single loves someone else. Be it your parents or that special person.
Forum moderator: Equinox
4 5 Tu, 14.February.12, 3:47 AM
Thread: Supernatural Attractions.
Posted by: Dillon0909
Summer(June-August) 2012 [Archive]
ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!! And getting summer tans and relaxation!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last of all, summer camps. yay-ish. 3 months of fun time!
Forum moderator: Equinox
4 187
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