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4. John [Creation100]   (19.December.12 1:22 PM)
Well, I'll be the first to greet myself!
Hi, I'm Creation100. My real name John, I try to be friendly so if you have any questions PM me or email me!
Email: John.priest100@yahoo.com
Answer: Or is it? That's the real question.

3. dex10awesome   (21.September.12 3:04 AM)
Hello Narutard I am dex10awesome from roblox remember me?
Answer: I don't remember anyone.

2. [DepressedDuck]   (31.August.12 1:25 AM)
I have no idea. Looks like we'll have to start again.
Answer: Nah, we don't.

1. Naru Tard x3 [Narutard]   (27.August.12 11:18 PM)
Where did our lovely guest book go?
Answer: Into oblivion.


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