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Main » 2012 » April » 10 » Life face-punch.
7:12 PM
Life face-punch.
Life has really been cutting my neck off lately. It's starting to get annoying how less frequently i can get on. With Easter and all.
But, i managed to get a small piece of writing done and inserted into a small competition... Magazine thing. Hopefully it's submitted. It's the worst piece of writing i ever did.

I call it flint. It's about the recent death of one of our cats. It's horrible.

2 days before I saw Flint for the last time.
As I entered my mother’s bedroom, she was sitting on the bed, watching me with a calm expression. The bedroom had been closed off, to give her peace of mind in her last days, without the distractions of our other 2 cats. Flint never was much of a cat for attention. She was a calm, calculated cat, older than me, a relic of our past life in England. Her fur was as black as night and as smooth as velvet. I stroked it now, feeling its soft fluff, and she stared at me, with a look that spoke: “I know you”.
That surprised me. As the brain tumor slowly made its way through her brain, her memory had gone. Sometimes I could hear her meow, trying to remember where her food and water was, the litter box, even though the distance between them and her was a couple of feet. The fact that Flint, who I had seen irregularly, the last time a few weeks ago, had remembered me touched my heart.
I sat down with her on the bed. Mom came up behind me.
“This is probably the last time you’ll see her.” She said. The emotion in her voice, even though she was trying to stay strong, was thick.
“I know. That’s why I’m here.” I said, giving her a scratch behind the ears. She stretched out. Over time, she reacted surprisingly calm to every action. A few years ago she would have never laid on her belly for me. Now she was so relaxed…
“That’s why I’m saying goodbye.” I added, standing up. She was 17. She had lived through so much. So much…
The Doctor said that she would feel no pain, only confusion as her surroundings deteriorated. The family agreed that if, in time, Flint could no longer remember us or her surroundings, mom would put her down.
But she beat us to it. 2 days later, my mother woke up to find Flint, laying on the ground, her body still and cold. I saw her, placed a hand on her. She felt like a velvety rock, a still soul where there had once been light and life.
3 days later, the family gathered around the side of my grandfather’s barn. Mom, Grandma, Even my divorced father, everyone who had known her and cared for her gathered around the hole in the ground, dug for the occasion. With care and respect, Flint’s body was lowered into the hole.
Silently, we covered it up, for words were not required to describe how much we missed her and cared for her. She now lies next to our other deceased felines. May she rest well.

P.S...I've been noticing people on other games i play named Toxic and Equinox. I wonder...
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Total comments: 7
7 Equinox   [Entry]

6 DepressedDuck   [Entry]
I know. Just curiouses.

4 DepressedDuck   [Entry]
I see. I just found it odd that i see both toxic and Equinox usernames on there, often together...

5 Equinox   [Entry]
Not exactly uncommon names.

2 DepressedDuck   [Entry]
Ah yes.
I have been playing a bunch of other games lately, i have seen your name on G-mod, as well as toxic's, and once minecraft, though i'm not sure.

3 Equinox   [Entry]
I play multiplayer on neither of those.

1 Equinox   [Entry]
Absolutely beautiful, much more sympathetic-style than anything I could do.

And on a side note, which games?

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